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Gomora actress Thathi loses her child

After suffering the loss of her second child, Buhle (Ama Qamata), during this season, the Gomora September teasers hint that a distraught and pregnant Thati will join the taxi industry and will put the life of her unborn kid in jeopardy. The teasers also make it clear that Mazet’s adversary, Zibuko, will end up developing affections for her.

It’s possible that Gomora’s Thati (Katlego Danke), who recently lost her daughter Buhle, will suffer the loss of another child.

The teasers for TVSA’s September broadcast also hint that Mazet and Zibuko may be on their way to a happy ever after together.
Thati’s decision to start working as a taxi driver in September, while she is pregnant, will put her family in an awkward position. She should be taking the time to rest at home.

Her sister Pretty will also confront her over endangering the life of her unborn child after it was revealed that she intends to give Phumlani’s (Buyile Mdladla) kid away once she has given birth to the child.

A teaser for the episode will air on Thursday, September 1 and will read as follows: “Thathi discovers that the taxi industry is going to be harder than planned.”

A trailer for the episode will air on Thursday, September 15 and will read as follows: “Pretty confronts Thathi for putting everyone in risk.”

The following can be found in the preview for the episode airing on Monday, September 19: “Mabuyase makes Thathi grovel.”

The fact that the Molefes family would be holding a prayer session for Thati on the last day of September, as revealed by the teasers, is another indicator that both Thati and the baby’s lives may be in jeopardy.


The well-known actor Senzokhuhle “Senzo” Radebe, who debuted on the serial Gomora this week (23 August) as the antagonistic character Zibuko, has been discovered by viewers to be a member of the show’s main cast.

The teasers indicate that Radebe’s character would begin to have feelings for Mazet, who is played by Siphesihle Ndaba, in the month of September.

Zibuko is Nyalleng’s brother, and he seeks retribution for his sister in light of the fact that Mazet shot and kidnapped her (Siphesihle Ndaba).

After realizing that she has two children who are still reliant on her, Mazet donated blood for her and is considering donating a kidney as well. Mazet did this for her.

The struggle between Mazet and Zibuko for Nyalleng’s kidney took place on September 23.

Tuesday, September 27: “Zibuko refuses to give in to his affections for Mazet.” [translated from Japanese]

In the telenovela, Mazet will date Zibuko for the second time after her previous romance with Ntokozo ended in failure (Ntobeko Shishi).

Viewers are moved to tears by the tragic death of Buhle in Gomora.

Viewers of Gomora had a hard time holding back their tears following the unfortunate death of Buhle.

Ama Qamata, who played the role of Buhle, had been absent from the action for some time before making her dramatic reappearance on the Gomora screens through the character’s sad demise.
After Qhoqhoqho shot and killed Buhle in front of her family and friends, Buhle decided it was best for her to leave Gomora.
According to reports, the reason Ama Qamata’s role was eliminated from the program was because she wanted to resume filming the Netflix show Blood and Water.
Take a look at the clip below here;

The viewers of Gomora felt compassion for Buhle’s family and friends, particularly her mother Thati, who was forced to witness her daughter being shot and dying in front of her.

Thati of Gomora wailing in anguish as her daughter Buhle was fatally wounded (Screengrab) @T h a n d 0
I’ve just been brought to tears by this particular scene. I was able to empathize with Onthathile’s suffering because to @SimplyIvy29.
OMG! I can’t believe my tears have gotten to this point. The scream that Thati let out made me go yoh! I really hope buhle is successful.

Just now, Qhoqhoqho has murdered Buhle in front of all of the people she cares about. He messed all of them up royally.
However, despite the emotional impact of the sequence, several viewers did not find the way it was played out to be very impressive. They believe that her most recent scene contained a great deal of discrepancies and that it was not as genuine as it ought to have been.

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