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Kwezi came through for Lehasa in court

As the judge began to consider and then to hand down the judgement, Lehasa was on the verge of passing out. In order for Judge Mavimbela to enter the courtroom, the court was forced to wait one hour, which caused everyone in the room to go into overdrive.

Kwezi from Skeem Saam

Judge Mavimbela, who was one of Lehasa Maphosa’s adversaries, released him from prison late last night and declared him a free man.

The decision of not guilty caused a commotion in the community, and many individuals have not yet presented their interpretations of what might have actually taken place.

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Mavimbela arrived at the courtroom, and then an hour later, he delayed reading out his verdict; it is unclear what the cause for this delay could have been.

She was willing to pay a significant sum, as much as one million rand (R), to guarantee that she obtains some dirt on him.

Mavimbela’s adversary is Lehasa, and Mavimbela was planning to see to it that Lehasa rots in jail, but now that he knows he has a lot to lose, he cannot bring himself to carry out his plan.

Kwezi came through for Lehasa in court

Khwezi once provided a suggestion that the Mavimbela family was operating a number of shady little enterprises; this could have been the point that they used to convince Mavimbela to acquit Lehasa.

After the trial, there is going to be a lot of animosity and distress directed toward Lehasa and Pretty’s relationship, and it is going to be very difficult for them to recover from it.

Because of the wait, there was a significant buildup of stress, which resulted in Lehasa having a panic attack when the judge finally started speaking, which caused even more delay.

The defeat of Lehasa was a chore that everyone who witnessed it found disappointing.

The judge commented that the case was an especially challenging one to rule on.
Lehasa was found not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The video did not provide sufficient evidence to conclude that he was in Fanie’s ward on the day that he was killed. Lehasa wasn’t visible.

The second element is that Fanie had a number of adversaries, and some of those adversaries have even asserted that they were the ones who carried out the act.

Craig took the stand and informed the judge that his group was to blame for Fanie’s passing.

Because he lacked objectivity and ultimately lost his composure while testifying, Petersen did not make for an effective witness in the case.

Despite all of this, Leeto Maputla shown great confidence in the courtroom and did an excellent job of representing Lehasa.

The last argument presented by Leeto was clear and accurate. The person shown on the video at the hospital was unable to be identified since they were obscured by the camera.

Everyone was taken aback when they heard the verdict because Judge Mavimbela is Lehasa’s most dangerous adversary, second only to the issue with Nothile.

The judge’s daughter, Nothile, is involved in a romantic relationship with Lehasa, which the judge finds to be inappropriate for his daughter.

It appears that Nothile will make contact with Lehasa in order to express her unending passion for him.

Khwezi is going to lose it in the penthouse, which is going to cause a ruckus. Because of Pretty, Khwezi is afraid of Nothile Mavimbela, and the fact that Lehasa has decided to respond to Nothile’s approaches promises to make this a very exciting moment.

So, what can we say about PreHasa?

We are aware that Khwezi will escape the love triangle at some point during this month; but, she will not do so before having one more confrontation with Pretty. Lehasa is aware of the fact that it is impossible for these two people to share a home.

Khwezi will leave, while Pretty will remain behind; however, for how much longer will Pretty stay if Lehasa continues to receive personal phone calls from Nothile? She was the one that Lehasa intended to marry, so he disregarded Pretty and their child in favour of her.

Let’s hold off judgement till we see how this turns out.

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