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Idols SA is in trouble waters AGAIN!

Idols SA is in trouble waters AGAIN!

The eighteenth season of Idols South Africa has not been without its share of controversy, what with Somizi being suspended and then later restored. After Unathi and Randell leave the concert, Thembi Seete gets into an argument with Somizi and then breaks down in front of the live audience.

It is reasonable to assume that a show with this level of drama would have a large audience, given that we are all fans of drama, yet this is not the case here.

Phil Mphela, a journalist specializing in the entertainment industry, claims that the music competition does not appear to have a very bright future.

Since the start of the 18th season, the program has been losing viewers at a rate that is higher than it ever has been, a million or more for each episode, which portends a major problem.

The show tried to bring interest by employing Thembi and JR to bring the spice and attract interest from the viewers the show has lost and to keep the audiences the show is still managing to hold on to, but it’s a struggle. The show also tried to keep the audiences the show is still managing to hold on to, but it’s not working out very well.

The audience for the show has been steadily dwindling, but some industry insiders seem to think that it’s normal for shows that have been broadcasting for a long time to lose some of their viewers. While we can certainly understand this phenomenon, a million viewers per episode is simply not acceptable. That is a really significant point.

According to Phil Mphela, an entertainment pundit, the program got off to a poor start, peaking at 744,000 viewers each episode, which is a significant drop in comparison to the previous season’s launch.

The judge who has served the longest there is named Somizi, and as we are all aware, he is now in the middle of a very publicized and humiliating divorce from his wife, Mohale Motaung. Because of the claims of domestic violence that Mohale made against Somizi, he was removed from his position as a judge on Idols.

Somizi has denied everything, and the two of them have been filming reality programs and giving tell-all interviews talking about their private affairs for everyone to see.

The audio records of Mohale outlining specific incidents of abuse from his separated spouse were released in 2021, and that was the year when everything went to bad in SomG’s life and when she got.

When Somizi was banned from participating in the majority of his engagements, including serving as a judge on IdolsSA, he suffered a significant financial setback.

The majority of responses to Mphela’s post feel that the allegations of domestic violence against Somizi have caused many people to become dissatisfied with the show as a result of his participation in it.
Some people think that the show’s credibility has plummeted as a result of Randall Abraham’s decision to leave the show.

Some fans are under the impression that another factor contributing to the precipitous decline in ratings is the fact that the program is now being shown on DSTV, which has caused many subscribers to either switch to online streaming services such as Netflix or reduce their monthly charges.

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