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Skeem Saam actors Pretty & Clement Maosa married in real life

Skeem Saam co-stars Lerato Marabe, who plays Pretty, and Clement Maosa, who plays Kwaito, have become a topic of conversation on various social media platforms ever since the news that they are married spread like wildfire.

Skeem Saam actors Pretty & Clement Maosa married in real life

Fans mistakenly believed the couple to be married in real life because they were seen wearing coordinating outfits and rings. Could it have been a coincidence that the two of them were smiling and dressed identically to one another?

Is there any truth to the rumor that Pretty ‘Lerato Marabe’ and Kwaito ‘Clement Maosa’ are married in real life?

In 2021, Lerato Marabe became a household name after pictures of her dressed in traditional Makoti attire spread like wildfire across the internet.

Skeem Saam actors Pretty & Clement Maosa married in real life

The bubbly actress posted a picture of her boyfriend on Instagram in order to give her fans a glimpse into her romantic life. She shared some pictures on social media in which she was seen donning brand-new bridal attire. However, many people couldn’t believe that Lerato was married because she was wearing the specific dress that can only be worn by a new makoti.

This dress is symbolic of a tradition and can only be worn by a newly married makoti. The fact that Lerato did not display her husband led many people to believe that she was making fun of her audience and that, in reality, she is not married; rather, she is single and looking for a partner who is more suited to her.

Skeem Saam actors Pretty & Clement Maosa married in real life

On the other hand, in real life Clement Maosa is married, but not to Lerato Marabe. Before he became famous, the good-looking actor tied the knot with the woman who would later become his beautiful wife.

The pair has been there for one another through thick and thin and has come out on the other side. Because she is a private person who prefers to keep her personal life out of the public eye, not much information is known about Clement Maosa’s wife.

Clement and his wife have a son together, and he is always bragging about how perfect his family is. Clement is always bragging about how perfect his family is. The actor has been able to provide his wife with the very best that this world has to offer so that he can demonstrate to her that he will always love her.

Skeem Saam actors Pretty & Clement Maosa married in real life

On the show Skeem Saam, the two actors portray two different siblings. On the set, they are always there for one another and will do anything in their power to make sure that the other person is content.

In spite of this, the two have developed a liking for one another and are friends in real life, despite the fact that they play siblings on screen. As evidence of their friendship, Lerato just recently posted a few pictures of Clement Maosa on her Instagram account, and the two of them appeared to be having a good time together. In reality, Lerato and Clement do not have a romantic relationship but do have a strong friendship.

Skeem Saam Pretty Is Proud To Show Off Her Boyfriend in Real Life

Fans have been won over by actress Lerato Marabe’s breakout performance as Pretty Seakamela on the educational soap opera Skeem Saam. Marabe is best known for her role as Pretty Seakamela on Skeem Saam.

Skeem Saam Pretty Is Proud To Show Off Her Boyfriend in Real Life

Lerato Marabe began her career in the telenovela as a child star. She made her debut on Skeem Saam when she was only 11 years old, and since then, we’ve been able to witness her transformation before our very eyes.

It was not until Pretty had been on the show for a significant amount of time that she was deemed mature enough to have romantic interests on the show and possibly in real life.

However, for those who are curious about whether or not the actress is currently available, the answer is a resounding no; she is happily taken.

Lerato Marabe will share on her social media accounts pictures that she has taken with her boyfriend on occasion, and judging by the expressions on their faces, the two appear to be quite smitten with one another.

In spite of the fact that Lerato has become famous and won the adoration of the vast majority of fans for her role as Pretty, there are some individuals who do not have the same opinion regarding the actress, and she has stated in the past that she was slapped by a fan during an interview with Drum Magazine.

“When I was in high school, a few of my friends and I made the decision to head to KFC after class. So while we were standing in line, this one woman walked up to me while we were waiting, and because of the storyline that was going on at the time, she slapped me across the face.

Lerato disclosed that after the incident, she was left so shaken up and terrified that she had to call her mother to tell her about what had happened.

“I was so upset that I called my mother and asked her to pick me up because I just couldn’t believe it,” the narrator says. “I just couldn’t believe it.”

Skeem Saam actor Clement is also married in real life

Skeem Saam actor Clement is also married in real life

The beautiful event that consists of two people from different walks of life coming together to form a union and build a new family as husband and wife is something that should be treasured and appreciated. A number of years ago, the dashing Clement Maosa, who plays the character of kwaito on the popular television show Skeemsaam, tied the knot.

Clement Maosa was born into poverty, just like the vast majority of his fellow citizens in this developing country. He came from very humble beginnings. In order to get to his current position, Kwaito had to overcome a lot of obstacles. He put in a lot of effort and was very determined to be successful, and it paid off for him.

Many people in South Africa regard Kwaito as the most accomplished form of acting that the country has to offer. In addition to his successful career as an actor, Kwaito is a devoted family man. Kemo Maosa and Clement Maosa have recently tied the knot and are now husband and wife. She has been seeing him for a considerable amount of time at this point. Even before we gained widespread notoriety, Kemo has had a soft spot in his heart for Kwaito. They went out together before he became famous and successful.

In October of 2019, Clement Maosa and Kemo became parents to a baby boy, and they decided to give him the name Bokang Maosa. They recently became parents after celebrating their wedding in Johannesburg.

Limpopo is the province of birth for 34-year-old Clement Maosa. His wife, Kemo, is also a native of the area. They anticipate that their son will turn four years old in the month of October. After finally marrying the woman he had loved for so long, Clement Maosa is overjoyed beyond measure. After gaining notoriety and wealth, he had numerous opportunities to cheat on his wife with other women, but he chose to remain faithful to his partner instead.

What else could a couple want that this doesn’t provide for them? Because Clement is so devoted to his lovely wife, there have been no allegations of infidelity made against him that have been made public online.

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