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Kwaito Skeem Saam actor will no longer appear on the show. 

Kwaito, who plays Skeem Saam, will no longer appear on the show.

Skeem Saam’s favorite actor, Clement Maosa, will leave his position as an educator at Turfloop High, and Marothi will bribe Alfred Magongwa with a large gift. Maosa plays the character of Kwaito Seakamela-Maputla.

The TVSA September Skeem Saam revealed that when Kwaito Seakamela-Maputla defended Alfred Magongwa at her hearing, Jacobeth Thobakgale will make an effort to remove Kwaito from his position at Turfloop High School.

Kwaito, who plays Skeem Saam, will no longer appear on the show.
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During the previous season, Jacobeth and Kwaito also butted heads after he suggested that she had stolen drugs from Marothi’s company.

Because he cheated on Thobakgale’s daughter Elizabeth Thobakgale (played by Amanda Manku) with Glenda Mogotsi (played by Nozi Langa) in the previous season, Thobakgale does not get along with him.

A young educator will find that all of her chickens have come home to roost in the teaser that will air on Thursday, September 22.

The implication of this teaser is that Kwaito could have been wrong about Thobakgale stealing the tablets, and that Kwaito or someone else (Marothi) could have found them. This season marks the return of the educational soapie’s long-running antagonist, Marothi, played by actor Max Papo, who will make things challenging for Alfred.

Kwaito, who plays in Skeem Saam, will no longer appear on the show.

The information that is revealed on Friday, September 23 is as follows: “Jacobeth suffers a setback when her scheme to get a teacher fired is unsuccessful.”

According to the teasers for Skeem Saam, Kwaito will be fired from Turflooop on September 28th, and he will be forced to retire.
On the preview for the episode airing on Wednesday, September 28th, it says that “Kwaito is forced to bid farewell to Turf High.”

When Kwaito leaves, the students at Turfloope Primary School will be extremely upset because he was one of their favorite teachers and he served as an example to them. The teasers also hint that one of his students, Mosebjadi, has a crush on him and that she would be upset by his departure from the school since she feels a connection with him.

The following was posted on Thursday, September 29: “Mosebjadi is heartbroken because the boy she has a crush on is graduating from Turf High.”

When the school held a writing competition during the previous academic year, the students first interacted with Kwaito in his capacity as an English writing tutor.

Because he is both a renowned author and an accomplished engineer, they look up to him as a role model. It’s possible that he left the school because he isn’t a qualified teacher like his sister, Sthoko Seakamela, who works there. If so, this could be another reason.

This past Friday, September 30 The students in Grade 8 manage to impress one of their teachers.

Clement Maosa, from Skeem Saam, says, “I attempted suicide twice following the death of my parents.”

It is a day he will never forget – the day he proposed to the woman who would spend the rest of his life with him. They recently announced that they are expecting their first child and are ready to tie the knot. Clement Maosa, who plays Skeem Saam, is currently enjoying the prime of his life at the age of 31.

And he owes some of this success to his late buddy Akhumzi Jezile, who played a pivotal role in the organization of the memorable proposal. Clement’s family made their lobola payment on the same day that Akhumzi passed away. “Our lives are being played out on borrowed time. His passing away made me appreciate life much more than I had before, “He instructs us to Move! Now, he makes the most of each and every moment, and he can’t wait to become a father.

Clement has always placed a high value on his family. He was reared by both of his parents in a little village in Limpopo as he was growing up. His mother, Girly, was a housekeeper, and his father, William, worked on a farm when he was a child. Because of this, they were gone from the house for the majority of the day, and he was left in the care of his older sister Matilda, who is two years his senior.

When he was in the twelfth grade, his mother passed away, and then a month later, his father did as well. At the time, he was making preparations to begin his studies for a degree in law at the University of Limpopo. “Following the death of both of my parents, I made two attempts to end my life. I felt like I had nothing to live for. It took me a while to realize that my goal encompasses more.” The life of a varsity athlete was difficult as well. “I was aware that I wouldn’t have any money for food. When I was younger, a packet of noodles cost R2, and I used to eat those “he says.

