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Jacobeth resigns from Turf High School

Jacobeth from Skeem Saam

In the upcoming episode of Skeem Saam, which will air in November, the character of Ntate Kganyago, played by Sello Maake KaNcube, will attempt to persuade Jacobeth Thobakgale to fire her daughter Lizzy from the family home and quit her job as an educator at Turfloop High. Skeem Saam viewers will not be impressed with Ntate Kganyago’s performance.


According to the teasers released by Skeem Saam TVSA in November, Lizzy will have a contentious relationship with Ntate Kganyago, the new boyfriend of her mother, Jacobeth Thobakgale. Kganyago will attempt to get rid of Lizzy.

It would appear that the new Turfloop persona is another con artist like Luc (Jean-Michel Tuji Mukengeshayi), who will attempt to con money out of Lizzy (Amanda Manku) this week.

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It would appear that Ntate Kganyago is wanting Jacobeth’s money, and it is likely that he would try to get her to quit her position as a teacher so that he may access the funds that she has saved for her retirement.

He will also play on Jacobeth’s feelings by “trying” to leave Turfloop, but Jacobeth would not let him go. Because of this, Jacobeth will become too possessive of her boyfriend and will work hard to win his approval in an effort to save their relationship.

The following is what the teaser for Tuesday, November 1 says: “Ntate Kganyago brings tragic news for Jacobeth.”
A sneak peek will be released on Wednesday, November 2nd, and it will say that “Jacobeth must find a means to stop love from departing her.”
Elizabeth would feel uneasy about Jacobeth’s new relationship with Ntate Kganyago because it appears that Ntate Kganyago is unable to support herself financially and may move into Jacobeth’s house.

Jacobeth extends an invitation to Ntate Kganyago, which makes Elizabeth very uncomfortable. This is the text of the teaser that will air on Tuesday, November 8th.
“Elizabeth would like someone to leave her private space,” the reporter said on the 10th of November.
The following was posted on the 21st of November: “Ntate Kganyago and Elizabeth are at loggerheads with their new living arrangement.”

“Skeem Saam”: Lizzie Can See Right Through Him
Lizzy may experience feelings of jealousy toward Ntate Kganyago due to the fact that she has always been her mother’s top priority. The new relationship of Thobakgale, played by Elizabeth Serunye, will be the topic of conversation in the community, and Lizzy will likely hear about it.

Kganyago wants Lizzy to leave Jacobeth’s life so that he can have all of Jacobeth’s girlfriend to himself and take advantage of her both financially and emotionally.

This coming Friday, the 25th of November:

Jacobeth is located at the very spot that Nate Kganyago desires for her to be in.
The trailer for the episode that airs on Tuesday, November 29 hints that she will give in her resignation after experiencing pressure from him.

The letter of resignation that Jacobeth has been working on is now finished and ready to be turned in.
In the teaser that aired on Wednesday, November 30, it was revealed that Lizzy will confront him with his intentions for her mother, which will make him very unhappy.

“Ntate Kganyago is furious that Elizabeth has discovered the truth about him,” said Elizabeth.

The reason why Pretty accepted Lehasa’s apology

Pretty from Skeem Saam

Lehasa informed Francois about the issue with Khwezi. Francois expressed to Lehasa that he could manage quite fine without Khwezi being so far away and that he believes she ought to go to Johannesburg. When Francois asked Pretty whether she would agree to allow Khwezi come back, he informed her that she wouldn’t have an option but to accept since he would make it impossible for her to refuse.

When he arrived back to his house, he apologized to Pretty for being angry with her and then he posed a question to her. He inquired as to whether or not she was prepared to take him along with all of his belongings, Khwezi, and her shenanigans. Pretty was completely speechless and had no idea what to say. Lehasa presented her with two choices: she could either take him and the problems he causes into her life or she could simply choose to ignore him.

He assured her that he would give her time to deliberate over the matter. She thought it was a beautiful notion in general, and she decided that she would let him know about it using his items.

The plan that Lehasa had for Really to not recognize him so that he could call Khwezi and ask him to come and stay with him did not work out as Lehasa had hoped, however. He does not understand that the normal approach in which he communicates with Really is hurtful to her.

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