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HouseOfZwide: Nomsa is Shoki’s mother

Facebook users went ablaze after a blogger by the name, Tinashe Eugene posted that, “Faith is going to blackmail Nomsa about the secret she has hidden from Shoki all along. The secret that Nomsa is Shoki’s mom’

Below are some of the reactions from the post: See below;

Nomsa’s Biography

Lwazilubanzi Mthembu portrays the role of Nomsa, an orphaned woman in her 20s who owns a modest sewing business, on the television show House of Zwide. There are three people living in the house: Nomsa, her younger sister Shoki, and their cousin Soka. She is Shoki’s sister, yet she acts as if she were his mother due to her imaginative and ambitious nature. Her protagonist has a strong affection for her family and does everything she can to keep them safe.

HouseOfZwide: Nomsa is Shoki’s mother
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In real life, Lwazilubanzi is a lady who is committed to both her work and her role as a mother to her daughter. She has been in a variety of series over the course of her career, and she has garnered multiple acting accolades for her work. She is also a talented voice over artist, and her work in that capacity has earned her several honours in the past. Additionally, Lwazilubanzi is successful in the business world thanks to her work as an entrepreneur coach for single mothers.

Lwazibanzi as a Mother
As was stated, she is an entrepreneurial coach for single mothers who are interested in entering the corporate field. Lwazi has not disclosed the identity of the man who is the father of her child, despite the fact that she keeps her personal life extremely private. Either she is trying to protect his privacy or there is no romantic connection between the two of them. It’s possible that her own experience as a single mother drives her love and enthusiasm for assisting other single mothers in realising their full potential. She is very close with her kid, and the two of them spend a lot of time together doing things like going out to restaurants.

HouseOfZwide: Nomsa is Shoki’s mother

Side hustle
She is a member of the Baby Mama Development Unit, where she works as an entrepreneurship coach. There, she counsels single mothers on how to advance themselves for the sake of their children. She encourages people to start their own businesses and facilitates conversations about ways in which they might improve their lives. She has a strong desire to see successful single mothers and the joy that they provide to their children. According to what she has said, single women in Mzansi are responsible for raising sixty percent of the country’s children. As a result, the queens are deserving of as much support as they can get their hands on acting experience and training.

When the actress from House of Zwide appeared on our television screens, she played a young woman named Sihle who was enrolled in a high school. Naturally, her most well-known role to date is that of Sihle in the hit sitcom Thandeka’s Diary. She began her education at the University of Witwatersrand in the year 2010 and majored in Performing Arts. 2014 was the year she received her degree. During her final year of university, she was able to land a part on the television show Inters.e.xions. She began her acting career on stage, appearing in plays such as Aqua Mine, before moving on to small film roles.

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