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#EtvScandal: Is it over for Mbali just yet?

Because the infant was sobbing nonstop, Mbali had a hard time falling or staying asleep. She made the conscious decision to go and rouse Winnie so that she could assist her.

They walked out without shutting the door. When Jojo entered the room, Winnie was in the middle of giving Nkazimulo some food. She hastily changed her clothes to conceal their activities from Jojo in the event that she overheard them.

#EtvScandal: Is it over for Mbali just yet?

Jojo questioned Mbali about the reason she woke up Winnie, and she explained that she required assistance with the infant. Jojo explained to him that she was wrong not to inform him because he is the father of the child.

Winnie shared with him that she does not mind being woken up because of her affection for Nkazimulo and the fact that she and Mbali have time to talk while the baby is napping.

Jojo eventually parted ways with them and returned to his room. Mbali advised Winnie that they ought to exercise greater caution the next time. Mbali’s mood did not improve as she saw Winnie continue to bond with the child she was nursing.

Melusi Mbele is a South African presenter, motivational speaker, businessman, and actor who was born on November 23, 1982. He is best known for his role as Zolani on the television show Rhythm City. Mbele is currently 39 years old (a soapie which was later replaced by House of Zwide). In addition, he plays Jojo on the television show Scandal.

Personal History or Biography

Melusi Mbele’s private life and experiences

Actor and businessman Melusi Mbele was born and raised in South Africa. After being given the role of Zolani in the television show Rhythm City, he rose to fame. After finishing his secondary education at Mount View, he went on to study broadcasting production at Icesa City Campus in Durban.

After completing his education at Icesa, he was hit with the challenge of not being able to find work, so he decided to pursue a career in construction. In anticipation of the 2010 World Cup, he performed a variety of menial tasks on construction projects, including the construction of roads and bridges.

After that, he found work in a customer service center. In 2015, it was reported that he was a taken man because he had gotten engaged to the woman he had been dating, Andiswa Maqungo. ¹

Melusi Mbele has been cast as Jojo on the show Scandal.

Isidingo, Muvhango, Soul City, and Rhythm City were all television shows in which Melusi Mbele appeared. On the television show Soul City, he played the role of Vuyo, a womanizer who is dishonest but seductive to other men. And is most known for his role as Bekhumuzi in the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA) soap opera, for which he received a nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category in 2019.

Mbele was very appreciative of being nominated for this award, but he didn’t put much stock in his chances of winning because he knew the nomination would open doors for him. On Rhythm City, Mbele was also known for playing the role of Zolani (a soapie which was replaced by House of Zwide).

After his performance as Zolani, he was offered a part in the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) serial opera Muvhango, in which he plays the shy Dumi Hadebe. After that, in the year 2021, he was cast on Scandal! etv as Jojo (the first born son who knows all the family secrets).

He was a member of the new cast, which began making appearances on September 3, 2021. Other members of the new cast include Sandile Nodangala, Fana Mokoena, Sihle Ndaba, Robert Mpitsi, and Wendy Gumede.

Mbele was one of the 10 contestants who made it to the final round of the first Class Act reality TV competition. Even though he didn’t end up winning the contest, it did actually help him advance his acting career and open additional doors.

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