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Congratulations to Shoki for winning on HouseOfZwide

On Tuesday, October 18, House of Zwide will announce the winner of its most challenging competition in the ongoing search for a new face to represent the brand. This event will take place on Tuesday.

It is common knowledge that Mampho and Shoki hold a mutual disdain for one another. Mampho, who is Nkosi’s baby mama and currently resides in the Zwide household, has a long-standing desire to be Nkosi’s number one.
Shoki, on the other hand, has firmly established herself in the picture, and she has already won Nkosi’s love. It is easy to see why this has resulted in a significant increase in the level of tension between the two women.

Due to the fact that they are competing for Nkosi’s attention, they are unable to tolerate being in the same room together.
Nkosi is in a difficult situation because he is expected to fulfill the role of a loving and devoted boyfriend to Shoki, while also fulfilling his responsibilities as a good father to his daughter, which requires him to spend time with Mampho.

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The culmination of the competition has finally arrived at this point. With Mampho and Shoki both eagerly seizing the opportunity to finally make something of themselves as HOZ’s new face, there is a lot of competition between the two of them.

Who is going to win? Who is the best candidate? Or should we go with Shoki?

There’s a wide circulation that Shoki is going to take the lead, so we would like to take this opportunity to congradulate her in advance.

A leak occurred at House of Zwide regarding Shoki’s salary.

A leak occurred at House of Zwide regarding Shoki’s salary.

House of Zwide is quickly establishing itself as one of the most compelling television shows currently airing in Mzansi. Some of the cast members of the fashion house drama series are fresh faces who are making their debut on the small screen with that show. This is the case despite the fact that the show features veteran actors who we have grown to admire from their work on the small screen. Shalate Sekhabi, who plays the role of Shoki, is one of these new actors, and he is one of them.

The series includes Shoki in an unimportant supporting role. Shoki is a young lady who was born and raised in the township. Currently, she resides with her sister Nomsa, who is a tailor. In addition to that, Onalerona considers her her best friend. When her family is going through a rough patch, she does whatever she can to chip in and help pay the bills. On the other hand, she goes about doing this in a way that is against the law. She was able to get inside House of Zwide by stealing dresses thanks to the access that her friend had been given. The result of this is that the two friends no longer speak to each other.

Shoki begins a romantic relationship with Nkosi Zwide, the heir to the prestigious fashion house. That friendship between Nkosi’s mother and Shoki’s mother, which existed in the past, is the reason why Nkosi’s mother is opposed to the relationship in question. However, she does have the approval of his father.

Off-screen information regarding Shalate Sekhabi

The actress had a clear vision of her future career from an early age. Ever since she was a young child of only eight years old. She was successful in persuading her parents to endorse her choice of vocation. At the University of Witwatersrand, Shalate completed her studies in Film and Television. Her first roles as an actress were in two short films, titled Making a killing and a cup of sugar, which she performed in during the year 2014. House of Zwide, the show that took over for Rhythm City on etv in 2021, was where she made her debut in a significant role on television.

Shoki’ from House of Zwide’s age is getting Mzansi talking.

Recently, Shalate Sekhabi has been all over the news, both for her talents and the news surrounding her personal life. Fans of the actress are curious about her life outside of her roles on television since she was cast as Shoki in House of Zwide, which sparked their interest in learning more about her outside of the realm of television. After finding out that she is the daughter of the well-known actor Aubrey Sekhabi, people became interested in her because they wanted to know if she took advantage of her father’s reputation to get roles.

Shalate Sekhabi has been doing fantastic role-playing the role of Shoki in House of Zwide. Shoki is a young woman from the township, and Onalerona, who works as an aspiring designer at the fashion house, is her best friend. As a result of her interactions with her best friend, she was introduced to the heir to The fashion house, and she and he both fell in love with Nkosi, a reformed former playboy who is committed to doing everything in his power to ensure that his relationship with Shoki is successful.

Shoki’s Age

Many of Shoki’s fans are under the impression that the actress is significantly older than she actually is because of the level of maturity she displays in the role that she plays. Shelate Sekhabi was born in the year 2000, which makes her currently 22 years old. Due to the maturity of her character, this is a significant difference from the age she plays on screen. Due to the fact that Shoki is aware of the predicament that her stepmother is in regarding Nkosi’s child, she gives off the impression of being in her mid-twenties.

Sekahabi is just getting her acting career off the ground in front of the cameras. This is only the beginning of her acting career, even if she began performing on smaller stages when she was younger; she has a long way to go, and we hope that she will get more roles in the future. She began showing signs of having a passion for acting when she was only eight years old, and when she was in her teens, she enrolled in both a choir and a drama school at the same time. Because of her natural beauty, however, her career in modeling was the one that brought her into the public eye first.

She was primarily known for her work in the pop music genre, but Sekhabi has also pursued a career in music. Her debut single, titled “Lerato,” was released in 2020 and is currently available to stream on a variety of online music services. She just released her latest single, Trust, which is the most successful song she has ever had in her career as a singer.

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