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etvScandal actress Nomvelo reveals her next step

Following her departure from the television serial opera Scandal!, award-winning actress Nomvelo Makhanya has discussed her plans for the next step in her professional career. In Scandal!, the actress earned a name for herself playing the character Lindiwe.

After playing the role of Lindiwe for nine years, Makhanya finally said her final goodbye to the character earlier this month. Lindiwe passed away shortly after giving birth to a daughter.

Fans of the actress were curious about the next step in her professional life after she left the show Scandal.

Nomvelo Makhanya (Image Credit: Nomvelo Makhanya via Instagram)
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During a question and answer session on Instagram, Nomvelo Makhanya disclosed her next professional step, and sadly for her admirers, it does not appear that they will be able to see her on the small screen in the near future, if what she said is any indication.

She stated that she does not intend to participate in any soap opera and instead wants to try her hand at a variety of other activities.

Nomvelo Makhanya responded in the affirmative to the question posed by one of her followers on Instagram as to whether or not she planned to appear in another daytime drama following her departure from Scandal!

etvScandal actress Nomvelo reveals her next step

My current plans do not include any involvement in the production of soap operas in the near future…

I don’t want to be on a soap opera because I want to try new things, and that job won’t provide me enough time to accomplish that.

Makhanya has not completely ruled out the possibility that she may appear in a soap opera; nevertheless, she has stated that she will only do it for a maximum of one year. The scandal that used to be! The actress remarked:

But in addition to that, if it is part of God’s purpose for me to be on a soap opera, I would probably stay for no more than six to twelve months at the most.

She does not disclose what she is working for, but the fact that she has been spending time in a studio suggests that she may be working toward a career in the music industry.

In addition to her career as an actress, Makhanya also serves as an ambassador for a number of brands. She maintains professional connections with major corporations such as Hullets, Celltone, and Pick n Pay, among others.

In terms of her acting career, Nomvelo Makhanya has been seen in the film Soul City as well as the Netflix movie I Am All Girls.

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