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Gomora actress Thembi Seete is going to date the newly appointed Turf High School principal?

After her fellow cast member, ‘Mr. Faku,’ Moshe Ndiki, teased her about her obsession with high school principals, the Gomora actress ‘Gladys’ Thembi Seete has become a trending topic on social media.

The plot of Gomora revolves around Gladys’ obsession with the high school principals she encounters. Gladys was previously married to the previous principal of Gomora high school, Melusi Dlamini, and she is currently involved in a romantic relationship with Mr. Nkosinath Cele, the newly appointed principal.

Actor Moshe Ndiki, who plays Gomora, chastises Gladys for her preoccupation with principals of high schools.

Moshe Ndiki tagged the Seem Saam post that announced the new Turf Loop Principal, Mr. Magongwa, and asked Mzansi to hide the post from Gladys because she is attracted to high school principals. The post was about the appointment of Mr. Magongwa.

Gomora actress Thembi Seete is going to date the newly appointed Turf High School principal?

The cast members of Gomora proceeded to social media to discuss Moshe’s tweet and share their reactions to his joke, which went viral. On his Instagram account, Moshe Ndiki wrote the following:

Other fans have mentioned that Gladys is erratic, and that she might leave Gomora to be with Mr. Magongwa, who was recently promoted to the position of principal at Turf Loop. Additionally, other people cautioned Mr. Faku to refrain from making fun of Gladys because if she became angry, she could evict him from her home.

Gladys ‘Thembi Seete’ answered in a sassier tone in order to make the joke. She indicated that she noticed the message by adding laughing emojis to the comment section of Moshe Ndiki’s post, which she did. Fans enjoyed her remark, with some even making fun of her by suggesting that there were teachers involved.

In light of Skeem Saam’s announcement that Mr. Magongwa will now serve as the Principal of Turf Loop,

The current plot of Skeem Saam revolves around Mr. Alfred Magongwa being appointed as the new Turf Loop Principal. Mzansi was awestruck by the one-of-a-kind plotline of Skeem Saam, which depicts the Magongwa persona as someone who craves power, is impetuous, and acts on his emotions.

He is a liar and a fact-twister who behaves in an unfair and hypocritical manner. Despite this, he was able to take his place in the chair because he was the deputy who was next in line. This worked out extremely well for him because he is familiar with all of the procedures and policies of that office.

Melusi’s tolerance with Gladys was praised by fans of the ‘Gomora’ series.

Melusi, who was portrayed by Zolisa Xaluva and on Mzansi Magic’s Gomora, has received praise from viewers of the show for the patience and gentleness with which he is able to treat his volatile wife Gladys.

A while ago, viewers of the popular show came to the conclusion that Gladys, who is portrayed by Thembi Seete, is, in general, an extremely challenging individual to coexist with.

The social worker is always insistent on “healing” other people and taking in “strays,” but she rarely puts the same effort into dealing with her own issues as she does with those of others.

Because of the most recent “problem” in her family, Gladys has reached a super saiyan level of argumentativeness with her husband, Melusi, to the point that they constantly argue, throw ultimatums, and throw tantrums.

Gladys’ “long lost” aunt has shown up at their house, and she claims that she wants to make amends with Gladys because the latter is in her final days of life and is suffering from an illness that will take her life.

Gladys has little interest in the “reconciliation” that her aunt is trying to achieve, and she refuses to discuss the reasons why. Throughout all of this, she and Melusi have not been able to have a single discussion that ends without some sort of argument.

Because of this, viewers of the telenovela couldn’t help but have a “aww” moment when Melusi, who had run out of things to say and things to do to help his wife, joined Gladys as she prayed for a resolution from God on what to do with her aunt Tono. Melusi had run out of words to say and things to do to help his wife.

“When there is nothing else you can do but kneel with the person you love as they pray. A way of communicating love. One of Gomora’s fans commented that what Melusi accomplished with Gladys was just stunning.

Another person chimed up and said, “Melusi is an excellent spouse.”

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