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Scandal! ‘Nhlamulo’ Actor Mathews Rantsoma’s farewell message to Lindiwe

Scandal! Mathews Rantsoma, who plays the role of Nhlamulo’s husband, gives his on-screen wife Lindiwe some advice as she leaves the show.

Mathews Rantsoma, who was nominated for a SAFTA and is currently making a reputation for himself on the small screen as Nhlamulo on the television soap opera Scandal!

, who plays his on-screen wife Lindiwe, has broken his silence following the departure of Nomvelo Makhanya’s character, who played the role of Lindiwe.

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Nomvelo Makhanya departed Scandal! after having portrayed the role of Lindiwe for a period of nine years. Her character was killed off on the daytime drama last Thursday, marking her final live appearance on the show.
In an interview with etv, Mathews Rantsoma discussed what it was like to work with Nomvelo Makhanya in his role as Nhlamulo, her on-screen spouse.

He mentioned that he misses her energy on set and that he found it to be a delightful experience to work with her. Rantsoma said:

I believe that Nomvelo is one of those guys whose energy may easily be spread to other people. You are aware that [she] is one of those energy that it is difficult to function well without. When she is not there, you will have the impression that she is not there. You can definitely tell that she is ill just by looking at her. So what I miss the most about her is her enthusiasm. But the time I’ve spent working with her has been just wonderful. Very enjoyable.

Mathews Rantsoma further explained that while they were working together, they monitored and protected one another. He said:

We were each other’s check and balance. We made sure to keep each other in check. We looked out for one other’s well-being. The fact that she will watch out for your well-being is, in my opinion, the most attractive aspect of cooperating with her. You can never put your guard down around her.

Rantsoma then offers some words of wisdom to his on-screen wife, encouraging her to maintain her authenticity while pursuing her professional goals. Mathews Ranstoma continued by saying that she must never stop standing out for the values that are important to her.

He said:

Continue to be lovely. Maintain your composure. Maintain the highest level of honesty you can. Fight for the things that you are fighting for to the best of your ability. Keep living in your little world. Your tranquilly should not be disturbed by anyone. First and foremost, my sweetheart, I adore you tremendously. I adore you very very much. But don’t emerge from your cocoon.

Mathews Ranstoma’s presentation of Nomvelo Makhanya can be viewed by below:

Other cast members also said their goodbyes to Nomvelo Makhanya and shared their memories of working on Scandal! with her.

Mathews Rantsoma said, “It’s Sad That I Didn’t Get The Award,” and he meant it.

Mathews not happy that he was not awarded a SAFTA.

The young actor who plays Mathews Rantsoma on Scandal is without a doubt one of the most outstanding performers working in South African television at the time. The actor has already ensured his position as the industry frontrunner for 2022, and he is not going to let anything stand in the way of achieving his goals.

Mathews may not have won the award for Best Actor in a TV Soap at this year’s presentation for the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA), but he is delighted for the actor who did take home the trophy.

More information may be found in the article titled “Diepcity Takes Home Multiple SAFTA Awards”

Taking to his Instagram account, he expressed his gratitude to those who had prayed for him to win, writing, “It’s sad that I didn’t get the prize but am pleased that the people who won… congratulations to all the lovely artists who won. See you at work. To anyone that desired, hoped, and prayed for me to win… your hopes and prayers won’t go forgotten. Thank you, I love you forever.

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