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Lindiwe Ngema speaks for the first time after leaving etvScdandal

Lindiwe Ngema speaks for the first time after leaving etvScdandal. Fans of the television soap opera Scandal! said their goodbyes to the Emmy Award–winning actress Nomvelo Makhanya during the episode that aired on Thursday evening. Makhanya’s exit from the show was shown in the episode.

Makhanya, who rose to fame after playing Lindiwe Ngema on the popular television soap opera Scandal!, has broken her silence after making a heartbreaking exit from the show.

Lindiwe Ngema speaks for the first time after leaving etvScdandal

On Friday, she posted a message on her official Instagram account in which she revealed that her final moment had left her in tears after she had viewed it once more the previous day.

Lindiwe Ngema speaks for the first time after leaving etvScdandal

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Nomvelo Makhanya expressed gratitude to all of those who had supported her since the very beginning of her time on Scandal! in the role of Lindiwe. This is what she wrote:

AND WITH THAT, Ladies and Gentlemen, we will end this presentation! (Last night, this scene crushed my heart once more.) Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me from the very beginning. Let’s take a short trip down memory lane, shall we?

On Thursday night, as fans of the show reacted to the actress’s final moments on Scandal!, the name of her character, Lindiwe, trended on Twitter.

Nomvelo Makhanya stated that the fact that Lindiwe trended during the entirety of Thursday night was evidence that she have skill, and that nobody has the right to tell her otherwise. This is what she wrote:

1 Most Popular All Through the Night! You can’t deny that I have talent… you are unable to provide any information at this time.

Fans anticipate that Nomvelo Makhanya will continue to work in the acting industry despite the fact that she has not revealed her future professional plans.

Lindiwe Ngema speaks for the first time after leaving etvScdandal

It was a dream come true for Makhanya’s character Lindiwe and her spouse Nhlamulo when she discovered she was pregnant. Lindiwe, however, started experiencing symptoms of illness and, regrettably, discovered that she had a chronic illness.

As her situation deteriorated, she was put in the difficult position of having to decide whether it was better for her baby to live or for her to abort the pregnancy in order to protect her own life. After everything that Lindiwe had been through in her life, she came to the conclusion that she would retain her kid no matter the cost and fight for her right to do so until the very end.

In a tragic turn of events, she was unable to win the fight and ended up passing away in an episode that aired on Thursday night. Scandal! had been Nomvelo Makhanya’s career home for the previous nine years.

Things About Lindiwe From Scandal That You Probably Didn’t Know

Young South African actor Nomvelo Makhanya is best recognized for her work in the television show Scandal, in which she played the character Lindiwe. Her mother has complete control over her life, and it appears that everything will turn out well for her as she develops into a dangerous adversary.

Lindiwe Ngema speaks for the first time after leaving etvScdandal

She got her start as Lindiwe Ngema on scandal when she was very young, and South Africans can now witness her develop into a woman on screen as the character Lindiwe Ngema.

Lindiwe’s age,

Because of how Lindiwe Ngema has been portrayed, people have formed the opinion that she is an annoyingly arrogant teenager. She is motivated to make a name for herself in the entertainment world despite the fact that her career is just getting started at such a young age.

She was born in Nkandla, which is located in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa, on April 24, 1996.

A few years later, she moved to Johannesburg with her parents and other family members.

In 2016, a diagnosis of sadness and anxiety was made regarding her. However, after attending a number of counseling sessions, she was able to triumph over her mental despair.

In January 2019, a suspected intoxicated driver caused an accident that involved Nomvelo’s parked car. In February of 2019, she sent a heartfelt letter on social media in which she described how she had been the target of cyberbullying due to the size of her head.


While Nomvelo was a student at the National School of the Arts, he began performing in stage productions (NSA). While she was still in the 10th grade at NSA, she attended an audition for the show Scandal. However, a fellow student persuaded her to do the professional gig audition despite the fact that she lacked the self-assurance to join the etv series.

This is due to the fact that in the past, they have only auditioned for plays and theatre performances at NSA. She was chosen to play Lindiwe Ngema following the auditions, and she is the daughter of Bab Ngema, who is portrayed by Patrick Mofokeng, and Zinzile Ngema (played by Gcina Nkosi). The original plan was for her character to appear on the show for a total of three months; nevertheless, she has stayed there for the past nine years.

In addition to her role on Scandal, Nomvelo has been seen in productions of plays such as “The Bald Prima Donn,” “African Reflections,” and “Maybe This Time.” Isibaya and Soul City are only two of the television programs in which she has participated.

Alongside Hlubi Mboya and Leshego Molokwane, she was chosen to play the role of Ntombi Bapai in the 2021 production of I Am All Girls. On Friday, May 14th, the movie was going to make its debut on Netflix for the first time. This was one of the most important professional triumphs she’d ever had.

Lindiwe’s Boyfriend

According to Nomvelo’s Instagram account, it would appear that she is taken and that she and her boyfriend are very much in love. On her Instagram account, the actress from Scandal posted a shot in which she and her lover can be seen. Their tender affection is really quite beautiful. She often uploads photos of herself with her best friend, but she thought it would be fun to share a picture of herself with her boyfriend this time.

She uploaded two images, one of which did not clearly reveal his face, and the other of which showed the two of them having a nice time together in a more clear and distinct manner. In addition, she wore a band that could have been an engagement ring. These two sweethearts have been going steady for a good while now, and together they make an attractive couple.

How rich is Lindiwe?

Lindiwe from controversy has an acting profession and is also a brand ambassador, which has helped her amass a net worth of $200,000 dollars.

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