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Lily bids farewell to Uzalo

Uzalo, which is the most watched soap opera in South Africa, is likely to lose an actress whose stage name is Lilly but whose true name is Noxolo Mathula.

After the conclusion of the show, Lily is revealed to have followed the person she loves from KwaMashu, Durban, to Mpumalanga.

Lily has lived her entire life in KwaMashu, and because of this, she is unable to travel outside of the town because it is the only location with which she is familiar.

Lily bids farewell to Uzalo

Amahle, Lilly’s one true love, has brought about an unanticipated circumstance for her. When Amahle goes to Mpumalanga, she extends an invitation to Lilly to relocate there with her.

This week, Lilly will hand over the documents necessary for her transfer to Mondli. In the clips that were just just made public, Mondli is seen assuring her that he will sign the papers, but he will endeavor to ensure that the transfer does not go through.

Because the conclusion of Lilly’s story would be reached if she went to Mpumalanga, viewers have been concerned about Lilly’s future on the show.

For the time being, we are aware that Lilly will be given a place on KwaMashu’s task team by Commissioner Sithole, who will promote her to that position. Does that mean she won’t be going anywhere? Let’s watch and see what develops.

But wait, is Lily from Uzalo really Jacob Zuma’s daughter? Here is what we know:

Because of her most recent post on social media, the multitalented artist Lilly has gotten many people talking about the possibility that she is actually the daughter of former President Jacob Zuma.

The actress, who is 26 years old, sparked the rumors when she published a post on Instagram, which is a social networking platform. Noxolo published a photo on her social media account in which she was seen posing alongside Jacob Zuma, the former president of South Africa, at the illustrious Nkandla Presidential Residence. The image shows the two of them standing rather close to one another.

Nevertheless, Noxolo did not provide a caption for the shot, perhaps on design or as a result of a mistake. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this has left a lot of people with a lot of questions, and the excitement quickly transformed into angry speculation.

Fans of Uzalo theorized that the fact that ‘Lilly’ was standing so close to the previous president demonstrated that the two are connected. Others have expressed the opinion that they are able to recognize the similarities between the two and have speculated that Noxolo is the daughter of former President Jacob Zuma. Some others made fun of Noxolo, saying that they thought she had just found her long-lost father.

Despite getting people talking, as of the time of publication, Noxolo had not made any comments or provided any clarifications on the photo or the subsequent rumors that it sparked. But tell me, what are your thoughts? Is it possible that Noxolo Mathula is related to Jacob Zuma, who served as president before him?

Despite the fact that the two appear to share many similarities, it is possible that Lilly is the president’s relative. President Jacob Zuma is a cultured man who has never concealed his marital affairs or his children from the public.

A previous article from the intaRez news network titled “Meet Jacob Zuma’s 23 Children” stated the following.

A previous article from the intaRez news network titled “Meet Jacob Zuma’s 23 Children” stated the following.

Who are Zuma’s 23 children and how old are they? Former South African President Jacob Zuma is rightfully regarded as the “father” of his country. According to him, he is a very busy man who is the father of at least 22 children, all of whom he loves very much. This is a rundown of his offspring, in no particular order.

During his time as president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma gave an interview on television in which he made the following statement: “There are plenty of politicians who have mistresses and children that they hide so that they can claim they are monogamous.” I would rather not hide anything. I adore everyone of my spouses, and I take immense pleasure in raising my families.

What is the total number of Jacob Zuma’s children? Get to know all 23 of his children.

What is the total number of Jacob Zuma’s children? Who are Zuma’s 23 children and how old are they? Former South African President Jacob Zuma is rightfully regarded as the “father” of his country. According to what he has said, he is a very active man who has fathered at least 23 children, all of whom he loves very much.

The children of South African President Jacob Zuma are listed below in alphabetical order.

In a previous interview for television, President Zuma was quoted as saying:

“There are lots of politicians who have mistresses and children that they hide so that they can pretend they’re monogamous. I prefer to be transparent about my personal life because I love my wife and I’m proud of my children,” he said.

While certain members of the Zuma family are well known to the general public and tabloids, others of the clan choose to remain private. This is an unofficial list of the former First Children, in order of their ages, starting with the eldest (43) and going down to the youngest (10). The public does not have access to all of the names and dates, and as many of the younger ones are still minors, we are protecting their identities as much as possible.

The older clan: The eldest 10 are the children of past wives Kate Mantsho and Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, who is running for president of South Africa. Kate tragically took her own life in the year 2000, leaving behind Jacob and their five children. After divorcing Zuma in 1998, Dlamini-Zuma became a cabinet minister the following year. During her marriage to Zuma, she gave birth to four children.

  1. Mziwoxolo Edward Zuma (son)

The mother’s name is Minah Shongwe.

Born: 1977

Edward Zuma, Zuma’s eldest son and perhaps maybe the one who has stirred up the most controversy, has begun studying law at the University of Zululand.

In the year 2000, he was taken into custody on suspicion of raping a classmate, but the victim later dropped the charges against him (after receiving compensation, reported Noseweek). Since then, Edward has been in the news for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: defaulting on a multimillion-dollar loan; owing one million dollars to his wedding planner; being accused of dealing in counterfeit cigarettes; making xenophobic remarks; and avoiding paying maintenance for his son.

On the bright side, this means that Edward will be the first and, to our knowledge, only person to make the President of the United States a grandfather. He is also extremely loyal to his father and frequently defends him on issues ranging from Nkandla and Zuma’s genitals being depicted in art to critical remarks made by Julius Malema. In addition, he is a fiercely loyal son. Edward is currently a director for close to a dozen different businesses and has been connected to at least 34 others in the past.

