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Nkunzi is arrested for murder at Uzalo.

This week on Uzalo, MaDongwe exposed MaDlala’s betrayal of her, which led to Nkunzi’s incarceration for the murder he committed.
It has been requested that Nkunzi come forward.

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This week, Nkunzi is in significant legal jeopardy because of his actions. The Mhlongo family has drawn the attention of a strong man who has made it his mission to wipe them out.

It is not appropriate to mess with the Commissioner Sithole. A week ago, he showed up at Mondli’s house to deliver some important directives on the circumstances surrounding Me Mthethwa’s passing in Nkunzi’s home.

Things are getting even worse than they were before. Gabisile is the one who encouraged Mr. Mthethwa to join forces with Nkunzi, and tragically, he met his demise there through the use of poison while he was there.

Even though he came dangerously close to dying in the same scenario, everybody still thinks the Red Bull is behind it.

This week, Nkunzi is taken into custody by all of the police and placed in handcuffs for the crime of murder while everyone from the hub watches.

Since Nkunzi has made a full recovery from the poisoning, his life has not improved in any way. As a result of his waking up from the dead and, more recently, his involvement in the murder, he is shunned and secluded.

If the teasers are to be believed, Gabisile will also receive a visit from the police when he is on the air at K MASH FM. It appears that these two will need to seek legal representation.

Nkunzi’s Net Worth, Children, Wife, Age, and More

He was born with a poetic and entertaining spirit. On screen, he is also a man who we have all come to love and loathe to varying degrees, depending on the situation. The talented actress has also appeared in a number of television shows, and she has just recently released an album with the title Time to Rhyme. Prior to beginning his career as an actress, Masoja worked as a mining laborer. As a result of him getting fired from his work in the mining industry for taking part in a protest, he made the decision to pursue a career in acting once again. Masoja Msiza is a well-known singer, poet, and actor from South Africa. He is most well-known for his role as Nkunzi in the movie Uzalo. and Scandal! are just a few of the many different television shows that the actor has appeared in.

Jozi Streets includes establishments such as Shreads and Dreams, Rhythm City, Intersexions, iNkaba, Jozi Streets, Sokhulu & Partners, Zabalaza, Ya Lla, and Mfolozi Street. Other examples include iNkaba and Jozi Streets.
Since he was nine years old, Masoja has been performing in plays. He was a winner of a theater competition when he was only 14 years old, and he used to act in school and church productions. Immediately following his graduation from high school, Masoja found work in the mining industry. His participation in a protest ultimately led to the termination of his employment.

Because of this, he was finally able to begin pursuing his dreams of being an actor, and he regards this as a gift. It was in Gibson Kente’s play Mfowethu, which he also wrote and directed, that he made his acting debut.

Masoja Msiza age

On October 5th, 1965, he was brought into this world. This brings his age up to 57 years old.

Masoja Msiza wife
Innocentia was Masoja’s wife throughout their marriage. It is presumed that the pair is no longer together after the claims made by Masoja.


Masoja is the doting parent of two girls and a son, all of whom provide him immense joy.


The status of the star has been raised in Ndebele. He was raised in the township of Kwa Thema, which is located east of Johannesburg. As a child, he was exposed to various different languages and taught himself Zulu among them.

Net worth

Nkunzi is ranked number two, and it is estimated that he has a net worth of R426,285.70.

Uzalo actress reveals her heartbreaking life story

Noxolo Mathula is a South African performer who is most known for her role as the character ‘Lily’ on SABC 1’s Zulu phenomenon program Uzalo. In the year 1994, this dynamic and talented performer was introduced into the world in the town of KwaMashu, which is located in the KwaZulu-Natal region.

Even though she is still relatively new to the industry, she is already winning the affection of enormous swaths of television viewers. The performer is ensuring that she produces an engraving despite the fact that everything in the news sources is about capacity and difficult job.

This individual, who is 27 years old, just posted a picture of herself on Instagram in which she was at her house, which is located very close to the RDP home. The caption of the post said, “4360 ila ngiphuma khona,” which can be translated as “4360, this is the stuff that I’m used to.”

We have a general comprehension of the fact that KwaMashu is a region, and that many residences in regions are not as opulent as those in country areas. Have a look at the picture of the house that was provided earlier.

People were left speechless after seeing this picture, which explained where Noxolo originated from. The following are examples of some of the fan comments and various hotshots: “waze wamuhle sisi,” “such a great picture,” and “Home is where the heart is, happy no doubt about it.”

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