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Connie Ferguson dumps The Queen

The viewers will have a replacement for ‘The Queen’ in the form of a multi-million rand show titled ‘Gqeberha The Empire’ beginning in January 2023. The show’s title literally translates to “Gqeberha the Empire.”

The Queen, a telenovela produced by Ferguson Films, has been the subject of speculation that the program has been canceled for a number of months, and the news that the speculation was true emerged earlier this year. It would appear that it is now time to bid our final goodbyes to the Mzansi Magic show and all of our favorite characters on the program.

Connie Ferguson dumps The Queen

Connie Ferguson, who was the showrunner, producer, and lead actress, posted on Instagram over the weekend to say goodbye to her character on the show, Harriet Mathapelo Khoza, as well as to express her gratitude to the cast and crew members who had worked on the production over the course of its existence.

The Queen is a South African telenovela that was created and produced by Ferguson Films. The story follows Harriet Khoza, a devoted wife, mother, and successful businesswoman who is put in the position of having to do the unthinkable when the secret that her husband has been keeping is revealed.

Connie Ferguson dumps The Queen

Harriet, the main character of the show, spent her entire life as a spoiled trophy wife; however, all of that changed when a catastrophe befell her family, and she found herself compelled to take control of a family business and bring unity to a family that was at war with itself.

She did all of this while concealing a dangerous secret that has the potential to rip the entire family apart (the fact that she was the one who had her husband killed).

According to TVSA, it is this covert deception that serves as the catalyst for a chain of occurrences that will lead to Harriet engaging in a battle against adversaries who seek to disrupt the way of life she has become accustomed to.

Connie Ferguson dumps The Queen

The Queen,” which was produced by Fergusons Films and was set between the contrasting worlds of the wealthy in Waterfall and the middle-class in Tembisa, “exposes the unquenchable hunger for power amongst the wealthy, as well as the victims who find themselves at their mercy.”

“Also, it sheds light on the power conflicts that women confront in the workplace as well as in their personal lives because of the cultural norms and attitudes that exist.”

Connie Ferguson and her late husband Shona Ferguson served as executive producers for the first season of The Queen, which premiered on August 1, 2016, and was produced by Ferguson Films. Both Lauren Nell and Amanda Quwe were the show’s producers in various capacities.

According to TVSA, Phathu Makwarela was the one who penned the script for the pilot episode of the show, while Andries van der Merwe was the one who directed it. Head authors Makwarela and Gwydion Beynon are responsible for the series, which also has a score and theme music composed by Joel Assaizky.

Showmax presently has The Queen in its streaming library.

Taking the Place of the Queen
The audience will have an alternative to the telenovela beginning in January 2023 in the form of a show titled Gqeberha The Empire that will cost several millions of rand. On January 13, 2023, it is anticipated that the final episode of The Queen will be shown.

The show will be created by the chief writers of The Queen, Phathu Makwarela and Gwydion Beynon, who are both employed by Tshedza Pictures. The River, Legacy on MNet, and The Republic are just few of the shows that their production firm is responsible for producing.

According to The South African, Gqeberha: The Empire will include a number of talented actors, including Zandile Msutswana (The Queen) and Zikhona Sodlaka (The Wife, Blood & Water), among others.

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela reports that the series, which he also says is funded, in part, by the government of the Eastern Cape, has already run into financial troubles as many of the show’s actors report not being paid on time. He also says that the series is funded, in part, by the Eastern Cape government.

At the time this article was being written, neither Tshedza Pictures nor the provincial government of the Eastern Cape nor Mzansi Magic had issued a statement in response to allegations of financial problems.

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