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November Spoilers: Paxton Wins Skeem Saam Story Contest

Paxton has, it would appear, done what the majority of people were speculating he might do after weeks of innovative thinking and writing for the Grade 8 class at Turfloop High.

Paxton recognized the potential that Mosebjadi possesses and the possibility of her winning the R10,000 prize in the short story competition, so he befriended her. Mosebjadi has a lot of potential.

Unaware of his intentions, Mosebjadi offered to assist him with his short story on the condition that he assist her as well. This particular layout was actually Paxton’s idea.


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The submissions of the short stories were received on Wednesday of the previous week. Paxton does not require the money, but Mosebjadi does, therefore Mosebjadi worked hard to ensure that she performed the best she could. Regarding Paxton, one cannot make such an assertion.

The judging procedure for the short story competition began on Wednesday, November 2, and Kwaito expressed his excitement for the students.

The teasers make it clear that an announcement will be made regarding who won the tournament. A good many of the pupils are going to be taken aback by this.

On Monday, November 14th, the teaser reads as follows:

“The winner of the short story competition has finally been revealed, and many readers are taken aback by the choice.”

On Tuesday, November 15th, the teaser reads as follows:

While Mosebjadi was listening to Pax’s interview on Berry FM, he came to a startling realization.

After that, on November 16th, Mosebjadi will finally come to terms with the harrowing reality of being destitute.


Tweeps are able to see straight through Paxton’s act of goodness, and they want him to pay a significant penalty for what he did to Mosebjadi.

“#SkeemSaam “After he rips off Mosebjadi, can he please get some punishment because these kids are trying to be Paxton in real life not understanding that he’s a mere character there needs to be a lesson learned by his character coz he can’t keep bullying with no repercussions,” says @Kaylin Jacobs_. “He can’t keep bullying with no repercussions because he can’t keep bullying with no repercussion

“I want Paxton to steal the work done by Mosebjadi. If you submit it, Mosebjadi’s theft will be brought to everyone’s attention, including the panelists, and he will be called out for it. According to @MaabuleM, Paxton need to suffer the consequences of his actions in the most severe way possible.

Paxton from Skeem Saam shares intimate details about his high school graduation that have never been seen before

Paxton from SkeemSaam

Thabiso Molokomme, better known as Paxton from Skeem Saam, has finally shared with his followers precious moments from his graduation, and the fans’ reactions have been euphoric.

Because Thabiso plays the role of a young boy who is still in high school on screen, many of his fans mistakenly believed that he was a young boy in real life. However, it turns out that Thabiso is a graduate. He just recently announced on his TikTok that he graduated five months ago, but he is still in disbelief that he actually did it because he has not yet received his stage images. Despite this, he seems to be very pleased with himself.

Fans were also taken aback when Thabiso disclosed that he had spent the entire period studying at the University of Johannesburg, which is widely considered to be among the most prestigious public colleges in the country, and that he had graduated from UJ.

The actor kept mentioning that he had received 20 distinctions and that he hoped that his story would encourage others to continue focusing on their academics because even though it is a journey, having your parents by your side along the way makes it all worthwhile. He also expressed his hope that his story would encourage others to continue focusing on their academics.

The actor from Skeem Saam shared a video on his TikTok account announcing his graduation from college with a degree in operations management. The actor from Skeem Saam, who is only 20 years old, proudly exhibited his diploma to prove that he had graduated with honors.

He graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a certificate that listed twenty distinctions, which placed him among the top students in the school. He is without a doubt extremely intelligent. The actor could not contain his joy at his boss’s performance and shared it with his admirers because he could not keep it to himself.

After he shared his successes on Tik Tok, Mzansi extended their congratulations to him and lavished praise upon him for achieving such remarkable results. In addition, a number of cast members from Skeem Saam made their way over to his post to express their congratulations.

His first acting role was on the television show Skeem Saam. Thabiso Molokomme, a talented actor who just recently joined the cast in the role of Paxton and is already the show’s star, The superintendent of the Turfloop hospital, Mr. Kgomo, is the parent of a troubled son who is an aspiring actor.

Paxton is just a typical prankster who has not yet recovered from the trauma of learning about his sister’s untimely passing. Because the traumatic experience of his sister’s passing had such a profound effect on him, he struggled with his mental health and was unable to continue his education. He spent months lamenting the loss of his sister while also attending physiology counseling sessions.

After it was reported that Thabiso Molokomme and Musa Nkwashu were allegedly dating, the Skeem Saam duo have recently been at the forefront of trending topics. In the educational drama series broadcast on SABC, two actors on the rise play the lead roles of Paxton and Lewatle. After pictures of their online coffee date went viral, dating rumors began to circulate about the two of them.

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