  1. Mxolisi (Saady) Zuma (son)

Kate Mantsho is the mother.

Born: 1980

Mxolisi Mantsho is the eldest of the five children that Jacob and Kate Mantsho have welcomed into the world. Born in Mozambique, which at the time was his family’s place of exile, he and his four siblings grew up there, where they studied Portuguese in the local school and played in the streets.

After ten years, they made the move to Zimbabwe, and then in 1993, they settled permanently in South Africa. The death of his mother occurred when he was 20 years old. Even though he has business interests in at least six different investment and broking companies today, he avoids the news and keeps off of social media.

  1. Msholozi Zuma (daughter)

Mother: Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

Born: 1982

The clan name of Zuma’s late father inspired the naming of Zuma’s eldest daughter, Msholozi. She is also the eldest of Zuma’s children with his now-ex-wife Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, who divorced Jacob when Msholozi was 16 years old. This makes her the oldest of Zuma’s children overall.

  1. Duduzane (Zane) Zuma (son, twin)

Kate Mantsho is the mother.

Born: 1984

Brother Zane has an appreciation for finer things in life. In 2009, he embarked on a vacation on a luxurious passenger ship, which set him back close to R200,000 a week. Even though the property is formally held by Mabengela Investments, he lives in a magnificent mansion in Johannesburg with a garage full of luxury vehicles.

  1. Duduzile (Dudu) Zuma (daughter, twin)

Kate Mantsho is the mother.

Born: 1984

Dudu is Zane’s twin sister, and she is likewise well known for the bling lifestyle she leads. In 2009, she celebrated her birthday by throwing a party that included an open bar, expensive champagne on tap, and a guest list that was over 600 names long. In addition to establishing African Star Communications, a public relations and events organization, she serves on the boards of directors of a number of different financial firms.

She was profoundly affected by her mother’s decision to end her own life, and as a result, Dudu Zuma established a charity to help disadvantaged women and children, with a particular focus on supporting those who are suicidal or at risk of suicide. It appears that her high-profile marriage to Lonwabo Sambudla, who is associated with The Billion Group and tender irregularities, came to an end in the year 2016.

The list continues: Jacob Zuma is married; how many children does he have? Get to know all 23 of his children.

  1. Gugulethu (Gugu) Zuma-Ncube (daughter)

Mother: Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

Born: 1985

Gugu’s acting roles as Lesedi Moloi in “Isidingo,” “Sergeant Bhelu Mini” in “Interrogation Room,” “Coco” in “It’s for Life,” and “Zozo” in “Rhythm City” are among the ones that have brought her the most fame. She received her degree in Live Performance from AFDA Cape Town in 2007, and the film that her group produced as their graduation project, titled “Sindiswa,” was nominated for a Student Academy Award (also known as a Student Oscar) in Hollywood.

However, she is more than just an actor; she also has a variety of business interests, one of which is Nyenyedzi Productions, which was responsible for producing It’s for Life.

She once stated to Beeld that she had no interest in politics since “it’s just not in my DNA.” “Being a politician is not the only method to connect with constituents; there are other avenues to pursue.” I came to the conclusion that the most effective approach for me to sway people’s opinions was through the media, and more specifically, filmmaking.

  1. Nokuthula (Thuli) Nomaqhawe Zuma (daughter)

Mother: Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

Born: 1987

Thuli earned a Master of Science degree in Economics from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2012, and she also earned a Master of Science degree in Public Policy Management from Wits University. Since 2010, she has been employed in the Department of Monitoring and Evaluation of the Presidency, and in addition to that, she is involved in at least four other enterprises.

The eighth candidate is Thuthukile (Thuthu) Xolile Nomonde Zuma (daughter)

Mother: Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

Date of birth: April 28th, 1989

Thuthu, who is another of the president’s children who has made news, has had a spectacular rise through the political ranks. Her promotion to the position of public liaison officer at the Ministry of State Security came exactly one year after she received her BA with honors in anthropology in 2012.

A year later, in 2014, at the youthful age of 25, Thuthu became the youngest ever ministerial chief of staff with her employment at the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services, where she is currently employed and earns close to R1 million yearly. Additionally, Thuthukile is involved in the business world.

  1. Phumzile Zuma (daughter)

Kate Mantsho is the mother.

Born: 1989

Phumzile is not someone who is frequently in the limelight. She became a Scientologist while she was a student at Wits University, and she was invited to deliver a lecture at the opening of the Scientology Life Improvement Centre in Johannesburg in March of 2010.

  1. Nhlakanipho Vusi Zuma (son)

Kate Mantsho is the mother.

Born: 1993. Died: 2018.

On Sunday, July 1, 2018, Vusi Zuma, the youngest of Kate and Zuma’s children, passed suddenly. He experienced problems as a result of suffering from systemic lupus erythematosus, which is more generally referred to simply as lupus.

Jacob’s son was born to him by his first wife, Gloria Bongekile Ngema. He also has a child with his second wife, Thobeka Madiba (Mabhija), who resides in Durban North. Jacob is also caring for a daughter and twins that he fathered with an unnamed woman from Johannesburg.

In addition, it is common knowledge that he is the father of four children: two with Priscilla Nonkwaleko Mhlongo, a businesswoman from Pietermaritzburg; one daughter with a woman from Richard’s Bay; and one son with Sonono Khoza, the daughter of Irvin Khoza, a close friend of the president.

The list goes on and on…

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