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Lehasa lies to Pretty again

Lehasa was already dealing with the fallout from missing Pretty’s birthday when Khwezi showed up at his front door and presented him with yet another obstacle to overcome.

Pretty Seakamela, portrayed by Lerato Marabe, had her heart broken on the episode of Skeem Saam that aired on Monday, October 11, when Lehasa’s baby mama, Khwezikazi Gasela, portrayed by Samukele Mkhize, and her family showed up at their doorstep.

Lehasa lies to Pretty again

Unfortunately, Lehasa Maphosa’s attempt to make amends for missing Pretty’s birthday by taking her on a trip to Cape Town did not go according to plan, despite her best efforts.

From the very beginning, it was clear that Khwezi and her uncle, Manqoba, were up to no good. They initially demanded R40,000 in lobola money for the baby’s expenses, but later increased that amount to R124,000 in lobola money. The drama surrounding those two never goes away.


Pretty has a lot of questions for Lehasa when he goes to get her from the hotel room where she has been holed up for the whole weekend.

Her inquiries stem from the fact that someone using the handle “Mrs. Maphosa” posted a series of images on social media proclaiming to the entire world that she is now a married woman.

When Pretty asks Lehasa about the reason why his baby mama is calling herself “Mrs Maphosa,” Lehasa shuts her up by stating that she is aware that Khwezi is delusional. This causes Pretty to stop talking.

She was unable to ask the rest of her questions because Lehasa cut her off (in a literal sense) by kissing her and then informing her that they are going to Cape Town to celebrate her birthday together.

It has not yet occurred to Lehasa that Khwezi and her uncle Manqoba are on their way to expose the lies that he has been telling. Khwezi appears at the couple’s front door dressed in her makoti attire just as the two of them are making their way toward the door.


Tweeps are unable to cope with what is taking place with their couple and are now pleading with Pretty to make a decision for herself and break up with Lehasa.

Lehasa lies to Pretty again

Pretty has already been given recommendations on what to do by two different people, but she has chosen to ignore those recommendations; will this be the final straw for Pretty?

Skeem Saam Actress Khwezi ‘Samukele Mkhize’s age and salary stuns Mzansi despite the fact that she is older.

Skeem Saam Actress Khwezi ‘Samukele Mkhize’s age and salary stuns Mzansi despite the fact that she is older.

She not only has the plug, but she also has the bling. She is that famous actress everyone loves to hate. She has been stunning Mzansi with her unparalleled talent ever since she made her debut.

Samukele Mkhize is a renowned South African actress who rose to fame for her outstanding performance in the drama series Isibay, which was broadcast on Mzansi Magic but has since been canceled. In Isibaya she starred as Mabuyi. Despite this, since she has left the competition, she has had a lot of success. She is currently giving a stellar performance as the onscreen character of Khwezi on the drama series Skeem Saam airing on SABC.

She plays the role of Lehasa’s cunning and ruthless girlfriend in the movie, and Lehasa is an ambitious thug who dresses in a suit. Recently, she has been gaining popularity as a result of the fact that she is currently holding Pretty, who also happens to be Lehasa’s ex-girlfriend, hostage. Khwezi was able to piece together the puzzle and determine that Pretty was not, in fact, pregnant.

Pretty had an abortion because she didn’t know who the father was but was convinced that it was Lehasa. After the abortion, we can all agree that Pretty faked her pregnancy in order to get Lehasa’s attention. She went so far as to coerce Pretty into giving false testimony to the authorities. Without a shadow of a doubt, we cannot wait to watch the drama play out, which is guaranteed to be full of thrills and secrets.

Samukele’s rise to fame on small screens, like that of those who came before her, began in the background of stage productions. Her introduction to the public eye came about when she was cast in the musical Madame President.

Mzansi is taken aback by Skeem Saam actress Khwezi ‘Samukele Mkhize’s age as well as her salary.
However, as a result of her newly acquired fame, she was not invited to join the cast of The Road because the showrunners were not impressed with her. She later received the biggest surprise of her life when Bomb Productions offered her a role on Isibaya, despite the fact that she had been dropped out of school.

As luck would have it, she eventually became a member of Skeem Saam under the name Khwezi. The audience members of Skeem Saam are opposed to her having an affair with Lehasa. The audience members are in agreement that she is only dating Lehasa so that she can conceal her true intentions. In contrast to Pretty and Nothile, it appears that she has a stronger interest in Mavimbelas. It would appear that she is intent on reestablishing contact with Nothile’s biological father.

Mzansi has recently been curious about the amount of money that the actress makes per month from her on-screen character Khwezi. According to some credible sources, the bubbly actress rakes in between R30,000 and R40,000 every single month in salary. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the salaries of actors are based on the prominence of their roles, the amount of time they spend working, and their years of experience.

Her age has been brought into the discussion as a potential factor. The birth of the actress took place in KwaZulu Natal on March 3rd, 1988. We had an incorrect age estimate for her. When comparing her real-life age to the one she portrays on screen, we can all agree that the creators of the show played us for fools.

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