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Here is Zimbabwean actor, Ernest Phosa Ndlovu’s remarkable experience that led to him landing a leading role on House of Zwide and other popular soap operas from South Africa

Ernest Phosa Ndlovu, an actor who was born in Zimbabwe and currently resides in South Africa, is making some significant headway there. Because of his outstanding acting performances, the actor is gaining a lot of attention in South Africa.

Tsholotsho, which is located within Bulawayo, is Ndlovu’s hometown. He currently resides in South Africa.

The actor has established a strong reputation in South Africa and has emerged as a major player in that country’s film industry. He is a force that cannot be ignored.

Ernest Phosa Ndlovu, who is well-known in his home country for his role in the soap opera Amakorokoza, has been able to secure major roles in a number of the most popular soap operas in South Africa.

Ernest Phosa Ndlovu’s acting resume includes roles in a number of well-known soap operas and films from South Africa. His acting chops, as well as his capacity to blend into the background and take ownership of the role he plays, are just some of the qualities that have helped him land major roles in South African soap operas.

Ndlovu’s acting career has spanned decades, and he has made appearances in a variety of well-known South African soap operas, including Generations, Isibaya, Rhythm City, Roots, Umlilo, Izingane zobaba, Isono, and Home Affairs, to name a few. His most recent role was in Isono.

In the South African soap opera Generations, he appeared alongside the legendary David Phetoe, who was instrumental in securing the part for him. Phetoe portrayed the role of Paul Moroka, the father of Karabo, who was portrayed by Connie Ferguson, Archie, who was portrayed by Sello Maake ka Ncube, and Busang (played by Arthur Molepo).

After some time had passed, he returned to Generations in the role of Vukani Khoza, the father of Zamani and Ajax.

Ernest Phosa Ndlovu recently made a guest appearance on the television program House of Zwide, which airs on Ernest Ndlovu portrayed Zechariah, the father of Funani Zwide, the fashion guru, on the South African television series House of Zwide. Funani Zwide was portrayed by the veteran actor Vusumuzi Michael Kunene.

His level of experience in the acting industry is virtually unparalleled, and as a result, he is now considered to be a seasoned veteran in the acting industry in South Africa.

He has appeared as an actor in a variety of television series, such as Egoli, African Skies, Going Up, Tarzan: The Epic Adventures, Justice for All, Home Affairs, Sokhulu and Partners, Angel, Okavango, Rhodes, Soul City, Madam & Eve, Charlie Jade, Scandal!, Izingane zoBaba, and Crusoe.

Among his other credits are Izingane zoBaba and Crus The films A Dry White Season, The Endangered, Ipi Tombi, Beat the Drum, Primeval, Dark City, Rutanga Tapes, The Fourth Reich, I Dreamed of Africa, African Story, Whiskey Echo, and Lethal Force are just some of the feature films in which he has appeared as an actor. In 2009, he appeared on the second season of the drama series 90 Plein Street, which was broadcast on SABC2. He played the role of Minister of Home Affairs. [1]

Those individuals who believe that Ndlovu has only appeared in Isibaya should reconsider their position. The high-flying actor was born in Tsholotsho, and he has appeared in countless plays, including the well-known classic from 1997 that starred Ice Cube as Vusi Madlazi and Ving Rhames as Muki. Ice Cube and Ving Rhames are both American actors.

In the film titled Dangerous Ground, Ndlovu played the terrifying part of Muki’s right-hand man, who was also a crime lord. A former student activist who, after 15 years of exile, returned to a post-apartheid South Africa in order to find his missing brother was the protagonist of the crime action African blockbuster that is considered to be a classic in the genre.

Ndlovu played a role in one of the successful Zimbabwean dramas, Amakorokoza, which was directed by the City of Kings’ celebrated artiste, Cont Mhlanga, the founder of Amakhosi Cultural Center. Ndlovu’s role was one of the highlights of his time spent in his beautiful home nation.

Ndlovu has also appeared in a number of movies that were produced in South Africa. Some of these movies include: Primeval, Dark City, Rutanga Tapes, The Fourth Reich, A Dry White Season, The Endangered, Ipi Tombi, Beat the Drum, I Dreamed of Africa, African Story, Whiskey Echo, and Lethal Force.


Isibaya is a South African weekly soap opera, and he is currently playing the role of Ngwebedla on the show. The character that is portrayed in this role is one that is divisive and causes problems for the residents of Bhubhesini.

Ndlovu’s performance as the villain Ngwebedla, who plotted with other bad guys to overthrow the chief of Bhubesini, was one of the first things that made him stand out during his early days at Isibaya. Because of his distinguished mannerisms and his straw hat, he has become a well-liked character.

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