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Scandal actor, Nhlamulo‘s dress code raise eyebrows

On social media, people in Mzansi are talking about what Nhlamulo wore to the funeral of his wife Lindiwe. In the scandal drama, it didn’t take long for Mzansi to notice that his suit didn’t match the rest of the mourners at Lindiwe Ngema’s funeral.

Scandal actor, Nhlamulo‘s dress code raise eyebrows

The actor who plays Lindiwe on Scandal, Nomvelo Makhanya, is leaving the show this week. Fans and people who watched Scandal have said their last goodbyes. There was a wonderful funeral for her.

Mzansi has noticed that one of the supporting actors on Scandal, Nhlamulo, always wears a suit that stands out. On TV, Nhlamulo also wears clothes that can stop bullets. His great sense of style in clothes has never failed to impress.

Scandal actor, Nhlamulo‘s dress code raise eyebrows
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At this point, the audience could no longer hold back their emotions. Nhlamulo’s emotional goodbye to his soul mate made a lot of people cry. People from all over the world have said that his letter to his wife is written in a unique way.

Mathews Rantsoma is playing Nhlamulo on the show right now. His acting has moved Mzansi a lot. Nhlamulo is pretending to be Lindiwe’s husband right now. They just lost someone close to them, and he is now telling her goodbye.

Scandal actor, Nhlamulo‘s dress code raise eyebrows

Scandal! Mathews Rantsoma Gives Advice to His On-Screen Wife Lindiwe as She Leaves the “Nhlamulo” Show

Mathews Rantsoma, who was nominated for a SAFTA and is best known for his role as Nhlamulo on the etv soap opera Scandal!, has broken his silence after his on-screen wife Lindiwe, played by Nomvelo Makhanya, left the show.

After nine years of playing Lindiwe on Scandal!, Nomvelo Makhanya quit the show. Her character died last Thursday, which was her last live scene on the soap opera.

Mathews Rantsoma talked to etv about what it was like to work with Nomvelo Makhanya, who played her on-screen husband Nhlamulo.

He said that he misses her energy on set and that it was a joy for him to work with her. Rantsoma said:

Nomvelo seems like the kind of person whose energy is easy to catch. You know [she is] one of those energies you can’t really do without. If you can tell she’s not there, she’s not there. You can tell she’s sick because you can feel it. So what I miss most about her is her energy. But it has been a great pleasure for me to work with her. Very fun.

Mathews Rantsoma said that when they worked together, they kept each other in check and safe. He said:

We watched out for each other. We helped each other stay on track. We looked out for each other. I think the best thing about working with her is that she will make sure you are safe. With her, you can always feel safe.

Rantsoma tells his on-screen wife to stay true to who she is while she works on her career. Mathews Ranstoma also told her that she should keep fighting for what she believes in.

He said:

Stay lovely. Keep to yourself. Be as honest as you can. Fight for the things you think are important. Keep to yourself. No one should make you upset. I love you most of all, my baby. I love you very very much. But don’t leave your own world.

Mathews Ranstoma can be seen giving Nomvelo Makhanya in the video below:

Other cast members also said goodbye to Nomvelo Makhanya and talked about what it was like to work on Scandal! with her.

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