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Lehasa has a secret plan for Pretty that will blow prople’s minds

The audience of Skeem Saam is fed up with PreHasa, and they want Pretty to go back to her place. Pretty made the mistake of visiting Peterson in order to inquire about the authenticity of the Banda surname, which resulted in the start of the most astonishing chain of events.

Lehasa initially lost control to the point where he yelled at Pretty and referred to the two of them being together as a joke. After that, he stormed out of the apartment, leaving Pretty to ponder for several hours whether or not she would continue to be with him.

Lehasa has a secret plan for Pretty that will blow prople’s minds

Second, when he got back, he didn’t try to patch things up; instead, he just sent her to a hotel to talk about paying Lobola for another woman who was carrying his kid. Third, when he got back, he didn’t try to patch things up; instead, he sent her to a hotel to talk about paying Lobol

The episode from last night concluded with Pretty sobbing alone in a hotel room. She had no one else there with her. Even though he was supposed to drive her there, Lehasa instead decided to hire a taxi. The audience members have had enough at this point, and they want it to be over with.

There was widespread consensus that Pretty ought to have called a taxi in order to get back to Turfloop because she has outstayed her welcome, and it is beginning to appear that she is now interfering with Lehasa’s personal and family life.

In the end, Lehasa will be required to pay Lobola for Khwezi in order to convince her to return to the apartment.

Pretty is subjected to Lhasa’s persistent manipulation in the hopes of coercing her into accepting a potentially risky position that could lead to her cohabitating with a woman who only recently narrowly escaped being murdered. The connection between us has become stale, and we are now engaging in an abusive back-and-forth.

Lehasa is also being prosecuted for a real murder case, which could land him in jail; if he were to spend time behind bars as a result of this case, Kwhezi would be entitled to take over the management of Lehasa’s businesses.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the very first thing that she will do is get rid of Pretty. The Pretty interns have not received any assurances from Lehasa regarding their future employment opportunities.

He has not discussed paying Lobola for her nor has he made any plans to meet with Pretty’s family; he has simply been living with her in what we refer to as an impromptu performance (Vat n Sit).

Because she severed all ties with her family in order to be with this man, Pretty has nowhere to go in the event that she and Lehasa’s relationship does not work out.

We detest having to deliver terrible news. However, PreHasa is not even close to being finished, and Pretty will remain to witness the entire circus with Khwezi and the impending trial that Lehasa will face, which means that viewers will have to suffer through the anguish for some more time.

You can find out how everything turns out by watching Skeem Saam.

From The Comments:

But Pretty will see the darker side of Lehasa, and it won’t be a pleasant experience for her. The plan for Lehasa is for him to marry Pretty very very soon; he has everything under control. Check out what the loyal followers of Skeem Saam have to say about the events.

The following are six locations in South Africa that are ideal for hosting a wedding that is straight out of a fairytale.

South Africa is a country that can be described as the location that is the perfect blend of both the city life and exciting adventures. This description fits the country well because it is both a city and a country. This place has some beautiful coastal scenery, especially along the coast. The entire coastal drive offers some truly breathtaking scenery. Even in South Africa, you can travel to visit some of the world’s most breathtaking deserts. If you have a soft spot in your heart for furry friends, you will find heaven in South Africa. There are a great number of national parks in this country, which is also home to a diverse array of animal life.

The beach culture of South Africa is also quite exciting, and the country offers a wide variety of opportunities to participate in water sports. The nation is a one-stop shop for all kinds of tourist attractions and destinations; as a result, you really ought to put it at the top of your list of must-see countries and regions.

It goes without saying that getting married in such a country would be something out of a fairytale. Because of this, South Africa is home to a number of truly breathtaking locations for weddings, any one of which you would be thrilled to attend as a guest or even consider selecting for your own big day.

12 Outstanding Locations for Weddings Across South Africa
The wedding day is one of the best days in the lives of any couple, and it is essential that the day be perfect in every sense. There are a lot of details that need to be worked out before the wedding can take place. The couple must make a significant choice regarding the location of the wedding in order to move forward with the planning.

There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration, regardless of whether or not the wedding will be at a specific location or have a specific theme. As a result, in order to be of assistance, we have compiled a list of possible wedding venues that you can select from in South Africa.

  1. The Avenue of the Forest Walk

If you are looking for wedding venues in South Africa that are set in the forest, then this is the perfect option for you. The Forest Walk Avenue is an excellent choice for the site of weddings because of its natural beauty. The setting is breathtaking, and the presence of trees in the distance contributes to the overall allure of the area.

Because of this, we are able to guarantee that if you decide to have your wedding here, not only will you have some of the most beautiful wedding photos ever taken, but you will also have some truly unforgettable memories!

  1. The Everwood Family’s Wedding in the Country

If you want to have a wedding in a garden, Everwood Country Wedding is a nice location to consider. In addition to being a beautiful and relaxing location, this spot is also home to an indoor and outdoor chapel.

Because the prices of the venue are comparable to those of other venues in the area, you won’t feel any pressure as you make decisions regarding the financial aspects of your wedding in South Africa.

  1. The Florence Guest Farm, which also serves as a wedding venue

You should have your wedding at the Florence Guest Farm and Wedding Venue if you want it to be an exceptionally memorable day for you and your guests. The location exudes a charming and picturesque air. It is a location that offers everything you could possibly need, and it is unquestionably going to make your big day even more memorable.

The people who run the establishment are warm and welcoming to guests. The natural beauty of the area is a large part of what makes this location so appealing to visitors.

  1. The Plantation in Question

If you are looking for a scenic location that is removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, The Plantation is an excellent option. The place features a lovely garden, which is made even more attractive by the ornamentation that has been done here.

The use of fairy lights to decorate the trees gives the appearance that one is in a magical land. The food is delicious, and there are even options for vegetarians and vegans here. The location also offers overnight accommodations in the form of rooms. Therefore, selecting this location will prove beneficial to you in more ways than one.

  1. Oakfield Farm

The Oakfield farm is a beautiful location for a wedding reception. The location is charming and would make a wonderful setting for the beginning of something new. You will not be let down by the level of hospitality provided at this location, which is very good. Additionally mouthwatering is the fare that is offered here.

  1. Chez Charlene Wedding Venue

If you are looking for a place that exudes sophistication and refinement, then the Chez Charlene Wedding Venue would be an excellent choice for you as the location of your wedding.

The space has been meticulously outfitted with all of its furnishings. The whole setting appears to be something out of a dream. The wait staff here are very professional, and the restaurant’s food is of the highest quality. Therefore, there won’t be any stress or bother during any part of your wedding.

  1. Oyster Box

If you want the memories of your wedding day to last a lifetime, the Oyster Box is the perfect place to host your wedding ceremony. The venue is not your typical choice for a wedding reception site. Since Oyster Box is situated in close proximity to the water, the setting for your wedding will naturally include the ocean.

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