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Ngubs — The Life and Times of Menzi ‘ngubs’ Ngubane, a documentary directed by Menzi Ngubeni, has long been anticipated.

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The actor passed away at his home on March 13, 2021, from a stroke. He was 56.

The film about his life and death will premiere at select theaters in the Nu Metro chain around the country on September 2, 3, and 4.

On Sunday, the star’s closest relatives and friends gathered at Nu Metro Hyde Park for a red and black-themed premiere in his honor.

In an interview with TshisaLIVE, Menzi’s wife Sikelelwa Ngubane promised that details of her husband’s life as a boy, husband, father, and friend would be revealed.

“It’s going to be a rough ride for everyone, especially when I get to the conclusion and describe in detail how he died… She reflected on her feelings of anger after viewing the final cut, saying, “It put me back to how he passed since he was at home.

Sikelelwa expressed her joy at seeing her husband’s vision come to life, but also expressed her wish that he could be here to witness the process.

I was happy and saddened by the realization that he wouldn’t be there to see his plans through. Simply put, it was an emotional roller coaster.

What I expected to happen didn’t happen. I made this promise to my husband because I loved him, and it was challenging because… we had to do a lot of the work ourselves and did not have any money to do it. Since this was my husband’s wish, they made it come true.

The documentary’s ticket costs have been reduced to between R39 and R50.

Melanie Williams, the senior marketing manager for Nu Metro Cinemas, said she was delighted to do everything she could to keep Menzi’s legacy alive.

It’s right that we honor the artists who have left a lasting impression on the local arts and culture. She continued, “Nu Metro is honored and happy to host this auspicious film festival in our theaters, and Menzi Ngubane’s name is included and remembered on that list of luminaries.”

Siyasanga Ngubane, daughter of the late actor Menzi Ngubane, is on a mission to carry on his work and preserve his memory.

Siyasanga, now 23 years old and running the Menzi Ngubane Foundation with her mother’s guidance, plans to visit a children’s home that Menzi helped fund on his birthday in order to give back to the organization.

On his birthday, my father always donates as much money as he can to an orphanage. She told TshisaLIVE, “I thought this is something we can accomplish in the long term since last year, when he was terribly sick, he still managed to contribute whatever he could provide at that time.”

Siyasanga, when asked how important it was to carry on her father’s legacy, responded that she hoped his name would be remembered fondly.

My mother often says, “You’re as good as your last act,” which makes me think that people should remember him fondly even if he didn’t work at all last year and then they found out he had passed away. Whatever positive things we can do to honor his legacy, I’m all with it. He preferred to let his actions speak for themselves, and therefore he was a very reserved person.

Siyasanga has found it challenging to deal with the loss of her father because of the abrupt changes she has been required to make in her life.

Everything in my life has shifted radically. There’s been a lot of upheaval as a result, both emotionally and financially, but we’re determined to keep moving forward. The Bachelor of Public Administration I earned this past year has left me jobless.

The mission of the Menzi Ngubane Foundation is to help those in need and strengthen the local community.

Welcome Witbooi, founder of the Bright Spark Foundation SA and a personal friend of Menzi, says he is pleased to have helped make their trip to the Ethembeni Children’s Home a success.

We discussed the motivation for the foundation, and he expressed confidence that his legacy would live on even after his passing. They are the future of the country, and he wanted to be the person in their lives, so he visited the children’s home once a year, he says.

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