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Skeem Saam actress Pretty married in real life

It was reported over the weekend that Lerato Marabe, best known for her role as Pretty Seakamela on the television show Skeem Saam, tied the knot in a ceremony that adhered to traditional norms.

On Instagram, Lerato Marabe posted pictures of herself dressed in the traditional bridal attire of her culture, and it appears that her brother was present to show his support for her on her special day.

Skeem Saam actress Pretty married in real life

When the actress first joined Skeem Saam, she was only 11 years old; it’s crazy to think how quickly time has passed since then.

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Skeem Saam viewers watched Lerato practically mature before their eyes while she played Pretty in the show.

Skeem Saam actress Pretty married in real life

It would appear that Pretty has found the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with outside of Skeem Saam and has made the decision to get married to them.

When asked by TVSA about how she got the role of Pretty on Skeem Saam, Lerato Marabe once revealed the secret, saying that the casting directors were looking for a “last resort” candidate.

I received a phone call from my agent, who informed me, “Hey, there’s a new series that’s going to start,” and at that point, I thought to myself, “Okay, everything is going to be fine.

When I arrived, there were children who were younger than me, and it was clear that they were unable to take those children, so they said, “Okay, you’re our last resort – what do you say? Could we have your permission to take you? – and my response was, “Yep, without a doubt!”

But things haven’t been all rainbows and unicorns for the actress. She was once hit in the face by a fan who was so enthusiastic that they couldn’t tell the difference between her work and real life.

“When I was in high school, a few of my friends and I made the decision to head to KFC after class. Consequently, as we were standing in line, one of the women came up to me and struck me across the face as a result of the plot development that was taking place at the time. It really got to me.

There has been a picture of Pretty and Lehasa circulating on social media. Just to clear the air Lehasa is not married Pretty and neither is Pretty married to Lehasa in real life. It is just theatre.

Mzansi has been discussing the fact that Skeem Saam’s couple Pretty and Lehasa have a significant age gap in real life.

Skeem Saam has been in the news quite a bit recently, and Mzansi is beyond thrilled and impressed by the way that the storyline involving Lehasa and Pretty’s love rekindle is developing.

Mzansi, on the other hand, has been wondering about the age gap that actually exists between Lehasa and Pretty. Surprisingly, there is a significant gap in age between the two of them. Cedric Fourie, the actor who portrays Lehasa, was born on the 17th of March 1990, which means that he will be 32 years old in the year 2022.

There is a nine-year gap between Lehasa and Pretty in terms of age. The actress Lerato Marabe, who plays Pretty, was born on the 28th of June 1999, making her age 23 at the time of writing.

After her real age was made public, Lerato found herself at the forefront of recent conversations and trends. She is a remarkable actress who can play any role she is given to portray perfectly, leading Mzansi to believe that she was older than she actually is, which is unfortunate because she is younger than we all believed she was.

Skeem Saam couple The actual chronological age gap between Pretty and Lehasa
The current course of events Skeem Saam is currently focusing on Pretty and Lehasa’s romantic relationship while also incorporating Khwezi into the dynamic. The two got back together after a long time apart and have been trying to make their relationship work despite the many challenges they face.

However, Pretty chooses Lehasa over her family and is willing to do anything to make their relationship work, despite the fact that her family disapproves of the two of them being together. After making what she believed to be the most important decision of her life, she was confronted with an unexpected event.

Lehasa is about to get married to Khwezi, who is portrayed by Samukele Mkhize, and Khwezi is already pregnant for Lehasa. Lehasa was unable to bare the thought of Khwezi going to jail while she was carrying their child; she was pregnant at the time.

It would appear that he is reluctant to admit that Khwezi was the one who stabbed him out of concern that his scandals and secrets will become public knowledge if he does so. The knowledge that Khwezi possesses regarding the manner in which Lehasa was involved in a series of mishaps that led to Fannie’s demise is an intriguing development.

After making a spectacular entrance together at the opening of Level Cafe as a couple, Pretty and Lehasa found themselves at the center of many buzzworthy topics. Mzansi was ecstatic because it was their first time making a public appearance together as a couple.

The couple appeared to be a genuine couple as they dressed similarly and cleaned up the flour while wearing matching outfits. To spice up the situation, Khwezi was not present, and the two of them acted as though they were a happy couple, leading many people to speculate that they may actually be dating in real life. The two people do not have a romantic relationship in real life; rather, they are just co-workers at the same company.

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