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Is the actor Vho-Gizara from Muvhango feeling ill?

Fans of the South African Broadcasting Corporation 2 serial opera Muvhango are concerned about the health of actor David Sebe, who plays the part of Vho-Gizara in the show.

David Sebe AKA Vho-Gizara from Muvhango

After audience members voiced their worries on the show’s various social media networks, the celebrity hasn’t made an appearance in the Venda show in over two months.


When compared to the previous months, actor David Sebe appeared much more fragile and had lost a significant amount of weight in the month of May, which caused viewers of the Muvhango soap opera to become concerned about his health.

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Since Vho-Mukendeleni passed away in May, the actor who plays Vho-Gizara has not been on the show since his character.

It has also come to the attention of viewers of the show that his on-screen brother Vho-Borosi has been making more appearances recently, whereas Vho-Gizara has not.

Word-of-Mouth Production has not provided any information regarding the health of actor David Sebe or whether or not Vho-Gizara has taken a break from the long-running soap opera. Neither of these questions have been answered.

Elsie Rasalanavho, Sydney Ramakuwela, and MacDonald Ndou, who respectively played Vho-Mukondeleni, Mulalo Mukwevho, and KK Mulaudzi, were no longer able to appear on the show in their roles as the characters.

This year, according to reports, the show dismissed the actors who had been a part of the show for more than a decade.

Insiders from Muvhango informed Daily Sun that the legendary actress Elsie Rasalanavho, who played the fan-favorite character Vho-Mukondeleli on the show, was shocked by her exit from the show and collapsed when she was told that her contract won’t be renewed. Despite the fact that fan-favorite actress Elsie Rasalanavho shared that her exit was voluntary, fans were shocked by her exit from the show.


Vho-Gizara is not only married to his wife Sara, but he is also married to Hangwani, who was previously married to Vho-deceased Gizara’s brother.

Tenda Mudau is trying to frame him and his brother Vho-Bhorosi for a fraud related to a tender, and they have been charged with the crime.
As a result of the fraud charges, his second wife, Hangwani, is threatening to file for divorce from him. Hangwani’s daughter Rendani is a victim of the charges.

DID YOU KNOW? Vho Gizara, who is a member of Muvhango, lived in Germany for 17 years and is also a trained nurse.

David Sebe is a South African actor who is best recognized for his performance as Vho Gizara on the popular soap opera Muvhango, which airs on SABC 2. In the soap opera, he has two wives: Sarah, whom he married first, and Hangwani, whom he married after his brother widowed her. Both of his children are named after fictional characters.

In actuality, he is already taken, having wed Anna.

After David was expelled from school in 1976 for organizing a student strike, he made his debut in the entertainment industry as an actor. He did not view it as a setback but rather as the beginning of a new chapter in his life. Together with his close pals, he established a theater troupe that put on stage productions.

Following his time spent performing with Matsimela Manaka’s association, David made the decision to move to Germany and remain there for the next 17 years. In Hamburg, Germany, he not only completed his high school education but also began his studies toward a nursing certification.

During his time in Germany, he performed a one-man show in various theaters and also worked as a nurse. He was very busy. Have you ever thought to yourself when watching Vho Gizara on Muvhango that he might actually be a trained nurse in real life?

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