He did not give up and ultimately earned a law degree. On the other hand, acting was his true calling. While he was in high school, he participated in and liked several plays. Therefore, he made the decision to participate in a few auditions when he was in the final year of his legal degree program. The fact that he couldn’t afford to travel to the city of gold for auditions nearly prevented him from getting his first major break in the profession.

“I had no money, so I couldn’t go. There was no one in my circle of friends and family who could assist me. I required close to R350. I hung up the phone after I informed the casting director that I would not be able to attend, and I cried continuously throughout the night. Even after the sun rose, I was unable to stop crying “he is recalling. The casting director contacted him once more later that evening and informed him that they were still interested in seeing him.

“I was able to get money in order to get to the audition, but I was unable to get any money in order to get back home. I was forced to repeat to the casting director that I was homeless and had nowhere to go because I did not have any money.” That evening, a determination would be made regarding who would be offered the part.

They devised a strategy for him, and he was given a reservation at a guesthouse for the night. If he didn’t make it, he planned to take the first taxi back to Limpopo in the morning. If he did make it, he was going to be disappointed. “While I was in my room, an enormous stack of scripts was delivered to my door. All 13 episodes. That evening, I was so enamored with Kwaito that I was unable to fall asleep “he asserts.


After eight years, he is now a fan favorite on one of the most viewed TV series in Mzansi, and he has more over one million followers across all of his social media platforms. “I’ve discovered, thanks to Kwaito, that there are times when the only choice you have is to be courageous and resolute. Because being black comes with its own set of difficulties, such as not being treated fairly and being made to feel as though you are not enough, particularly if you are from a rural background, we will discuss these issues “he asserts.

Clement informs us that Kwaito exemplifies such kind of living to its fullest. His character was raised without a father and is perpetually resentful of his neighbor, T’bose, who got everything he wanted growing up. Kwaito has had a terrible run of bad luck throughout his life and is nonetheless responsible for taking care of his mother and sister. When it comes to the challenges faced by his character, Clement is able to empathize with him. People who aren’t familiar with his background might get the impression that his life has been relatively trouble-free.

But nothing could be further from the truth. “After spending your childhood in a village, moving to Johannesburg after the death of one or both of your parents when you were a teenager, and entering this industry, people don’t take you seriously and refer to you as a village boy.

“I mean, being unable to afford a car and being forced to take a taxi while hearing others make fun of you and saying things like, ‘So this is a celebrity?'”

He is always talking about working extra hard to demonstrate that he is capable of doing it, and he claims that it is not all about the money. “There is this notion that when you are on TV you have got to have money, drive a fancy luxurious car, wear labels some, and live the opulent lifestyle,” he continues. “There is this notion that when you are on TV you have got to have money, drive a fancy luxurious car, wear labels some, and live the opul Someone had the nerve to inquire about the amount of money he makes at one point. “Even if they are silly questions, you still need to find a way to be nice and humble,” the instructor said.


“Getting anything done is a struggle. If you only have one means of bringing in money, it is not sufficient “He instructs us to Move! Clement has recently begun pursuing a career in music. He makes an appearance in the song “Good Life” by King Monada. Additionally, he has released a single under the title Rhythm of Your Heart.

However, despite the fact that many of his followers were taken aback when he started dabbling in music, he has always had a strong passion for it. As if that weren’t enough to keep him busy, earlier in the year he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in support of a well-known initiative called Trek4Mandela that is run by the Nelson Mandela Foundation. This initiative aims to make a difference in the lives of girls.

“Since I started giving motivational presentations seven years ago, I have had the privilege of hearing from so many people whose lives have been changed as a result of hearing my story. My experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro left a lasting impression on me. I had a strong desire to push my limits and serve as an example for those around me.

“It was also confirmation that the message I usually preach, which is that there is nothing you can’t achieve, was correct. that you have the ability to succeed. It is not your history that makes you who you are now.”

Do you need someone to talk to or get in touch with? The South African Depression and Anxiety Group can be reached at this number: 0800 567 567. Their support line can be reached at any time on 0800 456 789.

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