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Magongwa to be recalled as principal

The decision to appoint Meneer Magongwa as the new head has many watchers feeling distressed.

Meneer Magongwa is only interested in accumulating wealth and power; he genuinely does not give a damn about the students at the school or anyone else for that matter.

The decision that was made regarding the distribution of the instruction is causing particular annoyance among the observers.

Meneer Manaka and Evelyn were, if we’re being completely honest, the best candidates for this position. Before Meneer Magongwa put her down, Mem Evelyn had already accomplished a lot, and the children looked up to and respected her.

When things at the school were heading in a bad direction, Meneer Manaka was a good head to have. When Paxton showed up to school wearing tennis shoes, he dealt with him in an appropriate manner and handled the situation well overall.

Mem Thobakgale’s preparations were solely geared toward a journey along the channel. The completion of the exam with a perfect score is drawing near.

Mr. Desando and the rest of the division are going to be disappointed with their choice.

The first person we’ll talk about is Principal Thobakgale.

Jacobeth is scheduled to appear before a Disciplinary Hearing because, as we are all aware, her coworkers have leveled serious allegations of misconduct against her.

After being knocked out for the duration of the match, two of her most formidable adversaries staged a comeback on Monday night. They both point the finger at the Principal, but Magongwa’s vision loss was caused by an allergic reaction to a dye that had been added to the water that the students had used to splash him.

Magongwa will not waste any time in building the forces against Jacobeth, and by Friday, they will be looking to launch an attack against her, according to new information that has been gleaned from the Teasers.

Evelyn is going to testify at the principal’s DC, and her testimony is going to bring down Thobagale. By Friday of the following week, the case will be closed for good. In the teasers, it is stated that there will be jubilation at Turf High, but we all know that Jacobeth’s return to his position as principal would not be something that Turf High would celebrate.

In any case, it seems as though Jacobeth will be downgraded to the position of teacher.

However, things are going to start falling apart for Manaka, Magongwa, and Evelyn, who are currently vying for Jacobeth’s position as principal of Truth High School.

The arrival of Melita once more

Melita left fans of the show in a state of uncertainty when, after having an incredible near-death experience when she was shot, she simply decided to leave the show.

The fact that Celia abandoned us after Mr. Kgomo played his Mafia moves on her is common knowledge, and as a result, the position of receptionist at the Turf hospital has been unfilled for a number of weeks.

The time had come to fill it, and what do you think happened next? Melita is going to arrive after this post has been completed. Meikie is performing her community service at Turf High, which means that trouble is on the horizon even if you don’t remember it.

Is she going to volunteer for this position? Because the teasers suggest that the Post will be filled by an unanticipated candidate, the question is: Could it be Meikie?

Clement quickly becomes obsessed with using various social media platforms.

Everyone here is aware of Clemy’s unhealthy preoccupation with his phone, right? It won’t be long before he gives complete control of his will to the phone. It is because of his attention that he begins to gain fame on social media, and this attention brings about strange occurrences.

First things first, Clemy is going to fall in love with Oritonda, and Ori is going to buy Clemy a new phone when he goes crazy because his old phone got lost.

Because of this, his behavior and his connection with Ori begin to change as he becomes more accustomed to receiving followers. Clement will, at some point, share his story on social media to warn others about the perils of becoming overly preoccupied with one’s use of such platforms.

These are just some of the highlights; stay tuned for daily reports that will provide additional information on Skeem Saam.

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