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Masemola joins HouseOfZwide, Funani sees fire

As Funani departs from House of Zwide, actor Warren Masemola joins an soap opera, marking the end of an era.

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Since it was announced that he will be joining the stellar ensemble of House of Zwide, he has been the subject of numerous headlines. The renowned actor Warren Masemola has officially signed on to play Alex Khadzi in the drama series House Of Zwide.

The announcement of his newest assignment was revealed by entertainment blogger Phil Mphela. He will play the role of Alex, a young fashion designer determined to assume Vusi Kunene’s Funani persona.

Many people have, however, questioned whether Funani is still leaving the drama series in light of his new role. After all, Mzansi anticipates the drama, topped with drama and thrills, to play out. The vivacious actor has not yet officially announced his newest gig. Phil talked about it on Twitter.

Actor Warren Masemola, who was born in Pretoria, is not your typical performer. The majority of people are familiar with him from his most recent appearance in Ses’ Top La, in which he portrays the gay Thokozani “Thoko” Chanel on SABC1 on Fridays at 7 p.m. He has previously appeared in Intersexions, Scandal, Isidingo, and The Philanthropist, among other shows.

Here are 10 things about the multi-talented actor that you probably didn’t know.

  1. The 2008 episode of the soap opera Scandal! featured South African actor and voice actor Warren Masemola as art director Lentswe Mokethi.

  1. He is also well-known for his lead role in the SABC1 sitcom Ses’ Top La as gay neighbor Thokozani “Thoko” Chanel, Phumi’s (Busi Lurayi) sidekick.

  1. He also appeared as Tizozo in the 2010 SABC1 drama series Intersexions, and he has made cameos on shows like Isidingo and The Philanthropist.

  1. Although Warren was raised in Soshanguve, he was born in Garankuwa. In 2000, he graduated from Reitumetse/Tshwane Christian School.

  1. He enrolled at the Moving Into Dance academy in Johannesburg’s Newtown after realizing that his passion for the arts could be turned into a career.

  1. After a year of study, he spent two years studying drama at the Market Theatre Laboratory, where he earned his degree in 2004.

  1. Voice projects include appearances on the radio programs Frank for Frank Talk and Chase on Metro FM. His theatrical experience includes the Fiona Ramsay-directed musical Spirit of Gerard Sekoto-Guga Mzimba and Robyn Orlin’s European tour of when we pill off our skin.

  1. He enjoys music, reading, and travel. He enjoys watching Weeds, Shameless, Modern Family, and Breaking Bad among other programs.

  1. Masemola, who is incredibly curious, is learning sign language despite knowing nine out of the eleven official languages.

  1. Twenty-five years ago, his hair stopped growing. Since receiving an alopecia diagnosis at age 6, he has been bald.

Joining the cast of King Shaka is “a dream come true,” says Warren Masemola.

Give him silk stockings, high heels, and a feather boa, and he will wear them all with ease. He will transform into one of the most ferociously violent criminals you have ever seen when you cover him in jail overalls and horrifying tattoos. He’d be perfect for the role of the sentimental groom who breaks down into tears in a music video.

And he’ll be up to the task if you need someone with a strong voice to say, “Give that man a Bells,” in your whisky commercial. For an actor who views the world as a stage and can change into any scenario with the ease of a chameleon, nothing is impossible.

Warren Masemola is eager to demonstrate even more of his depth in the upcoming Showtime series King Shaka.

It’s “a dream come true” for him to be a member of the King Shaka worldwide ensemble on Showtime, he wrote in a post.

He described how he fell in love with acting in a 2017 interview with Drum.

Early on, it was clear that he would work in show business. I’ve always been outgoing and unique, he claimed. “You know, I often tried on the clothes my oldest sister wore at home when she served as an altar server at church.

“It was simply lovely, a red dress-like ensemble with a crop top-like top. I used to go around the home blowing incense like I was in a church.

He claimed that his mum “is full of jokes” and that watching comedies on television helped him develop his sense of humor.

At the time, he told Drum, “I recorded every episode of Martin Lawrence’s program, In Living Color, and The Jamie Foxx Show and I would impersonate all the different characters.

Warren enjoys comedy, but he takes acting seriously and demands that others do the same.

“While you never hear somebody declare, “I want to become a dentist today, I feel like pulling out seven teeth,” you do hear people in other professions declare, “I want to be an actress, I believe I’ve got it. People must respect what we accomplish, he emphasized.

It is not a pastime.

What makes him unique is his love of languages and his aptitude for accent impersonation. It’s my distinguishing feature. Languages captivate me, therefore I have a heart as well as an ear for accents. Together with my preparedness, I believe that really distinguishes me. I work hard to get ready.

He continues to give his role his best even after five years have passed.

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