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Lehasa to pay lobola for Khwezi. Thobakgale has his first love experience. Who is the man Jacobeth likes? Is it Alfred?

Skeem Saam viewers are going to be crushed when they find out that Pretty’s soulmate and boyfriend, Lehasa, is going to have an affair with his baby mom, Khwezi. The teasers for the month of October also show that Jacobeth Thobakgale will experience love for the first time and embark on a date with an unknown man.

They don’t indicate that Lehasa and Pretty will end their relationship when he weds Khwezi; instead, they show that he will assume responsibility for his unborn child and lobola Khwezi. Fans of Jacobeth Thobakgale, who formerly served as the principal of Turfloop High School, will be pleased to learn that she is going to get to know a mysterious man and eventually fall in love with him.

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We are already aware that Cedric Fourie’s character, Lehasa, does not love Khwezi, and that the sole reason he is marrying her is to ensure that she will not testify against him at his hearing.

After Lehasa has finished negotiating her lobola, Khwezi will make an attempt to seduce her, but he won’t be swayed because his main interest is in the unborn child she is carrying, who may or may not be his.

The TVSA previews also imply that the connection between Lehasa and Pretty (Lerato Marabe) will be put to the test by his trial, which will involve the revelation of a murder that he committed during his hearing.

However, #TeamPreHasa need not be concerned because it appears that the two will put aside their differences and continue to work together.

The decision about his case won’t be made public until the latter half of October at the earliest.


Jacobeth Thobakgale, the previous principal of Turfloop High School, is about to experience love for the first time since the show’s commencement, and viewers of the educational soap opera will be thrilled to see this development.

In point of fact, this will be the very first time that we see Elizabeth Serunye’s character in a romantic relationship with a male counterpart… and even going out on a date.

We have never met or been introduced to Lizzy’s father on the show; as a result, we have never seen her in a relationship, despite the fact that she already has a child by the name of Dr. Elizabeth Thobakgale.

The teasers don’t reveal much about the man in question, other than the fact that he is a newcomer to Turfloop and someone who will cause her to remember feelings she hasn’t had in a very long time.

The life of Lehasa from SkeemSaam

The life story of Cedric Anthony Fourie
Cedric Anthony Fourie, better known by his stage name Lehasa Maphosa, is a South African actor and engineer who is best known for his starring role as Lehasa Maphosa in the South African television series Skeem Saam. Fourie is 32 years old.

The Facts of his Life

Known professionally as Cedric Anthony Fourie
Stage name: Lehasa Maphosa from Skeem Saam (fictional character)
The 17th of March, 1990 is my birthday (age- 32)
Soweto, in the province of Gauteng, was the place of birth.
South African is one’s nationality.
Actor by trade, engineer by avocation
TV Shows: Skeem Saam

Lehasa Maphosa’s childhood and adolescence
On March 17, 1990, Lehasa Moloi was born in Soweto, which is located in the province of Gauteng in South Africa.

Lehasa Maphosa’s Educational Background
After attending many elementary schools, including Greyville Primary School, Lenasia Primary School, and Princess Primary School, Anthony transferred to Athlone Boys School to complete his secondary education. After that, he was granted a scholarship to attend the University of the Witwatersrand to pursue his education. He received his degree from Wits University and is now working as an engineer in the networking field.

Lehasa Maphosa’s Profession and Career

After receiving his diploma, Lehasa decided to pursue a career in acting. However, it wasn’t easy for him to get acting roles because most people told him that he wasn’t black enough to play black roles. However, Skeem Saam was kind enough to provide him with an opportunity to demonstrate both his potential and the fact that he was truly black enough.
“When I was trying out for the role of a black male character, I had the distinct impression that I was squandering my time. How could someone tell me that I do not have enough darkness in my skin merely because I am a few shades lighter than what people in Europe regard to be black? But I got over it, and when Skeem Saam presented me the black character that another channel had previously refused (me), I grabbed the opportunity with both of my hands and didn’t let go until it was finished. I put everything else on wait, and I worked as hard as I could, he said.

Cedric Anthon plays the part of Lehasa Maphosa, a cunning and manipulative businessman, on the popular South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) serial opera Skeem Saam. Following his performance in Skeem Saam, Cedric went on to star in a number of other television series, including Durban Gen, in which he portrayed the part of Dr. Mthembu. Before making his debut in Skeem Saam, he participated in a number of other shows, including Sokhulu & Partners, Harvest, Generations, and Isibaya. [²]

Cedric Fourie, also known as Lahasa Maphosa, has appeared in a variety of roles.
This talented and good-looking actor played JB in the telemovie adaptation of the Mzansi Magic Daily Sun. At the beginning of 2015, I had between four and five just sleeps. His character in the film was a smooth operator with a strong libido, and he played the role very well. He makes the mistake of falling in love with the wrong woman, and she ends up stealing his underpants and bringing them to Sangoma so that he can be cursed.

Towards the end of 2015, he made an appearance in the film “The Ring,” which was produced by M-Net Academy Interns and screened on December 19 of that year. This comedy routine was performed in a hotel, and some of the renowned performers who took part in it included Mac Leshomo, Kenneth Nkosi, and Ntando Mncube.

Cedric’s private life and activities
Cedric Anthon has been bestowed with the gift of procreation, since he and his wife had several children. There is no information available regarding the identity of his wife; however, it is certain that she is stunning. As you can see, Cedric is really dedicated to going to the gym, staying active, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If you are interested in following the celebrity on social media, you may find him online. His Instagram account, which can be found at cedric a fourie, has more than 300 thousand followers, and his social handle on Instagram is @cedric a fourie.

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