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Mbali puts the newly born baby in grave danger and concocts other falsehoods.

The web of deceit continues to expand, and there is no indication that it will come to a stop any time in the near future.

This week she lied about giving birth to a kid, and now she is required to bring the baby to live with her father, Jojo.

The infant is going to be given synthetic milk by Mbali since she has been placed in danger by the fact that she did not even have the opportunity to breastfeed from her biological mother.

On Monday, Jojo will make a request for the birth certificate and birth record of the kid, both of which are in Winnie’s name and which she will not want to provide to Mbali since they are all in her name.

Winnie won’t share her birth certificate with Mbali under any circumstances. She will make sure that her uncle Jakes is involved in the process of obtaining the birth record.

It would seem that Jojo will never learn the truth about his child and will continue to spend his life in this manner.

Scandal! The outstanding performance that actress Nolwazi Ngubeni gave as Mbali Khubeka in the soap opera has garnered praise from fans.

Mbali puts the newly born baby in grave danger and concocts other falsehoods.

Recently character played by Ngubeni just had a miscarriage, and she is having a hard time coming to grips with what transpired.

The performance that Nolwazi Ngubeni does as Mbali Khubeka is so captivating that viewers can’t get enough of it.

Even the 37-year-old actress said in a recent interview with Drum Magazine that she had no idea that she would become one of the highest-rated actresses working in the entertainment world today.

She has made guest appearances on a wide variety of television programs, including A Place Called Home, Scandal!, Mzali Wam, and many more.

Ngubeni was exposed to and encouraged to develop an early passion for acting and performance because to the presence of other creative people in his family.

Since I was a little boy, people have known me as a performer throughout my whole life.

As a child, I had singing lessons, and my talent for singing is something I inherited from my family.

“As I got older, acting became my main focus, and I ultimately opted to major in performance in college.”

My experience in the Drama department at Durban University of Technology has allowed me to access previously inaccessible opportunities.

In addition to her part on Scandal!, the actress can presently be seen portraying the character of Sibongile Dlamini on Mzansi Magic’s Mzali Wam.


The character known as Mbali, played by Nolwazi Ngubeni, is married to Jojo Kubeka. Melusi Mbhele, who plays him on Isibaya, is the actor.

Since she married Jojo, Mbali has kept her distance from her family, therefore we don’t know too much about her past or where she came from.

Viewers met her sister Winnie last week following Mbali’s loss.

She has been informed by her physicians that she will never be able to have children, therefore she has approached her sister about being her surrogate.

Fans are concerned that her sister and her husband would develop romantic feelings for one another since she has requested her sister to have sexual relations with her husband so that they might have a child.

Since the Khubekas do not know anything about her prior to the time when she became one of them, they are forced to cohabitate with an unknown person.

They have never met her family since Jojo’s relationship with them was never acceptable, and she chose Jojo above her family in order to have a happy marriage.

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