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Lindiwe dumps etvScandal, reveals that Nhlamulo on EtvScandal has a bad breath 

As a result, actress “Lindiwe Ngema” Nomvelo Makhanya joined the drama series when she was 16 years old and has since established herself as one of Mzansi’s most talented performers.

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She has achieved significant success in the field of entertainment throughout her storied career, which has spanned several decades. Due to her unparalleled acting ability, she has become that actress whose work we all enjoy hating.

Lindiwe dumps etvScandal, reveals that Nhlamulo on EtvScandal has a bad breath 

On the other hand, very little information is available about the manner in which she would leave the drama series. Since then, reliable sources have stated that she has left the company.

Phil Mphela, a social media blogger, took his argument to Twitter, where he released a Twitter thread in which he revealed information on her departure. There are rumblings circulating that she may have been offered another main part. Some people are still uncertain about whether or not her departure is temporary or whether or not she is permanently kissing her on-screen character goodbye.

In 2018, she became popular for all the wrong reasons, despite the fact that she had recently been famous because to Scandal. Her breakthrough into the public eye occurred as a result of the roles that she played in the television shows iSibaya and Soul City. She was subjected to her fair share of criticism and was cyberbullied on various social media platforms, just like any other actress. However, this did not cause her to become distracted.

She has been wow us with her performance as Nhlamulo’s on-screen wife ever since the couple tied the knot in what was billed as the most highly anticipated on-screen wedding of the year. Their relationship has been plagued with claims of infidelity, dark secrets, and trust concerns; nonetheless, they have been able to keep all of this information a secret from one another.

Since then, Mzansi has been attempting to piece together the events leading up to her departure. There is little question that the conclusion, which has been the subject of much speculation, will be filled with tension and excitement.

The cheerful actress was born on April 24, 1996 in the city of Nkandla, which is located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She had a passion for sports when she was younger, but she also couldn’t let her craze for acting go unnoticed. This is an interesting fact about her.

The actress was raised in Natal, but she had no choice but to move to Johannesburg because of her career. After being diagnosed with anxiety and sadness, she eventually disclosed that she had participated in a number of sessions of counseling.

Lindiwe dumps etvScandal, reveals that Nhlamulo on EtvScandal has a bad breath 

Actress Nomvelo Makhanya, who plays Lindiwe Ngwena on the South African soap opera Scandal!, has opened up about her early romantic involvement with her current husband, Nhlamulo Maseko (role played by Mathews Rantsoma)

As seen on Scandal! Lindiwe got herself deeply involved in the criminal underworld when she wed her charming boyfriend Nhlamulo, who had a history of committing crimes but had since turned his life around. Lindiwe was taken into custody on the day of her graduation after the authorities discovered a card cloning equipment in her residence.

In spite of the fact that they share comfortable and romantic sequences on our screens, the reality is that filming these scenes is not as simple as it may seem because they both have other loves in real life.

Lindiwe admitted that she had no reservations about being sexually involved with Nhlamulo from the very beginning because the two of them have known each other since they were in high school. She did remark, however, that due to his chronic foul breath, she was required to give him breath mints on a regular basis.

Because we went to the same high school, I have known Nhlamulo, who plays Matthews, off and on since we were both in the ninth grade. Because of this, I have never once felt self-conscious about sharing intimate scenes with him.

We came to an agreement that we would follow the script and let our personalities shine through in the parts. From the very beginning, we were of the mindset that we should just play, and whatever would come would come. I believe one of the disclaimers I’ve given him was simply the breath mints, but that’s just typical. –

Mathews disclosed in his discussion of the romantic scenes that he and his partner had open discussions about kissing and touching one another.

“We have to discuss about such scenarios, what we are comfortable with and what we are not comfortable with, if she is comfortable with me going to extremes or not, and perhaps most crucially, how our real-life partners take it.”

Mathews admitted that he had given people the wrong impression that he was the same in real life as the role he plays on film because he found it difficult to live up to the expectations of his on-screen persona.

“I am the one standing in contrast to Nhlamulo, whom you see on the TV. Mathews is not nearly as amorous in real life as the character he plays on the show Scandal. I have witnessed several women flinging themselves at me in the mistaken belief that I am the same as Nhlamulo; guys, I’m not romantic.

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