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In real life, Kwanda and Nonka from Uzalo are a couple.

It would appear that Nonka and Kwanda had no trouble acting the part of lovers given that rumors have it that they are romantically connected in real life.

It was reported by people with knowledge of the celebrities’ personal lives that the two were seeing each other and were head over heels in love.

After Masandi (kwanda) started appearing on the show, the two began dating.

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The two wish to keep the news to themselves because they don’t want it to have an effect on their career, but they have been open about their love to the individuals who are closest to them. The cast and crew of the production are aware of the news and are overjoyed for them.

Thuthuka identified Masandi as her “lover and I” in the caption of a picture that she shared on the messaging application WhatsAp.

“Thuthuka loves that Masandi is a churchgoer, he is a man of God and not a player,” stated the source, and “Masandi loves that Thuthuka is a focused young lady.” Both of these things are important to Thuthuka.

It is said that the two individuals are approximately the same age, and they complement one another quite well. The nicest thing about them is that despite the fact that everyone can see how much love there is between them, they don’t let their romantic connection get in the way of their profession.

Uzalo star Kwanda “Sandile Mfusi” is a multi-millionaire in real life, and his 2022 net worth has been exposed.

In real life, Uzalo actor Kwanda “Sandile Mfusi” is a multi-millionaire, as seen in the pictures; his 2022 net worth has been revealed.

Sandile Mfusi, a South African actor and rapper who plays the role of Kwanda on Uzalo, is a millionaire in real life. On the show, Mfusi portrays Kwanda as a poor man. Sandile’s youthful ambition to succeed in life as a businessman and become a millionaire was not derailed by the fact that he spent his adult life pursuing a career as an artist.

Kwanda on Uzalo

Sandile is not a newcomer to the world of telenovelas as he has already been in parts in the telenovelas The Queen and Isibaya. In the film Uzalo, he plays the part of Kwanda, a young guy who tries to win Nonka’s affections by being pleasant, gorgeous, and well-groomed. Kwanda succeeded in fooling Nonka’s friend Hleziphi into thinking that he was going after Nonka even though he was trying to conceal his true intentions. Hleziphi continued to budge into Kwanda’s plans despite the fact that Nonka was making life difficult for both her friend and the handsome charmer. A story of events coincidence explains this behavior. After he had the audacity to tell Nonka that he loved her, Kwanda was met with immediate rejection and found himself in a predicament where he needed to decide between maintaining their relationship and pursuing his feelings for her.

Kwada admits his affections for Nonka, but she makes it clear that she is not interested in him. – Uzalo Teasers Episode Tuesday 19 April 2022- Episode 32.

In the world of music, Sandile is better known by his stage name, Masandi. His rise to fame began when he became a member of the hip-hop group Niche Fam. Following his departure from the band in 2013, he immediately began his solo career and quickly became successful all over the world. Since then, he has collaborated with artists like as Big Nuz, Gemini Major, Aewon Wolf, and Captain Blu (Nigeria), and he has performed on stages with American rap artists such as Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and Trey Songz.

Kwanda, who holds a degree in business administration, is an entrepreneur in the real world. He is a formidable force in the LP gas retailing industry and owns multiple depots located throughout KwaZulu Natal. Sandile’s primary source of revenue comes not from the performance of his skill, but rather from the retail sale of industrial and home gas, as well as accessories. In the year 2022, his valuation on Uzalo is expected to be 35.8 million, and he pulls in an estimated monthly pay of 21 thousand.

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