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Season 18 may be the last for #IdolsSA; dismissing Randall was a mistake.

The audience’s interest in the music reality show Idols SA on television is gradually waning.

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The most recent audience ratings that were made public by the South African Research Broadcast Council indicate this to be the case. The data for July and August both reveal that the number of viewers that watch Idol has decreased. In July, it had a total of 743,516 viewers, but in August, that number dropped to 661,758.

In spite of trending every Sunday on social media, those numbers have not converted into viewership. Experts in the field of television have pointed the finger at a variety of causes, including a lack of innovation in the way the show is produced and a failure to generate performers who become famous all over the world, as the cause of its waning popularity.

Thinus Ferreira, a well-known social commentator and the proprietor of a popular TV blog, stated that he has “noticed that the show’s viewership has been decreasing since last year.” The reason for this is because some viewers quit watching the show after Somizi was fired, and they have not come back since. What is occurring with Idols South Africa also occurred with American Idols in the past. The reality competition show American Idol was off the air for a few years because its ratings were falling. When it first aired, it was the show with the highest ratings, and when it returned, the cast appeared to have been given a fresh start.

“I believe it is time to think about pausing Idols South Africa for a while and then bringing them back again. The number of people who saw it cannot be compared to how popular it was on social media. It only takes a certain number of individuals retweeting a post for it to become popular across all social media platforms.

Bongani Mahlangu, an additional TV expert, is of the opinion that the elimination of Randal Abrahams from the panel of judges was a contributing factor in the show’s falling ratings and popularity. According to Mahlangu, Abrahams may have been controversial, but he was the only judge who had a better understanding of the industry than anyone else.

“People adored Randal because of his insightful analysis of music, and he has a lot to do with that. He added some spice to the situation by stating that the judges’ statements were not choreographed or rehearsed in advance. Since he is no longer there, none of the judges’ remarks appear to have any authenticity. Second, although the competition has yielded 17 champions, it has not even managed to create a single international celebrity, let alone a single continental star. People’s attention wanes as a result of all of these factors.

“The Idols concept is not about the talent; rather, it is about getting money off of the talent by the channel,” The success of the channel in attracting a large audience and in garnering advertising and sponsorship revenue depends on this. The channel is not contributing financial resources to the project, which aims to give young people the tools they need to be successful in the sector.

“I have seen, but I also assumed it was Somizi, but there is a lot that is not done well by Idols,” remarked Deli Mncwabe. Despite the fact that the show is quite popular, it has come to the conclusion that it needs to take a pause. When it comes back around, perhaps it will have been improved. Big Brother Naija is a show that a lot of people who do not watch Idols watch instead because it is authentic and real, which is what people like to see on television. However, based on my personal study, I have come to the conclusion that a significant number of individuals watch Bollywood movies, particularly those who do not have DStv.

Muvhango, which airs on SABC2, is another program that is having trouble gaining more viewers. The show currently has 1.5 million viewers and is fighting for the 9 o’clock time slot with The Queen, which currently has 754,539 viewers, and Imbewu, which currently has 3 million viewers.

According to Ferreira, a decline in viewership does not indicate that there is something wrong with the show; rather, it indicates that one of the show’s competitors is doing a better job.

Mncwabe is quoted as saying, “What kills many shows is the circulating of the same writers, which makes the plots alike.” When it comes to the storyline, I believe that Muvhango has run out of original and creative ideas; there is nothing new or exciting that they come up with. They are looking for authors that are relatively new to the business and who can contribute original concepts.

In other news, Finally, Natasha Thahane admits she and Lasizwe are no longer friends

Lasiswe and Natasha Thahane

Natasha Thahane, an actress, has opened up about the circumstances that led to the termination of her friendship with Lasizwe Dambuza, a reality TV star and YouTube personality.

Natasha expressed her displeasure with the manner in which Lasizwe decided to make public knowledge of her feud with Ntando Duma on one of his YouTube shows in a recent interview with Mac G on Podcast and Chill. She stated that she was not happy with the decision.

Natasha stated that she did not want to continue talking about the issue any more. “I’m enjoying my silence. He made the decision to utter anything that was on his mind. “He is able to proceed,” she remarked.

She went on to say;

“One thing that people need to learn from my issue with Lasizwe is that it is okay when people grow out of each other’s seasons. This is something that people need to learn from my experience with Lasizwe. My point of view was that you ought to determine whether or not we are buddies only in the business area. It was wonderful to have Lasizwe as a constant companion in my life. We were terrific buddies. If things have to go our separate ways, that’s fine; what’s important is that we continue to respect one another.

Fans were left wondering what took place between the two stars after Nandi Madida posed the question to Lasizwe during an episode of Drink or Tell the Truth on Lasizwe’s YouTube channel. Nandi Madida wanted to know if Lasizwe was friends with Natasha.

In response, Lasizwe stated that they no longer followed each other on the various social media platforms.

After that, Lasizwe explains that he and the Blood & Water actress are no longer friends and have unfollowed each other on Instagram. He also mentions that they were previously friends. It’s interesting to note that Natasha and Lorch have removed each other as followers on Instagram.

“No, to tell you the truth, even Natasha and I have unfollowed each other on all platforms,” stated Lasizwe. “It’s just not worth the hassle.”

The star of the reality TV show revealed to the public that he had even sent an invitation to the actress to appear as a guest on his program, but despite preparing for it, she never showed up.

In the past, the couple had frequently gushed about each other on various social media platforms. “Natasha Thahane, you have no idea how much I adore you.” Although Lasizwe used to publish content on Instagram, this is no longer the case. They have stopped talking to each other and have unfollowed one another on social media.

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