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House of Zwide: Zanele learns the astonishing truth about who her biological father is

This coming month of October, Zanele from House of Zwide will get the answer to the question of who her biological father is.

After Zanele and Funani got married, she and her mother Faith moved into Funani’s house, which is called House of Zwide.

Because Faith has also concealed the identity of Ona’s father, she has never been told who her biological father is. Ona has also never been told who her father is.

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When Faith was still residing in Thembisa, she began dating Alex, and as a result, she became pregnant with his child, Zanele.

Zanele learns the astonishing truth about who her biological father is

Faith has decided that it is time to reveal to Zanele the identity of her biological father.

When Mampho moved into the home shared by Faith and Funani, Zanele became interested in leaving South Africa.

Zanele will be taken aback when she learns that Alex is her biological father since she adores the glitz and glamour of her life at House of Zwide, and also because she and Alex have just lately engaged in sxual activity.

Zanele learns the astonishing truth about who her biological father is

When she finds out that Alex is the father of the child, she is going to struggle with the information, despise her mother, and still decide to leave the country.

As a result of Faith and Alex’s decision to conceal Zanele’s biological father’s name, viewers will feel even more animosity toward Faith when she reveals that information to her daughter.

On the other hand, Isaac had adopted Ona after her mother was killed in the fire, and Ona was unaware that she is Funani’s biological daughter. Ona’s mother had passed away in the fire.

Both Ona’s mother and Funani’s mother were murdered by Faith. Ona’s mother was murdered so that Faith could marry Isaac, and Funani’s mother was murdered after Faith discovered that Ona is a Zwide.

Zanele learns the astonishing truth about who her biological father is

The Struggle Against Alopecia Is Openly Discussed by Warren Masemola

The name Warren Masemola is usually at the very top of our minds whenever we think of the most talented performers to come out of South Africa.

The actor has worked in the entertainment industry for more than a decade, and during his illustrious career, he has appeared on some of the most popular shows in South Africa, such as The Republic, The River, and Scandal, which is now known as House of Zwide. These are just a few examples.

In recognition of his acclaimed performance in the hit television series City Sesla, Warren was bestowed with a South African Film and Television Award in the year 2012. The actor took on the part of a gay man named Thokozani “Thoko” Chanel, and audiences connected with him in the role.

Warren and Vuyo appeared as guests on the third edition of the popular show, Downtime With Somizi, which aired on Friday. During the enlightening discussion, Warren candidly discussed his daily life with alopecia as well as the challenges he has faced as a result of the condition.

The actor has never been secretive about his autoimmune disease; however, this time, the topic was brought up as a response to Will Smith punching Chris Rock for making jokes about his wife’s alopecia. The actor has always been open about his condition.

Alopecia is a condition in which you may lose all of your body hair or just some of it. Alopecia, which is another name for hair loss, can affect just your scalp or your entire body, and it can be either temporary or permanent, as stated by the Mayo Clinic. It is possible for it to be caused by genetics, changes in hormone levels, medical disorders, or simply the natural progression of age. Anyone can experience hair loss on their head, although males are more likely to do so than women.

In a conversation with Somizi regarding the Will Smith scenario, he said the following: “I truly wish Will had been able to sit this one out. If he was so convinced that hitting Chris was the right course of action, then maybe he should have saved their fight until the after-party to settle their score. However, if he was going to get the chance to stand on stage and talk to the cameras, then perhaps that would have been the place where he could have expressed his opinion.”

After that, he go on to say, “Alopecia is something that Jada Smith deals with, but not everyone is aware of this fact. It was the ideal venue, in my opinion, for Will to share his thoughts and bring to people’s attention the fact that alopecia is not something to make light of.”

After that, Warren talked about his experience after a local comedian made fun of his condition and what he felt after he saw that, saying, “I am sitting at home with my family and when I try to rectify it then, then they say, ‘hold up Warren, it’s comedy.'” Warren’s experience came after the comedian made fun of his condition.

As a conclusion, he stated, “It is really difficult, I grew up with alopecia, it is not great, I swim skinny deep in the water at natural mountains with friends and not everybody understands what alopecia is.”

Gail Mabalane is yet another celebrity who has spoken publicly about her experiences living with alopecia. She immediately informed her fans on Instagram of the situation when she made the shocking discovery that she suffers from alopecia.

In her letter, Gail said: “So…Why did I chop my hair? ?? A few months ago, I went to the salon as part of my regular maintenance to get my hair washed. After I washed my hair, much to my surprise, a significant portion of my hair was GONE!!!?? After “self medicating” for a few weeks, I ultimately made the decision to seek the advice of a dermatologist. The condition was identified as CCCA, which stands for central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia. To put it another way… one of the most common factors that contributes to alopecia or hair loss in black women. I’m relieved to report that the treatment appears to be effective, as evidenced by the fact that my hair has begun to grow back…phew…I’ll make it through the winter.”

She continued by adding a reassuring and encouraging message, “Why, then, am I going to tell you this? Aside from the fact that wearing a wig can be exhausting, I wanted to take this opportunity to address women and say that if they are experiencing any type of hair loss, including thinning in the hairline, they should seek the advice of a specialist. It’s possible that I would have experienced irreversible hair loss if I hadn’t gotten the treatment I needed in time. It’s possible that what you need isn’t a hair activator at all…but treatment instead. Take ownership of your story and cultivate authentic connections.”

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