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etvScanda actress Lindiwe Ngema ‘Nomvelo Makhaya’ dumps etvScandal for her jealous boyfriend

etvScanda actress Lindiwe Ngema ‘Nomvelo Makhaya’ dumps etvScandal for her jealous boyfriend. It is now confirmed that Nomvelo Makhaya, popularly known as Lindiwe Ngema, a South African etvScandal actress who has spent the better part of her life on television playing the role of Lindi Ngema on the show Scandal, has dumped the show as we all noticed in yesterday’s heartbreaking episode as she died in the hospital. Some may want to believe she chose to dump the show on her own so that she can find a better job but nah, that is not the case as you will learn in this article.

But why did she have to die? Why did Lindiwe dump etvScandal? Well, now that is a million dollar question.

Although her reasons are currently unknown, it has been rumoured that the experienced Nomvelo Makhanya has chosen to put her serious connection with her lover ahead of her profession and career for the time being. This is despite the fact that her explanation is still unclear.

etvScanda actress Lindiwe Ngema ‘Nomvelo Makhaya’ dumps etvScandal for her jealous boyfriend

Contrary to the word that was on the street that Nomvelo Makhanya, who has played the role of a teenager opposite a very youthful and successful Lindiwe Ngema for more than a decade, would soon be saying goodbye to her role on the show. Lindiwe Ngema’s life would be spared on the scene in a dramatic exit amid an altercation that would involve gunfire and guns, as her farewell to eTV’s long-running soapie Scandal, which will air its final episode soon!, Lindiwe died an honourable death to save her kid.

Nomvelo Makhanya will be joining a small group of seasoned actors and actresses who have subsequently left the programme owing to other reasons entirely. These actors and actresses have left the show for a variety of reasons. The show has recently taken a turn for the better by shifting its focus to a group of veteran performers who are relatively new to the cast but have been integral to its success since the transition phase.

etvScanda actress Lindiwe Ngema ‘Nomvelo Makhaya’ dumps etvScandal for her jealous boyfriend

“The actress Nomvelo Makhanya will be leaving the role of Lindiwe Ngema on the telenovela after ten years of playing the character on the show. According to what Tinashe Eugene Mashunguri stated, the departure was initially revealed by Phil Mphela Nomvelo and she joins a number of seasoned actors who have quit the daily drama show.

It has been claimed by one more online magazine that the reason why Nomvelo Makhaya will be quitting the programme is because she wants to put an emphasis on her relationship. This is the reason why she will be leaving the show. It has been said that she is involved in a highly dedicated and serious relationship that could lead to marriage in the near future.

According to reports, her spouse does not find it upsetting to see her in potentially embarrassing scenarios, such as kissing and being sxual with other guys on television.

Lindiwe, dumps etvScandal! because ...
Lindiwe, dumps etvScandal! because of mjolo

“A source close to the actress revealed to us that although it was a difficult decision to make, she had to do it to secure her relationship as she is in a serious relationship that is about to turn into a marriage and her husband to be isn’t comfortable seeing her kissing other men on screen,”

“Another close source close to the actress also revealed to this publication that although it was a difficult decision to make she had to do it to secure her relationship as she is in a serious relationship that is about to turn into a marriage”

We are thankful to have spent the past nine years with Nomvelo Makhanya.

Scandal!, the weekday telenovela that airs on, has shown its appreciation to Nomvelo Makhanya for the nine years that she has contributed her talent to the show.

Makhanya played the role of Lindiwe Ngema-Maseko, who left the show on Thursday by taking her last breath. This marked the end of her time on the show.

The passing of Lindiwe comes after she discovered she was pregnant with her first child and was then told that she had Pulmonary Hypertension. The disease placed her in a position where she needed to choose between terminating the pregnancy and carrying it to term, both of which put her life in jeopardy.

Lindiwe made the decision to give birth early in order to protect the life of her unborn child; however, shortly after the baby was delivered, Lindiwe’s health began to deteriorate, and she passed away while being held by her mother.

Makhanya had begun her journey on the show when she was 16 years old and a student in grade 10 at the time.

“It feels like yesterday when Nomvelo and other teenagers from NSA came to audition for Lindiwe,” said Grace Mahlaba, Head Writer at Scandal. “She was the shortest of all of them yet the boldest and strongest in both personality and appearance.”

“We as a production have been honored, especially by the spectators who watched Lindiwe come in with a boom and leave with such much power when she was at the height of her performance. She gave every tale her greatest best, whether leading or supporting, and Nomvelo is a force to be reckoned with,” remarked Mahlaba. “She is a force to be reckoned with.”

Fans are not exactly jumping for joy over the fact that their favourite celebrity is giving up the job she has spent her entire life building for the sake of a romance. Followers have taken to Facebook to voice their opinions on the matter, and judging from the response of the fans, it is clear that nobody is happy that Nomvelo Makhaya is prioritising her romance over her work and career.

Nathando Radebe KaKhwela wrote, “I hope akulona iqiniso ukuthi uyeka because of umshado ukhetha indoda over her career,” and he used the phrase “because of umshado ukhetha indoda.”

It is unknown whether Nomvelo Makhanya will resurect from the dead which is highly unlikely but what we know for sure now is that she is gone, she has kicked the bucket

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