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Former principal Thobakgale finds love

Jacobeth Thobakgale, the previous principal of Turfloop High School, is about to experience love for the first time since the show’s commencement, and viewers of the educational soap opera will be thrilled to see this development.

In point of fact, this will be the very first time that we see Elizabeth Serunye’s character involved with a man in any kind of romantic relationship… or even going on a date.

Former principal Thobakgale finds love
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We have never met or been introduced to Lizzy’s dad on the show, despite the fact that she already has a child through a previous relationship, Dr. Elizabeth Thobakgale. Therefore, I have never witnessed her in a romantic partnership.

The teasers don’t reveal much about the man in question, other than the fact that he is a newcomer to Turfloop and someone who will cause her to remember feelings she hasn’t had in a very long time.

The actress Elizabeth Serunye, who plays Principal Jacobeth Thobakgale in the SABC series ‘Skeem Saam,’ claims that she is less tense than her role.

Elizabeth Serunye, who plays Turflooop High School’s former principal Jacobeth Thobakgale in the South African serial opera Skeem Saam, is a fan favorite and the actress has stated that in real life, she is a more laid-back piano-loving boy mom.


Elizabeth Serunye, who has won multiple awards for her acting, has been portraying the role of Principal Jacobeth Thobakgale in Skeem Saam for ten years. In a recent interview with Drum Magazine, she expressed how much she enjoys playing the role.

She says with a chuckle, “I enjoy playing principal Thobakgale, but I am not as serious or as harsh as she is.” “I am not as serious or as harsh as she is.”

Her character, who has served as an administrator at Turfloop High School ever since the first season, was recently reduced to the teaching staff.

Because Thobakgale’s goal was to attain great matric grades and for prior pupils to succeed in their chosen fields, viewers were dismayed by her relegation.

“She has a lot of drive, and she gets excited when she sees other people making progress. She is a kind person, and one of her goals for the school is to achieve a hundred percent matriculation pass rate. I have gained a lot of knowledge from this character due to the fact that her honesty and ethics are unparalleled. In addition to that, she never gives up fighting for what she thinks is right, which is a wonderful quality to possess.

Her character is likewise a single parent, and she is responsible for bringing up her daughter, a physician named Lizzy (who is portrayed by Amanda Manku).

“Bo Thobakgale are parents that adhere to the Bantu Education philosophy and are known for being severe. They avoid having uncomfortable dialogues with their children because of this. That’s one area in which we disagree.”


The actress Elizabeth Serunye has stated that in her actual life, she regularly engages in open and honest discourse with her sons over any and all topics.

“I talk honestly about everything, including sex, and how kids need to put safety first in all they do,” she said. We communicate in the same language, and they are some of my closest friends. Even the music that I listen to is not what society anticipates from a lady of my age, therefore I have come to the conclusion that I must also be a guy.

“Bona, it’s slap ‘n tap and piano all the way. Maphorisa and Kabza de Small are the ones who get the job done for me. Even when I am driving, you may find me pumping Umsholozi, which causes people to be surprised and say “hau ma-oledy.” When they do this, she responds by saying, “Do what you must because this is what I enjoy doing.”

She is a person who is highly specific. She takes the time to carefully evaluate the circumstances.

“I truly take my time and evaluate everything in my own unique way. Even if you clap me, I won’t immediately become angry. I can handle it. I will take some time to reflect on what took place and make an effort to understand the motivations behind your actions; after two months, I may feel the want to become angry. Before I respond, I make an effort to comprehend the motivations behind others’ actions.

Serunye, who has been working in this profession for the past 31 years, admits that she worked as a food vendor by the side of the road in Alexandra for a period of time that lasted for seven years. She had certifications in banking law and reception work at the time, but she was unable to find work in either field.

“I had been performing in theatre for years, and it was the early days of trying to get into TV, but it was difficult.” “I had been acting in theatre for years.” My mother worked as a street seller for many years, during which she sold a variety of goods including garments, amagwinya, and fruit. When I was confronted with adversity, I realized that I couldn’t just sit around and wait for my big break.

“I would set my alarm for four in the morning to ensure that I was standing by the side of the road by four forty-five in the morning. Despite the challenges, I was able to provide for my family by selling baked goods that I cooked at home. Because of my sense of pride, I was unable to return to my mother and ask for money to buy bread and continue.

The dry drought lasted for seven years, from 2001 to 2008, inclusive. In 2006, Serunye appeared in Generations in a bit part. However, her big break came in 2008 when she was cast in the role of Mapaseka Montsho on the comedy show Moferefere Lenyalong, which aired on SABC2 from 2008 until 2012.

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