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Is really true that Nelisiwe Sibiya, who plays Mbali Mthethwa, is quitting Durban Gen?

Is really true that Nelisiwe Sibiya, who plays Mbali Mthethwa, is quitting Durban Gen?

After hearing rumors that she is leaving the etv drama series Durban Gen, Nelisiwe Sibiya, who plays Dr. Mbali Mthethwa on the show, decided to clear the air and set the record straight.

On Monday, Sibiya took to her official Instagram profile to engage in a question-and-answer session with her fans and followers there.

Is really true that Nelisiwe Sibiya, who plays Mbali Mthethwa, is quitting Durban Gen?
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Concerned about her health, one of her devotees wanted to know if the rumor that she was quitting Durban Gen was real. This comes as a result of an article that conveyed the impression that the actress who plays Dr. Mbali Mthethwa was departing Durban Gen.

In her response to the inquiry, Nelisiwe Sibiya clarified the misconceptions around her participation in Durban Gen. She has stated that she will never quit the television drama series because it is her life and her passion.

Sibiya said:

I believe that the headline of the article was a little deceptive because it gives the impression that “I quit the show,” which is something that would never take place! DG @durbangen etv is the center of my universe.

Then, Nelisiwe Sibiya elaborated on what had transpired, explaining that she had left the set of Durban Gen and gone back home because she was too sick to continue working there. She claimed that she was unable to work due to her illness because she had lost her voice.

Sibiya provided an update on her health, stating that she felt well enough to go back to work and that she had fully healed. In her words:

Those who read the essay and were left perplexed, allow me to elaborate further here. I had to leave the set and go back home because I was too ill and couldn’t speak, but now that I’m back to my happy home and everything is just as wonderful as it was before, I’m glad I did.

During the question and answer session, Nelisiwe Sibiya addressed her relationship with Durban Gen co-star Mike Mawandla, who plays Lindelani in the etv drama series. Nelisiwe Sibiya took the time to address her relationship with Mike Mawandla.

She shot down rumors that the two were dating or had dated in the past by claiming that she is not his type. Nelisiwe Sibiya said:

Noooooo! Cha guys! Mike Mawandla, who plays Lindelani in Durban Generation, and I have never actually dated in real life…. I just know that I am not even remotely his type in real life, emtase. Lol.

Following the publication on social media of private photographs of the two, rumors began to circulate that the two were actually dating in real life.

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