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Pregnant etvScandal actress Lindiwe dies in horrible accident.

Pregnant etvScandal actress Lindiwe dies in horrible accident. In a rather unfortunate event, etvScandal actress Lindiwe dies in a freaking car accident, and as that was not enough she was pregnant.

Let’s take a recap of things here, shall we?; Despite the fact that everyone advised against it, the couple went ahead and got married, and although they were happy for a while, their joy did not last for very long since Nhlamulo’s archrival and enemy, Mdala, was released from jail.

At first, it was Vuvu, Nhlamulo’s baby mama, who made life difficult for Lindiwe, and the children also contributed to the difficulty of her situation. Recently, Lindiwe had an affair with Mdala, which she concealed from her husband.

Mdala has demonstrated that nothing could stop his intentions to destroy Nhlamulo, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that his goals are carried through, even if it includes having sxual relations with Lindiwe. Which he did. The marriage between Maseko and Maseko is at this point perilously close to falling apart. It is a bitter pill for Nhlamulo to take that his wife has been sleeping with his adversary.

Fans have already came to the conclusion that the bubbly actress Lindiwe is going to die in a terrible car accident caused by her ex-lover Mdala, and unfortunately that is how she is going to exit the show. This is the way that she is going to make her exit.

Pregnant etvScandal actress Lindiwe dies in horrible accident.

After ten years of performing the role of Lindiwe Ngema on Scandal, actress Nomvelo Makhanya has decided to leave the drama series.

Scandal, the drama series on etv, is in for some trouble in paradise now that Nomvelo Makhanya has left the program. After performing the role of Lindiwe Ngema for ten years, the vivacious actress will finally get the chance to kiss her on-screen persona. There is no question that this is a significant setback for the drama series.

She began appearing in the drama series when she was 16 years old and has since established herself as one of Mzansi’s most talented actors. She has achieved significant success in the field of entertainment throughout her storied career, which has spanned several decades. Her acting prowess is unparalleled, and as a result, she has become that actress that we all like hating.

Pregnant etvScandal actress Lindiwe dies in horrible accident.

On the other hand, very little information is available about the manner in which she would leave the drama series. Since then, reliable sources have stated that she has left the company. Phil Mphela, a social media blogger, took his argument to Twitter, where he released a Twitter thread in which he revealed information on her departure.

There are rumblings circulating that she may have been offered another main part. Some people are still uncertain about whether or not her departure is temporary or whether or not she is permanently kissing her on-screen character goodbye.

After ten years of performing the role of Lindiwe Ngema on Scandal, actress Nomvelo Makhanya has decided to leave the drama series.

In 2018, she became popular for all the wrong reasons, despite the fact that she had recently been famous because to Scandal. Her breakthrough into the public eye occurred as a result of the roles that she played in the television shows iSibaya and Soul City. She was subjected to her fair share of criticism and was cyberbullied on various social media platforms, just like any other actress. However, this did not cause her to become distracted.

She has been wow us with her performance as Nhlamulo’s on-screen wife ever since the couple tied the knot in what was billed as the most highly anticipated on-screen wedding of the year. Their relationship has been plagued with claims of infidelity, dark secrets, and trust concerns; nonetheless, they have been able to keep all of this information a secret from one another. Since then, Mzansi has been attempting to piece together the events leading up to her departure. There is little question that the conclusion, which has been the subject of much speculation, will be filled with tension and excitement.

The cheerful actress was born on April 24, 1996 in the city of Nkandla, which is located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She had a passion for sports when she was younger, but she also couldn’t let her craze for acting go unnoticed. This is an interesting fact about her. The actress was raised in Natal, but she had no choice but to move to Johannesburg because of her career. After being diagnosed with anxiety and sadness, she eventually disclosed that she had participated in a number of sessions of counseling.

Here are 5 top etvScandal actors who have already left the show.

Scandal! on E! has been on the air for a very long time, and the reason the soap opera has become so popular is that its dramatic plots never fail to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

However, many of the show’s performers have left their roles on the popular soap opera, and it was because of their departures that the dramatic series was given the label Scandal!

Below is a list of five stars from Scandal! who have left the show, along with some others who may leave later this year:

Sivenathi Mabuya

Scandal! has lost one of its actresses, and one of the most recent to do so is Sivenathi Mabuya, who played the role of Xolile Langa.

On the Friday of the previous week, the soap opera aired Sivenathi’s final appearance, which showed her character Xolile preparing to move to Bisho and packing her belongings.

After some time, the actress sent an update on her social media platforms in which she confirmed the news of her departure.

  1. Lusanda Mbane

It has been confirmed by Lusanda Mbane, who portrayed the part of Boniswa Langa on the show, that she will be exiting the series at the end of this year.

After having joined the cast of Scandal, she went ahead and confirmed the news herself on the many social media platforms that she uses that she will, in fact, be departing the program. In the past 5 years

  1. the honorable Patrick Mofokeng

In addition, Patrick Mofokeng, who plays the part of Mlungisi Ngema on the show, has decided to quit the series. Patrick decided to leave his role on Scandal! in order to participate in the production of the telenovela Lingashoni, which is broadcast on the 1 Magic channel.

Mlungisi Ngema has stated that he will be leaving Scandal after over 12 years of being a part of the show.

  1. Brighton Ngoma (no hyphen)

Brighton Ngoma is widely recognized for her role as Quinton Nyathi on the television show Scandal. after working on the production for the past 12 years, says their final goodbyes to the play.

He exits the program after being involved in a terrible accident that ultimately took his life and caused him to pass away.

  1. Howza Mosese

Recently, Howza Mosese, who plays the role of Lerumo Chabedi on the show Scandal!, confirmed that he will also be one of the stars who will be leaving the show.

When Howza originally started working on Scandal in 2013, his character was a bodyguard on the show; however, over the course of the series, he evolved into a respected police officer.

The kwaito star broke the news to Sowentan Live in June that he will no longer be appearing on the show because he intends to concentrate on his career as a musician instead.

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