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Real thief who took the money from Gloria and Caiphus exposed

Even though not everything went according to plan at Gloria’s wedding, it was still an incredible day. After Gloria and Caiphus discovered that they had lost money in their room, Timothy informed them that the perpetrator could have been a guest on their list.

Both Gloria and Caiphus came to the conclusion that they needed to devise a strategy to retrieve their lost money. They decided to get everyone together for a meeting.

Real thief who took the money from Gloria and Caiphus exposed

After that, they continued to explain their strategy while also letting them know about the missing money. They informed them that they would be searching their rooms until they found the money, which they said would take some time.

Freddy is the one that most people think about because he is the one who stole Caiphus’ room keys, and anyone could have taken the money, but most people think it was Freddy.

They accepted Freddy’s offer to assist in their search, and they instructed him to look for the money outside. They need to find the money as quickly as possible because if they don’t, it will result in them being saddled with a mountain of debt.

Episode 106 will air on Friday, August 26th, 2022.

Real thief who took the money from Gloria and Caiphus exposed

A gloomy cloud is beginning to form, and it is threatening a day filled with happiness and celebration. Words spoken by a parent toward their child while they are upset can drive a wedge between the two of them.

Episode 107 will air on the 29th of August, 2022 Monday.

While one mother worries about the worst-case scenario for her daughter, who has been reported missing, the other must devise a plan to obtain an essential document that she does not have.

Episode 108 will air on Tuesday, the 30th of August 2022.

A member of the family is coerced into changing the identity of another person. A mother’s dark side is revealed to her daughter, who had no idea it existed. Ndumiso is pushing his limits by engaging in a novel endeavor.

The 31st of August, 2022, on a Tuesday
Wednesday 109

Winnie has to give in this time because she is being relentlessly bullied into providing a much-required service. Ndumiso puts himself out there in order to seize an opportunity that is literally right outside his front door.

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