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Gomora actress Thathi quits

Fans are understandably concerned after the multiple award-winning actress Katlego Danke dropped hints that she might be leaving the role of Thati on Gomora.

In the most recent episodes of Gomora, Thati takes a vacation to get away from the devastating events that have been taking place in her life and to give herself a chance to recharge. Thati made the decision to treat herself to a vacation so that she could improve both her physical and mental health and reduce the risk of having a miscarriage as a result of the stress in her life.

Gomora actress Thathi quits

Katlego, an actress The departure of Danke ‘Thati’ from Gomora

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The recent past has not been kind to the character of Thati; the Ndaba brothers have caused her to lose both of her husbands, and she is now pregnant with their child after being left with nothing else to take care of. Thati was under the impression that once she found out her daughter Buhle was still alive, all of her problems would be resolved.

The fact that Buhle was killed by Qhoqhoqho, an adversary of their family, put an end to her hopes of ever again experiencing joy in her life. Thati’s level of stress increased after Buhle passed away, and she attempted to block out all of the negative things happening in her life by getting involved in the tax business in MaSonto, but she was unsuccessful. Eventually, she made the decision to move away from Gomora.

Mzansi is under the impression that Thati will be leaving the show after hearing that she is leaving Gomora to “refresh her mind and hunt for greener pastures.” This comes after her daughters Buhle and Gugu also left the show.

Katlego Danke became a topic of conversation on various social media platforms in July after it was reported that she was expecting a child in real life. Danke has a strong preference for keeping her personal life away from the public eye, but she was unable to conceal the fact that she was pregnant. She brought up the issue with the people in charge of running the Gomora show so that they could work her pregnancy into the narrative of the telenovela. The following was discovered by a reliable source:

It’s no big surprise to anyone. The actors from Gomora are already aware of this fact. A source revealed that judging by the size of her baby bump, she is approximately halfway through her pregnancy. According to a second source, “she has only informed a select few people, including the producers, in order for them to incorporate her pregnancy into her script.”

The head writers of the telenovela Gomora are absolute geniuses for the way in which they incorporate Danke’s actual pregnancy into the plot of the show’s narrative.

Thati’s distress was compounded by the fact that her second husband, Phumlani, had left her with no inheritance when he passed away. At the time she learned she was four months pregnant, her husband had died. Thati confronted her mother, MaSonto, and told her that she would give away the child she was going to bear because she was terrified that the child, like her other two children, might pass away. MaSonto was opposed to the concept, but she was unable to sway Thati’s opinion because she is a person with a strong will.

Now that Thati has gone missing while on a solo trip, MaSonto has begun to suspect that she traveled to the Eastern Cape, where MaChonco lives, in order to give birth and then abandon her newborn child with the Ndabas.

Is the Gomora actress known as “Thati” Katlego Danke actually expecting a child?

If the rumors that have been going around are true, then it seems that the actress Katlego Danke, who plays Gomora, is actually pregnant in real life.

Katlego Danke, 43 years old, who plays the role of Onthatile “Thati” Molefe-Ndaba on the television show Gomora on Mzansi Magic, is rumored to be pregnant with her second child at this time.

The insider who revealed this information on the condition of maintaining their anonymity stated that the actress is approximately halfway through her pregnancy.

“No one is in the dark about it. The actors from Gomora are already aware of this fact. A source revealed that judging by the size of her baby bump, she is approximately halfway through her pregnancy.

The fact that her on-screen character, Thati, is also carrying a child has led many people in Mzansi to believe that she could be expecting in real life.

The Daily Sun reports that the producers of the show ‘Gomora’ are rumored to have rewritten her script in order to incorporate her pregnancy into the overall narrative of the character.

She has only told a select few people, including the producers, in order for them to incorporate the news of her pregnancy into her script, according to a second source.

Many people have come to the conclusion that the rumor is true because Katlego Danke, who prefers to keep her personal life private, has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors that have been circulating.

In the meantime, viewers of Gomora are already wondering who Thati’s baby daddy is in light of the recent development. That’s because Thati was involved in a love triangle with her now-deceased husband Phumlani and her lover Melusi, who played Zolisa Xaluva on the show. Melusi played the role of Zolisa.

However, there is a rumor going around that her new script reveals that Phumlani, who is played by Buyile Mdladla, is the father of her child.

A further accusation is that viewers will be able to see in the upcoming episodes that Phumlani abandoned her while she was pregnant with their child.

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