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Gomora actress Buhle ‘Ama Qamata’ cries

Gomora actress Buhle’s portrait left people in stitches. See some of the reactions below from her emotional send-off. RIP Buhle. #Gomora

Like never before, actress Ama ‘Buhle’ Qamata was left in tears and heartbroken as she says goodbye to Gomora, the soapie that made her famous.

Ama had been with Gomora since its premiere in 2020, and she had been bliss to watch along the way. She produced unforgettable memories for the whole of Gomora alongside top actresses like Katlego Danke ‘Thathi‘, Mam Sonto ‘Connie Chiume‘, to mention a few. The 23-year-old actress played Thathi’s daughter but did not see eye to eye with her mother.

After a long time at the sidelines, Gomora fans saw Buhle featuring again on the show, and that was lovely to watch. Fans thought that Buhle was back, but she wasn’t there to say. She had come to feature for the last scenes on Gomora. It looked like Buhle had found her way home before Qhoqhoqho shot her from the back.

The whole of Gomora went into mourning, and this was even harder and heartbreaking for Ama Qamata and most of the fans. It’s been almost two years with Gomora, and Buhle can’t help but fall into a river of tears, and so are many of her fans on the show.

Soon after shooting the last scene at the Gomora taxi rank where Buhle got shot, she knew it was her last day at work. Gomora fans and the whole cast gathered around her as they showed her love, and she couldn’t bear it. A fellow member came to the rescue as he comforted Buhle, which helped a lot. Most fans at the rank sang her name, which showed how much fans loved her in Gomora.

Looking back, Ama Qamata shall be in tears of joy from her work in Gomora instead of heartbroken. Upon sharing the video on her Instagram, Buhle wrote a long and emotional farewell message to her fans and workmates. Ama said that she had not enough words to describe how she felt about the exit.

She thanked all the cast members and producers for being a family away from home at Gomora. Mzansi reacted with so much love as many actors and fans appreciated the work she had been doing on Gomora.


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