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MaNgwabe Left Fans Emotional

Since they avoided discussing their fifth spouse, today’s audience liked the show more. As a mother, MaNgwabe would do anything for her children. She is relieved that her daughter can communicate despite her severe neurological disorder.

Audiences have praised the way Mbalis’s son and daughter approached her for permission and their father for financial support. This scene sheds light on why MaNgwabe is so protective of her infants. Today, we’d like for everyone to realise why Mangwabe was so upset that Thobole’s dad had sent her kids to unlock a gate.

MaNgwabe, her husband, and their children had lunch together at a restaurant. After Musa stopped coming, MaNgwabe stated they started eating outside again. MaNgwabe claimed he no longer participated because he was spending too much time with his female companions.

MaNgwabe Left Fans Emotional

After Musa Mseleku praised MaNgwabe’s attire, many in Mzansi felt envy. Every opportunity that arises, Mseleku will gush about his wives. Musa Mseleku has been quoted as saying that he is not a fan of his wife’s skin-baring outfits. Mseleku objects to their dress standards because he doesn’t want other men to view his wives the way he views other women.

MaNgwabe stated she tried repairing it twice without success and three times in the previous time.

MaNgwabe Left Fans Emotional

The fact that MaNgwabe’s spouse is cheating on her is not something she tries to hide. We have heard her complain before that her spouse has a plethora of women in his life. MaNgwabe is still investigating Musa Mseleku and his female companions in this episode.

The following are only a few of the many arguments advanced by those who claim that MaNgwabe is poisonous.

Despite the fact that the Mseleku family goes through a lot of hardships, which is natural for any family, it seems like Musa Mseleku, the leader of the family, refuses to realise that his wives are not so happy and that they always quarrel about the same things. Despite this, difficulties are normal for any family.

When Mbali MaNgwabe found out that Thobile’s father had made one of Mbali’s children open the gate for her, she became unhappy, causing a debate on Twitter during the most current season of Uthando Nesthembu.

Others chimed in, pointing out that she must have come from a dysfunctional family if she didn’t know it was rude for an adult to ask a child to unlock a gate. Others echoed her sentiments, saying that when Baba Khumalo transports the kids to and from school, he is acting in the capacity of an employee and should conduct himself as such.

In this season, we are still talking about Musa’s fifth wife, just as we have been for the past few years. Twitter users are still divided on Mbali MaNgwabe’s claim that Musa Mseleku was in the wrong and that she is poisonous.

The idea that Mseleku should not have hired Thobile’s father came from someone other than Mbali. In addition to herself, Victoria Mokwena claims that “at that time, her sister is also on Mseleku’s payroll for the function of nanny.”

The time span between her sister’s care of her kids and her own and that of all the family’s kids is long. She can discipline her sister Menza or even fire her if she misbehaves. “you have no ability to correct the actions of your sister’s husband’s father,” Naledi Yamiso wrote.

“#UthandoNesthembu presumably uMakhumalo won’t understand the kid’s situation because she doesn’t have her own kids, it’s incredibly dreadful to not have kids, especially as a woman,” read a post by Collins Great guy.

Mseleku Mangwabe is a very dangerous individual. When one of her younger children is forced to open a gate in place of an adult, she sees this as a form of abuse. “her attitude is not fit for isthembu (polygamy),” Imama le Juventus wrote.

On Twitter, some users have expressed a desire for the hatred to be directed at one of MaCele’s children instead of Baba Khumalo.

“#UthandoNesthembu how If only one of maCele’s children had been sent by BabKhumalo, the insults may have been avoided. If only it had happened, things would be very different now. There were never any obstacles in maCele’s way,” Collins An outstanding man said so.

Ultimately, I don’t get why asking Thobile to open the gate for his dad was such a huge issue. I think the main problem here is that he is pressing Mbali MaNgwabe’s children to do his work for him despite the fact that he is being paid to complete the assignment.

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