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Skeem Saam: Celia’s dirty secret with Mr Kgomo exposed and fans are in for a sh0ck

The Khwezi storyline has returned to Skeem Saam, and the Magongwa household is currently dealing with some domestic issues. This means that Skeem Saam viewers are in for another high-speed highway of drama.

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After getting into a dispute with her boss Mr. Kgomo at work, Magongwa’s wife Celia abruptly resigned from her position at Turfloop.

This came about after her husband developed cataracts and Kgomo made it difficult for her to care for her husband while also placing unreasonablenesses demands on her. Her husband eventually passed away.

Skeem Saam: Celia’s dirty secret with Mr Kgomo exposed and fans are in for a sh0ck

The fans were left wondering what it was that Mr. Kgomo desired from her in the end.

Celia’s family got together for a meeting, and now everyone is sharing their dirty little secrets about the real reason she ran away from her husband.

In the episode that aired on Friday, Rakgadi came to the terrible realization that Celia had done something that she was really ashamed of, which is the reason why she will not be returning.

Is there any way to tell? Remember that she assured Kgomo that she would do anything to keep her job, and the only thing that could bring shame to her would be to sleep with her boss. She made this promise to Kgomo.

This is the only rational explanation for why Kgomo was now stalking Celia and pushing for Magongwa to be kept in hospital after he became blind. Skeem Saam is an educational soapie that deals with day-to-day issues.

After 10-years: Bye bye Celia

After ten years of portraying the role of Celia Kunutu in the drama series Skeem Saam, actress Shoki Mmola has decided to step away from the role and leave the show.

The actress announced on her Instagram timeline that it was now time to bring down the persona that had been entertaining fans for the past ten years.

The audience was able to travel on a journey with Celia as she went from being a widow to becoming an independent woman, remarrying, and moving into a townhouse with her new husband, Meneer Magingwa, who was portrayed by Putla Sehlapelo.

“As I prepare to leave Skeem Saam, I would want to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to everyone who has supported my work throughout my 28 years in this field and my 10 years with Skeem Saam. She concluded her letter with the phrase, “Here’s to telling more stories.”

The public broadcaster made the announcement of her resignation from the drama series in a statement that was made available to the Daily Sun.

“Mmola has done an outstanding job portraying the role Celia, always managing to keep her audience amused. Her fellow cast members, crew members, and fans at home will all miss having her around in some capacity. It was written that “we wish her the best of luck and success in all of her future endeavors.”

Zola Hashatsi, an actor and a former television host, expressed his admiration for the actress in a post that he published on his Instagram page.

“With more than 28 years of experience in this industry and 10 years on @skeemsaam10, I am completely captivated by your skill,

I recall that many years ago, when you were appearing on Rhythm City on @etvonline’s @craze tv, we were both given the opportunity to participate in an unplanned scene together. I love you with all of my heart, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us. In everything you do, you can count on my support. You owned it with Celine.

This is one of the reasons why Mr. Kgomo is considered to be the most despised character on Skeem Saam.

Lebohang Elephant is a South African actor who currently plays the role of Mr. Kgomo in Skeem Saam, which airs on SABC1 in South Africa.

Mr. Kgomo is the most despised character on Skeem Saam for the following reasons: Due to the fact that he is skilled but is not recognized for his abilities, he is considered to be one of the best performers in Mzansi who is underappreciated.

In addition, Lebohang Elephant has been seen in a variety of shows, such as Generations: The Legacy and Home Affairs, among others. Let’s take a look at the life story of Lebohang Elephant and learn more about this talented yet sometimes overlooked celebrity.

Skeem Saam Character Whom Everyone Despises

Since the first season of Skeem Saam, viewers have despised Mr. Kgomo since he is considered to be one of the rudest, meanest, and most uncaring characters on the show.

Fans are also taken aback by his initial pessimism towards both his patients and everyone else he comes into contact with outside of the hospital.

Even so, one viewer claimed that she had never shed a tear for him when his daughter Kelebogile Kgomo passed away since he had never shown remorse to his workers at the hospital when they sought for leave to deal with their problems at home.

He came dangerously close to derailing the careers of Celia Kunutu and Lizzy, drove Wallet completely insane, and sacked Mantuli at a time when she was the primary provider for her family.

Lizzy Thobakgale

Fans were astounded by his lack of remorse toward Lizzy this week, as well as by his determination to ruin Lizzy’s career and to strip her of her license to lawfully practice medicine.

Elizabeth Thobakgale has put a lot of effort into acquiring the credentials necessary to practice medicine, but she came dangerously close to losing everything when Glenda tainted her reputation at the hospital.

When Mr. Kgomo saw Lizzy and Glenda fighting for Zamokuhle at the hospital, he wanted to fire Dr. Thobakgale. He was also unhappy with her lack of professionalism for sharing confidential information with Kwaito’s family.


Wallet’s career as a porter at the hospital won’t last because he is the opposite of Mr. Kgomo, who is a naturally grumpy person who doesn’t want to see anyone happy. It is very rare for Mr. Kgomo to be happy because he is a naturally grumpy person who doesn’t want to see anyone happy.

The two battled constantly since Wallet missed work often and wasn’t prompt. Mr. Kgomo found Wallet to be a nuisance and intended to lower his self-esteem as well as terminate him from his position at the hospital. When Wallet held Mr. Kgomo at gunpoint in his office, things went from bad to worse for both of them when Wallet ended up in a mental institution as a result of his actions.


Mantuli never gave her job her whole attention, despite the fact that she required it more than anyone else. She is a single mother of three kids and relies on her job as a breadwinner.She was fired for her unreliability, bad-mouthing workers, and absconding from work regularly.

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