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Is The River running dry. See reason why top 3 actors dump the dhow at once

The fans of the telenovela The River that is produced by Magic have been all over social media in an effort to learn whether or not the lead actor Hlomla Dandala is going to leave the show.

On Saturday, October 15, the actor who plays the role of Zweli posted a message on Instagram announcing that he was leaving a show, but he did not specify which show it was.

Is The River running dry. See reason why top 3 actors dump the dhow at once

The general consensus among his followers was that he was referring to The River.
It was written here: “It’s always bittersweet when an actor’s run on a long-running show comes to an end. Wishing my fellow cast members all the best! colleagues, and wish you a prosperous and successful run; you will be missed.”

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Now, the channel has confirmed that Hloma, along with two other actors, Lawrence Maleka and Tango Ncetezo, who play Zolani and Paulina, respectively, are also a part of the project stepping away from the show.

Is The River running dry. See reason why top 3 actors dump the dhow at once

When they made the announcement, they said that all of their storylines have come to a conclusion. “An announcement has been made that three cast members of one of the most popular primetime shows on Mzansi Magic, The River, which has won multiple awards and is beloved by its audience, will be leaving the show.

Tango Ncetezo, Hlomla Dandala, and Lawrence Maleka are moving on from their roles in the telenovela to take on new roles.
new businesses and some storylines have reached an important turning point.
end, “they had written.

Is The River running dry. See reason why top 3 actors dump the dhow at once

“As an essential part of The River from the beginning, viewers have enjoyed watching the growth of the actors’ individual characters,” they continued, “Zweli with his often-well-meaning mishaps which sometimes result in dramatic consequences; Zolani with his fierce love and loyalty that at times goes too far; and Paulina whose bold look hides the soft heart of a woman who faces the toughest battles.”

Shirley Adonisi, who is the director of local entertainment channels on M-Net, expressed her gratitude to the two for the work that they had contributed to the show before they left.

“We would like to express our gratitude to Hlomla, Lawrence, and Tango for the invaluable contributions they made to the show, as well as for the incredible amount of effort that went into giving their performances. They all brought a high level of professionalism, dedication, presence, and charisma to the table, and we have cherished our time spent collaborating with them on the show. characters’ lives eagerly anticipate finding out what their journey has in store for them, “

As a result of his performance as Zolani in 2018, Lawrence was recognized by the South African Film and Television Awards as the recipient of the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Telenovela.

In the same year, HIomla was considered for the award of Best Actor in a Telenovela.
They also disclosed that they will be leaving the organization in the not-too-distant future.

Is The River Missing Something Important?
Perhaps it is time to return to the drawing board and start over.

Since its debut on Mzansi 1Magic more than five years ago, The River has been a shining example of excellence in television. It was the standard that many other South African telenovelas attempted to reach in order to compete with it. In addition, it demonstrated a willingness to address the concerns raised by viewers, as evidenced by the departures of Lunga Shabalala in her role as Lindani Mkhize and Larona Moagi in her role as Tumi.

Although it was not difficult to find replacements for its poor actors, it would appear that the situation behind the scenes is quite different. The telenovela is currently in its fifth season, during which it has seemingly gotten progressively worse, and it appears that this trend will continue. The most recent storylines of the telenovela have all been very confusing, and there is no clear motivation behind any of them. This has caused the fans of the show to become very angry.

Has The River forgotten what it’s all about?

Let’s get down to all the different complaints that fans are currently having about the various aspects of the show.

Those of the Thumbezas

When it was revealed that The River was planning to introduce a new family that would cause a commotion in the show, the audience’s anticipation for this new family’s arrival increased significantly. Their entrance did not fail to impress, as they came on strong during their high-stakes bank robbery and started things off with a bang. But after that bang, there was nothing but a cacophony of voices in the house, which made it difficult to comprehend why the show had even bothered to introduce this new family in the first place.

A fact that has become even more problematic given the appearance that their storylines have become repetitive. From the storyline involving Nomafu and Gugu, which abruptly concluded with no resolution, to the fact that Thumbeza hardly has any lines and instead grunts and makes funny noises whenever the camera is on him, everything about this show is a mess. Nothing is being contributed by the family.


When it comes to the advancement of black people in the workplace, however, we wholeheartedly support the practice of nepotism. Tina Dlathu, also known as Khwezi, is yet another member of the Thumbeza family who is uncharitable. From her first time making her cameo to her love triangle storyline that did not give because she does not kiss onscreen like her sister Sindi Dlathu. Both of these factors contributed to her love triangle storyline failing. People have been asking themselves, “Why did she come back?” because of her monotonous acting, which is driving them up the wall. ”

The fact that the writers appear to be attempting to reuse the plot of her love triangle with Zolani and Emma only adds fuel to the fire. If she does not believe in kissing her male co-actors, then there is no reason for her to do this.

“It’s so frustrating…like, why do we keep going back to Khwezi and Zolani again?

The plots in their entirety.

The overall lackluster quality of this season’s storylines is the primary point of contention regarding The River’s fifth season. From the murder of Vero to the introduction of yet another sister that nobody knew about who also wants to profit from Lindiwe’s hard work, this is all because of the killing of Vero.

Or there’s the ongoing plot involving Angelina, Paulina, Thuso, and the baby that Angelina gave to Paulina in exchange for Thuso. It would appear that the Mokeona will eventually discover the truth about the baby, but the telenovela seems determined to stretch out this plot point for as long as it can.

It is possible that it is time for The River to take a break or risk running the same fate as The Queen did. The Connie Fergusion-fronted telenovela, The Queen, was canceled as viewing numbers dropped because the show failed to listen to the pleas of its viewers about the direction it was taking, and the show did not take the viewers’ concerns into consideration.

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