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Skeem Saam fans threaten to dump the hit show

After what she has done to Katlego, viewers of Skeem Saam hope that the worst possible Karma would befall Mapitsi. The audience had a difficult time tolerating the agony that they saw in Katkego’s eyes the other night.

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Katlego Peterson was betrayed in the most heinous way possible by the two people he trusted the most in the world.

Skeem Saam fans threaten to dump the hit show

Skeem Saam viewers haven’t been able to recover from the emotional trauma they are experiencing as a result of the show, primarily due to the fact that Kat had prepared the most for the launch of the book. He even hired a tuxedo and invited his father, Koko Kwaito, and even Sphola to the event.

Things took a turn for the worst as soon as he and his entourage walked inside Capsys, where they were immediately confronted by the enormous photos of Candice that were hung in every nook and cranny of the establishment.

Koko questioned Kat about the issue, and Kat appeared bewildered by the question. Kat was inconsolable and crying when Mapitsi pulled him to the side and tried to explain what had happened in the kitchen. However, all hell had broken loose at this point.

The viewers couldn’t believe that Mapitsi, who had a romantic relationship with Kat in the past, could carry on with the party as Kat watched on in tears, humiliated and heartbroken.

Candice’s treachery is not shocking to the majority of viewers because she has demonstrated this behavior in the past. The reality is that Candice is looking out for her own best interests, which means that she is looking out for herself.

At one point, she came dangerously close to betraying Katlego and struck a pact with Lehasa. Because of this, Kat broke up with her as his girlfriend, and the two of them have never been able to get back together after that incident.

When it comes to making decisions regarding the company, Candice doesn’t factor in her feelings at all, while Kat is the one who evaluates everything in terms of how it makes her feel. Because of this, the two are a wonderful complement to one another.

On Monday, his grandmother will make an effort to fight for her grandson’s legacy, and by Friday, Kat will be considering her options outside of Capsys.

Candice will give Kat an earful about how he reacts emotionally to business, and he will see the hole in his character as a result.

After putting in so much effort for Capsys, he was forced to make the decision to walk away from the company, which is when his true problems started.

Paddy appeared to be extremely pleased with what she had accomplished, and she was pushing the limits of her capabilities with Capsys.

The audience members have voiced their distress at the sight of a decent guy like Kat breaking down and crying as a result of his situation.

They all wish that Mapitsi had thought of something else to do with her dangerous cookbook idea.

She is reaping all of the benefits despite the absence of her accomplice in the crime.

Mogau Motlhatswi: Skeem Saam actress Mapitsi’s age and income has Mzansi talking

Mogau Motlhatswi is a renowned South African actress who is well recognized for her exceptional performance as Mapitsi in the television show Skeem Saam.


The vivacious actress has been winning significant awards as of late, and she was once hailed as Mzansi’s small screens’ next big thing. Due to her exceptional talent, she has quickly established herself as one of Mzansi’s best. In recent times, the actress has quickly become the face of the drama series Skeem Saam, which airs on SABC.

The actress has been given the role of Mapitsi Magongwa, who is Thabo Maputla’s baby mama and fiance. Cornet Mamabolo will play the role of Thabo Maputla. She achieved renown in the same way that others before her had: via the performing arts. She then became interested in theatre productions, despite the fact that she had a passion for law. However, after that, she became the center of attention when she was cast in the role of Skeem Saam.

It’s interesting to note that, except from Skeem Saam, she hasn’t worked on any other projects for the big screen. In 2011, after a string of successful productions in the theater, she made her debut on the educational drama series. Over the course of the most recent season, we finally got to see her on-screen husband, Cornet Mamabolo.

Mogau Motlhatswi: Skeem Saam actress Mapitsi’s age and pay gets Mzansi buzzing
Mzansi is currently in awe of her since she appears to be making connections about the strange behavior that John Maputla has been exhibiting as of late. John has been arriving home later than usual, going out on the weekends, and making various attempts to cover his tracks, but it would appear that Mapitsi has other ideas. Will she be able to solve the mystery and determine whether or not John is having an affair with Melita?

Without a shadow of a doubt, the actress has established herself not just as one of the best in Skeem Saam but also in Mzansi in general. On Skeem Saam, many people in Mzansi are curious about her age as well as the amount of money she earns per episode. After all, it would appear that the actress is somewhat older than we had anticipated. The actress, who is now 29 years old, was born on July 13, 1992 in Mogoto, which is located in the province of Limpopo in South Africa.

Mogau As a proud recipient of an honors degree in Audiovisual Communications from the University of Johannesburg, Paulina Motlhatswi exemplifies the ideal combination of physical attractiveness and intellectual prowess. It has been whispered that the bubbly actress receives a whopping R40,000 per month for her role as Mapitsi on screen. This information comes from the rumor mill. In recent years, more and more late night showrunners have begun to pay their cast depending on factors such as experience and the popularity of their roles.

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