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Kwaito dumps Skeem Saam

Everything is not what it seems to be, and now that Lehasa’s trial is done, we can at last concentrate on other things taking place in the programme. Kwaito has decided to leave the literacy programme, Skeem Saam.

The resignation of Kwaito from Turfloop High School, Is Clement Maosa departing Skeem Saam? Clement Maosa has been at the forefront of trending topics ever since Mzansi appeared to piece together the pieces behind his departure from the drama series.

As Kwaito, the on-screen character he plays on the show Skeem Saam, he has quickly become the toast of the small screen thanks to his performance. After teasers purportedly stated that he was withdrawing from Turf school, Mzansi has been more than sure that the cheerful actor is saying farewell to his on-screen role and waving goodbye to his on-screen persona.

There have been rumors circulating that Kwaito Seakamela-Maputla will step down as principal of Turfloop High. The fact that he was kissed by a student from Turfloop High, Mosebjadi, is the impetus for his decision to leave. However, Mosebjadi’s advances on him led to his decision to quit from his position. The fact that what would happen next following his resignation is something that piques people’s interest.

Along with everything else, the Principal Alfred Magongwa terminated his contract and instructed him to obtain a teaching qualification by the end of this month. Kwaito, who is both a qualified engineer and an author of published works, is unlikely to be totally content with his sister-in-law Mapitsi’s profession as a published novelist.

The dismissal of Kwaitos will, without a doubt, have a devastating effect on the students of Turfloop. There is consensus among us that he is the student body’s top pick and deserves the plug. His student, Mosebjadi, who had a crush on him, would blame herself for his leaving due to the fact that he was given a written warning after she kissed him the week before he left because she had a crush on him.

A tale of poverty to riches to tell.

However, his life away from the camera has served as an inspiration to a great number of people. Clement Maosa’s parents and guardians wanted him to pursue a career in law, therefore despite the challenges he faced in life, he did so. After earning his degree in acting from the University of Limpopo, he decided against pursuing a career in the industry. Without a doubt, he continued on to fulfill his passion for acting by enrolling in a few theater classes, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Clement claims that when he was younger, he had a number of potential career paths open to him, but he ultimately chose acting as a profession, despite the fact that becoming a soldier was his ideal occupation. After starting out as a kid actor, he imagined himself sharing the stage with some of the most famous actors in the world on the show Skeem Saam.

He has quickly established himself as one of Mzansi’s finest thanks to his distinguished career that has spanned many years. According to rumors that cannot be verified, his estimated net worth is twenty million rand (R). However, it is said that he is a master of all trades and a jack of all trades, and that he has multiple sources of income, including ambassadorial responsibilities and sponsorship deals.

Since he approached Marothi about the tablets, Kwaito’s position within the programme has not been favourable. This has been the case ever since.

Last week, Marothi attempted to buy Zamo with a bribe of R 250,000, but Zamo cannot be bought.

There’s grapevine going on in the streets that Kwaito has dumped Skeem Saam so that he can focus on producing music.

On Monday, he demonstrated this point when he began looking for dirt on Marothi in the office where he worked. Things are going to get more chaotic, and Zamo is going to realise that he has taken on more than he can chew. He is going to understand this by Thursday, and he is going to hand in his resignation to Marothi. Marothi is opposed to his decision and will make an effort to persuade Kwaito to reverse it.

Kganyago presses his paws even further into Thobakgale’s fur.

The mission that Kganyago is on with Thobakgale is currently in session, and on Tuesday, he will inform Thobakgale about needs that are not in such excellent shape. The information will compel Thobakgale to make some choices in order to preserve this connection.

Flowers, romantic dates, and goofy phone calls that make her giggle in the office in front of her coworkers are just some of the ways that Ntate has been making Thobakgale feel special and giving her “THE” treatment.

On Thursday, Kganyago will surprise Jacobeth by saying the “L” word, and on Friday, he will make a more major amorous gesture toward Jacobeth.

Are we going to see Pretty dump Lehasa?

When Pretty discovers the extent to which Khwezi is willing to go to preserve Lehasa, she will become frightened. According to the teasers, Khwezi will visit one of Lehasas’s competitors in Limpopo on Wednesday, which will cause him to feel a great deal of agitation.

On Thursday, one of the girls will make a monumental error in order to save Lehasa, and he will have a difficult time keeping up with all that is going on.

In addition, the teasers suggest that Lehasa will receive a text message from an old flame, who will then start phoning her, much to Khwezi’s chagrin. It would appear that Pretty is the one who makes the decision to break up with PreHasa and then proceeds to send him text messages in which she professes her love for him. Khwezi is going to be concerned that Pretty is trying to gain access once more.

According to the news that surfaced last week, Pretty will be overjoyed when Khwezi finally exits the love triangle in the month of November.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more on Skeem Saam as we will be bringing you new plots every day.

Actor Kwaito (Clement Maosa) from Skeem Saam teaches dancer Dieketseng Mnisi (Mantuli) the Manca dance.

Actor Kwaito (Clement Maosa) from Skeem Saam teaches dancer Dieketseng Mnisi (Mantuli) the Manca dance.

Clement Maosa, who plays Clement’s on-screen mother in Skeem Saam, recently won over Mzansi after a video of him teaching his on-screen mother how to dance went viral.

Clement Maosa, who is widely recognised for his role as Zamokuhle Seakamela aka Kwaito on the television show Skeem Saam, made the decision to instruct his onset mother Dieketseng Mnisi (Mantuli) in how to dance.

Clement Maosa uploaded a video to Tik Tok in which he can be seen demonstrating to Mantuli how to complete the Manca challenge.

Fans were impressed by the fact that Clement Maosa and Dieketseng Mnisi have the ability to turn up the heat on the dance floor. According to the comments, South Africans thought the two people had great dance moves. People on social media adored the way Clement and Dieketseng were connecting off-screen, as well as the fact that Clement calls Dieketseng his mother, despite the fact that she is not actually his mother in real life.

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