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Meet the top 9 contestants from Idols South Africa Season 18 

The most recent episode of South Africa’s most popular singing competition, Idols SA, featured the announcement of the top nine finalists at the Hatfield Arena. This marks the beginning of a phase that is anticipated to be more difficult for the contestants.

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The top 10 finalists gave live performances on the previous Sunday, choosing songs from the “Soulful Sundays” playlist on Spotify. Every single person put in a lot of effort, and they all delivered their absolute best.

As is customary, the lights were dimmed, the results of the vote were already known, and Mzansi had already decided. The following nine competitors have earned a spot among the top nine:

Lerato Matsabu was unable to garner enough votes from Mzansi to advance her into the top 9 of Idols South Africa, and as a result, she was eliminated from the competition. Idols South Africa host ProVerb remarked that Lerato has a beautiful voice and said that they wish her the best of luck in all of her future endeavors.

She said her final goodbyes to the other candidates in a cordial manner and then left the competition, following in the footsteps of Hope and Nandi, who were also eliminated from the top 12.

The top nine contestants from Idols South Africa Season 18

Idols South Africa’s most recent episode has been organized around the concept of “South African Classics,” which can be seen reflected in the songs that have been performed. The top nine contenders read the memo and performed to the best of their abilities.



Mzansi was left in awe of Noxolo’s vocal abilities after she brought the song Shebeleza by the late Joe Mafela to life with her powerful performance. Her act left a lasting impression on the panel of judges, who told her that Bra Joe must be rolling over in his grave after hearing about this performance. This evening, she was the first of the Idols South Africa season 18 contestants to be revealed to the public.



The next performer to be introduced was Kabelo, and not long after his set, he began to gain popularity across various social media platforms. Kabelo performed”Ekuseni” by Ringo Madlingozi.


Her live rendition of “Nomalanga” by Caiphus Semenya was nothing short of spectacular, and she deserves the title of superstar. However, Bogopa JR was underwhelmed by her performance, and he urged her to perform better the next time they competed together.



As of late, Thembi Seete considers him to be her favorite competitor, and he certainly did not let her down today. Ceejay gave a performance of “Send Me,” an iconic classic originally recorded by Hugh Masekela.


The celebrity was taken aback when she learned that she had been selected as one of the top nine competitors. She sang Stimela’s “Siyaya Phambili” for the audience. Her performance was satisfactory, but the judges advised her to step it up because they did not want to hear any jokes during the competition.

Ty Loner

Even though he is the youngest contender, he always manages to steal the show whenever he is on stage. When Ty Loners sang “Scatterlings Od Africa” by Jonny Clegg and Juluka, he evoked feelings of melancholy and brought back fond memories.


After doing an outstanding rendition of Jennifer Hudson’s “Giving Myself,” she climbed to the top of the trending charts the previous Sunday. Mzansi had been anticipating her performance today with great anticipation, and she did not let them down. Nozi performed the “Nizalwa Ngobani” by King Thandiswa Mazwai. Thandiswa praised Nozi’s performance of her hit song on Twitter and gave the contestant a shout-out as a result of her praise for the contestant’s performance.

I wasn’t able to attend the show, but I want to express my gratitude to Nozi for covering my song.

-Thandiswa Mazwai

Sankomota’s “Papa” was put to death by Thapelo. Bogopa JR was impressed by his staging, and he is pleased with the progress that Thabelo has made since he began competing on Idols South Africa. When it was announced that Thapelos would be one of the top nine competitors, admirers of his breathed a sigh of relief.

The next performer to be introduced was Zee, who brought all of the fantasy to the stage with her rendition of “Mama I’m Sorry,” which was originally recorded by the late famous Brenda Fassie. The judges remarked that her performance was fantastic; nonetheless, they felt that there was potential for advancement.

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