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EtvScandal actress Duduzile Kubheka dumps the show

Scandal! The actress who played Duduzile Kubheka, Sihle Ndaba, says that she is leaving the show. Recently, the actress posted on Instagram that she had left the show and would not be coming back. 

Sihle took over the role of Duduzile on Scandal around the middle of 2021, and she has been getting better at it ever since. She joined as a member of the show’s Kubeka family, which was known for being very smart. She became like a sister to the family. 

EtvScandal actress Duduzile Kubheka dumps the show

Duduzile was always trying to find new ways to be independent and take over the family business. Fana Mokoena, who played her father Vukile, and Robert Mpisi, who played her brother, were both well-known actors who worked with her. 

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Vukile also wanted to keep his family together. He wanted to make sure that his family would be rich for future generations and that his legacy would last. He was nice and funny, but if he was upset, he could be mean. He loved all of his children, but Dudu was his favorite because she was supposed to be the heir. 

Both of them were dangerous when they felt threatened because they lost control. They made a great team, but she said on Instagram that this was the end of their journey and thanked everyone for their support while dancing. 

Even though the show didn’t kill off the character, it doesn’t look like she will ever come back. But she broke the hearts of many of her fans when she suddenly left her co-star Vuvu. 

Many of her fans commented on her post to thank her for playing the role for so long with such ease and grace. People really liked Sihle, and Mzansi will miss her as the rude and self-centered Dudu. She hasn’t said what her next job will be. 

How is Miss Manzi related to Gomora’s Mazet? 

Gomora’s Mazet, real life Sphesihle Ndaba and Miss Manzi-Sihle Ndaba have been two of Mzansi’s most interesting characters, and their acting skills have taken the industry by storm. 

How is Miss Manzi related to Gomora’s Mazet? 

Even though their stories don’t connect, both of them have given jaw-dropping performances in their own roles. 

Mazet’s first time on TV was in this role, and she played it like a pro. 

On the one hand, it was easy for Miss Manzi, who has been in quite a few episodes of Manzi soapie scene. 

People hadn’t noticed, despite their similarities, that their names and last names are all the same. 

Mazet: Some people call Sphesihle Ndaba Sihle Ndaba, which is just a short form of her name. 

On the other hand, Miss Manzi’s full name is Sihle Ndaba. 

Many people have made a lot of assumptions about them because their names are so similar. 

People often mix up their names with the names of the characters they play on Gomora and in other TV roles. 

Others think that the two are connected. 

Because they have never confirmed their relationship in public, can say for sure that even though their last names are similar, they are not related, at least not as siblings. 

Siphesihle Ndaba grew up in Soweto with his two brothers and a single mother. 

She doesn’t have a sister, so it’s not true that she and the other person are related. 

Sihle Ndaba, on the other hand, was born in Ermelo, Mpumalanga, and not much is known about her background.

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