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Nkunzi Is Alive, And Vladimir Putin Is His New Foe

Nkunzi makes his way back to the community after having spent sufficient time at home recovering his strength, and his resurrection from the dead takes everyone by surprise. And nobody is more terrified than Sbu, who is also in a state of extreme distress. After the failed attempt to kill him, Nkunzi will exact his vengeance on Sbu.

What advice would you give to a man who lives in constant terror? Before Nkunzi can kill him, Sbu makes preparations to leave KwaMashu and packs his belongings. If he can’t get away from KwaMashu, things are going to get very complicated.

In spite of Sbu’s concerns, Nkunzi will not immediately direct his attention toward him after he has returned. He has more important things to worry about than a minor nuisance like Sbu.

Putin, played by Mncedisi Shabangu, who passed away in July, not long after production on the movie he was starring in had begun, is Nkunzi’s new adversary. At first, Nkunzi is unsure whether or not it is a gang or an individual, but it is soon made clear that the individual’s name is Mthambisi Phakathi.

Nkunzi Is Alive, And Vladimir Putin Is His New Foe

When another gangster enters his territory, Nkunzi is always concerned about the situation. Nkunzi never backs down; rather, he favors eliminating his enemy on his territory in order to fulfill his dream of being a good man in the community. Nkunzi has never backed down from a fight. He hopes that everyone in KwaMashu will experience a sense of safety, and that there will be no crime or other issues. This is the goal that Nkunzi has in mind for the community.

According to the teasers for this week, we are about to find out that not everything in KwaMashu is as it seems to be at first glance.

At this time, the land of KwaMashu is off-limits, and all of the people we care about have either been apprehended, arrested, or are missing and presumed dead.

The question that needs to be answered is, what will the highlights of this week give us? Let’s not waste any more time and go over what we can anticipate happening this week.

We are already aware that Sbu poisoned Nkunzi, and ever since that time, we haven’t been able to locate him. In the video that was made public, Sbu can be seen seeking solace in Nkunzi’s chair during his absence. Sbu is seen attempting to run Kwanjomanes while also attempting to fill the very large shoes of the Red Bull.

The mind of Sbu began to wander as wild speculation spread throughout the community. Sbu can be seen acting as though he is the owner of Nkunzi’s businesses, which leaves everyone, including Hlelo, in complete disbelief.

Since Sibonelo moved out, Nkunzi’s house has been deserted, and Gabisile has been left to fend for herself. To make matters worse, she has no idea how the day-to-day operations of the businesses are handled. Gabi has a problem with some of Nkunzi’s business dealings, so it’s likely that those will be left to air out.

When Sbu is sitting on Nkunzi’s chair in his office, completely lost in his victory, and all of a sudden Nkunzi’s voice comes on, this is the moment that marks the video’s pivotal turning point.

“Ah!” He spoke in a deep, godly voice that caused everyone, especially Sbu, to be shaken. Sbu stood still for a moment, and then he got the biggest shock of his life when he saw what he saw. Sbu utters an astonished “ah!” while trembling violently.

The expression on his face can only mean one thing to us: Red Bull is Making a Comeback!

The fact that Nomaswazi’s mother has a romantic relationship with Bab’Nsimbi comes as a complete surprise to her. Nomaswazi walks into the kitchen to find Nsimbi in the bedroom with Njinji already there. At this point, Nomaswazi is in the same position as us, wondering when this began to take place.

Additionally, it seems as though this family got a late start on capitalizing on Nkunzi’s absence, but they are beginning to do so now.

Nsimbi will receive an apology from Swazi because she has now discovered information about him and his mother. This put Nsimbi’s life in jeopardy. What exactly is she going to comment on in response to this?

Tantaswa abandons Mbatha during their date at Kwanjomane’s, and Mbatha’s quest to find a Mamfundusi continues. Mbatha’s date took place at Kwanjomane’s.

Tantaswa refers to him as a parasite and a clout chaser in the video. He also accuses him of exploiting the word of God for his own personal gain. This occurs after Mbatha learns that Tantaswa possesses a lot of money.

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