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Former Gomora actor ‘Melusi’ Zolisa Xaluva details his plans to rejoin the show. 

Former Gomora actor ‘Melusi’ Zolisa Xaluva details his plans to rejoin the show.

Speaking to Podcast with MacG, former Gomora actor Melusi ‘Zolisa Xaluva’ details his tricky plans to come back and rejoin the show. Melusi was one of the seasoned main actors of the show alongside Mam Sonto ‘Connie Chiume‘, Thathi ‘Katldgo Dankie’ and Gladys ‘Thembi Seete.

He was the by far the most senior male actor at the point when he left. Many fans mourned his departure, which was evidence of how much Gomora producers would turn down his plans to return.

When he sat down with MacG, Xolisa detailed how he left the show and the discussions he did with the producers. He claimed that he never did the auditions for him to join Gomora, and he was not fired either. On Gomora, Melusi is still alive, but he is behind bars after he killed Phumlani. They ended his character without killing him, leaving room for Melusi to finish his jail time and return. What a moment that would be for Gomora fans to watch Melusi once again!

Former Gomora actor ‘Melusi’ Zolisa Xaluva details his plans to rejoin the show.

Speaking about his possibility of coming back, Melusi said he sat down with the producers on how best he could leave while leaving room for a comeback. He noted that producers’ continued alterations of the Melusi role inspired his premature departure. Without directly blaming the producers, he said that the continued change drained his enthusiasm and love for the role hence leaving. Xolisa remains with so much respect and love for Gomora and its producers.

A few blocks stand in Melusi coming back to Gomora, which will worry many fans. Zolisa said he is a businessman with a hectic schedule, which is a worry. He said that if he sits down with the directors and agrees and has the time and the right motivation, he will be joining the show 100%.

Former Gomora actor ‘Melusi’ Zolisa Xaluva details his plans to rejoin the show.

Do Gladys Thembi Seete’s relationship struggles justify Melusi’s possibility of rejoining Gomora?

Melusi and Gladys divorced a few months before he killed Phumlani and got arrested. This has not been so smooth between the couple, but genuine love remains between them. Since then, Gladys fell in love with Mr Cele, but his long list of demands is turning her off. Gladys refuses to let Mr Cele roam around her house freely. Probably if Melusi comes, he may want to take back what’s his, both the principal position and her ex-wife.

On the other end, Melusi’s childhood lover Thathi is single again after losing her husband in Melusi’s hands. She is back to Mam Sonto, and if Melusi shows up, things will be interesting, given that a fresh start will be possible without anyone to stop them. If Melusi decides to return, there will be severe drama, and many buried issues will arise again.

Zolisa Xaluva has been trending since his interview with Podcast and Chill with MacG. During his interview at Podcast and Chill with MacG, MacG introduced a challenge titled ‘one must go’ where he would give Zolisa two celebrities to debate on who is better than the other. The challenge was interesting until things got heated up when Zolisa was asked who was a better actress between Katlego Danke and Thembi Seete.

Zolisa worked with both actresses on Gomora, and he was involved in a love triangle with both ‘Gladys’ and Thembi Seete and ‘Thati’ Katlego Danke, so it was a challenging debate for him. He has a personal experience with both stars and didn’t want to take sides.

Former Gomora star Zolisa Xaluva went on mute for a while as he gave it a deep thought, and his answer shocked many. He said that Katlego Danke has a long history in the acting industry; she played Keketso on Backstage in 2015 and slayed her role to perfection

She was also iconic in her role as Dineo on Generations, and due to her phenomenal acting skills, she won an award for her role. As of late, she is stealing the show Gomora through her character as Thati; she is brilliant and still has more to offer.

Gomora star Melusi’ Zolisa Xaluva’ praises Thati’ Katlego Danke’ as a better actor than Gladys’ Thembi Seete’ when it comes to acting
On the other hand, Thembi Seete is an overall entertainer but has a shallow history in the acting industry.

She is a great choreographer and has a thriving business empire; nevertheless, we can’t compare her to Katlego Danke when it comes to acting. Zolisa Xaluva chose Danke as the best actress. However, he also recognized that Seete was the greatest entertainer of all time and a good hustler.

On Gomora, Zolisa played Melusi Dlamini, the Gomora high principal, husband to ‘Gladys’ Thembi Seete, and had an undying love for his high school first girlfriend ‘Thati’ Katlego Danke.

Although he selected Danke as a better actress than Seete, Zolisa won the best onset couple award at the Royalty Soapie Awards while he was on Gomora. He played his role to perfection on Gomora, and many loved to hate him. However, he later bowed down from the show to pursue other acting roles in the entertainment industry.

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