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Sad:In her meeting with Musa Mseleku, MaCele broke down in tears

The heartbreaking sight of MaCele crying during her conversation with Musa Mseleku was a sight to behold.

On the most recent edition of Uthando Nesthembu, Musa Mseleku brought up the subject of him wanting to take a fifth wife during his visit with MaCele. Throughout the course of the meeting, Musa kept MaCele informed on the conversation pertaining to the fifth wife.

When Musa Mseleku tried to explain how helpless he felt when his wives refused to give their blessing for him to marry another lady, he sobbed uncontrollably. He is going to do something that will make MaCele more unhappy than any of his other wives have ever been, and he feels like a failure as a result of it.

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Musa Mseleku left after having a conversation with MaCele, at which point MaCele started crying as well. MaCele was overcome with emotion and began crying because she did not want any of the other wives to leave. Musa Mseleku, not only because to the presence of the fifth wife, but also due to the fact that Musa let slip that MaYeni and MaNgwabe had previously known each other.

Despite what was written in her diary, MaCele does not wish to part ways with certain people because she believes they will not support Musa Mseleku.

She is aware that her insistence that Musa Mseleku’s upcoming marriage to a fifth wife will not lead any of his present wives to carry out their threats to leave him is not helping the situation, but she continues to believe that it will.

My best opinion is that MaCele has realized that Musa Mseleku is in a difficult situation, which is the likely cause of her inconsolable state. If she had her way, Musa Mseleku would be able to wed a fifth wife in tranquility, and none of the other wives would be permitted to leave the union. However, if she did not get her way, Musa Mseleku would not be able to wed a fifth wife.

After seeing Macele crying, Mzansi fans were left feeling emotionally devastated.

Thobile Makhumalo Mseleku has given her husband permission to start a family


In this manner, Thobile Makhumalo Mseleku has given her companion permission to start a family and encouraged them to do so. Even though Musa Mseleku has hitched on a number of different events, only one of his companions, Makhumalo, is clear of the allegations. Musa is quite correct in asserting that every single person ought to regard themselves to be a cultured female if they have the good fortune to do so.

Mzansi was left in a state of disbelief as Musa Mseleku revealed that he considers Makhumalo a comrade with whom he can be frank. The fact that Makhumalo consented to her better half getting married for the fifth time is evidence of this. Makhumalo shared with me that she had been wanting to see him accompany her recently because he has been talking a lot lately but not doing anything else.

The fact that MaKhumalo, after Musa’s relationship with MaNgwabe, gave up her share of the business so that he could build his house is evidence that she is who she claims to be. She was so kind that she even allowed them to stay in her house for an entire year.

She is a family member and a mother, thus she is aware of everything that is happening within the family. Makhumalo gives off the idea of being the most ecstatic mate because she is aware of polygamy and will carry out the necessary vengeances.

People who know Makhumalo are finally ready to comprehend the decision that her soul mate made to have a fifth child with another woman. She is seen as fulfilling among the Mzansi as a result of the effort that she has put up to negotiate an international agreement.

In light of the fact that MaYeni and MaNgwabe are both currently married, it is not necessary for either of them to attend the party. There are no disagreements or differences of opinion between MaCele and his new mate.

Since the beginning, Makhumalo has been the player that fans value the most.

Uthandonesthembu is without a doubt the most devoted admirer, but there are other people about whom I have a great deal of speculation of the things Musa does to his wives.

They can’t get enough of the wives, who are largely to blame for the show’s success. In addition, during the most recent episode, Makhumalo moved closer to the top of the change rundown, and there was a great deal of discussion on Twitter about this development.

Fans have always had a special place in their hearts for Makhumalo, and many of them believe that Musa loved her more than any of his other wives. Perhaps because of the fact that she is younger, or even because she gives the impression that she has a better fun at social gatherings.

In addition to that, she is currently employed by other media sites. However, it would appear that tweets are starting to tip the scales in a somewhat different direction. They were required to make this statement.

Musa uses Makhumalo, his wife, as a test subject for his cutoff points. Musa’s results indicate that men do not place any value on her. It makes no difference, according to Hayi Akamuboni, that the young lady is desperate for his love and acknowledgement. According to yet another tweet, She is not a victim because she put up with this man’s disrespect for her.

She is failing to advocate for herself in the same manner as other wives since she agrees to whatever he says. Additional tweets have been added. A number of people’s tweets give the impression that Makhumalo is trying to make up for the fact that she was unable to have children. For Musa.

Some people even remember that Musa ignored her for an entire year so that he could travel with Mangwabe. Despite the fact that Musa puts a lot of effort into playing the relationship game, the most of his connections end badly, and he is blind to the fact that he is doing anything wrong.

In both her speech and demeanor, Makhumalo gives off the impression of being a yebo Baba. She pretty well agrees with everything that Mthombeni says, and he is fully aware of the fact that she does so.

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