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Condolences pour in to Durban Gen actress Sne

Sne, who is expecting her first child, has endured unimaginable suffering at the hands of her physically abusive husband, Dr. Dhlomo.

And when she finally gathers the strength to pack up her belongings and leave him, her mother persuades her to return to Dhlomo so that she can take care of her child there.

Sne was in a very precarious situation as a result of the widespread knowledge that she is a victim of abuse. She experiences feelings of being exposed, vulnerable, and naked, but the feeling that dominates is one of shame. Sne is however made to reconsider her decision when she is asked to consider the future of her child if she were to leave Dhlomo. This causes her to have second thoughts.

In the end, this results in Sne prioritizing her child over herself and going back to her relationship with the manipulative Dhlomo. However, he has additional plans for his wife: he intends to cut her off from the people who love and care for her and who want her to leave the abusive marriage. He will do this by isolating her from those people.

After Dhlomo lost his temper with Sne for the umpteenth time, he beat her until she was within an inch of her life. Sne is taken to Durban General Hospital, where she learns the most devastating news of her entire life. Did Dhlomo just put an end to the life of their unborn child with his callous actions?

The one thing that means the most to her is taken away as a direct result of Dhlomo’s actions. Now that she is isolated from everyone else, Sne’s only concern is whether or not she will continue to have a life despite the fact that she recently suffered a devastating loss.

Is it true that Durban Gen Lindelani and Dr. Zondo are dating each other?

It is never safe for loved ones to be in the same room as an entertainer who needs assistance leaving the stage. Especially in the event that the family appears to have a good understanding of their personal business.

Because Mike and Fanele have been sharing only their photos on Instagram, the general public has been confused today.

Mike wrote on the headline “I’m Back YOURS,” and Fanele posted anonymous pictures with the caption “If I gave you your back, it was human.” The majority of Mike Malwandla’s supporters are women due to the fact that he has sad eyes and is dark-skinned chocolate.

When Fanele found her with her finger crossed, it appeared as though the women who were watching her may not have any desire for her, despite the fact that she has not been forthcoming about the details of her life.

Fanele Ntuli, also known as Thandekile Zondo, is an exceptionally well-educated student who has a passion for the medical field and is working hard to achieve her goal of becoming a “Medical Specialist around the world.”

As a witness, I will testify Kelly was the one who benefited from Senzo’s life insurance policy.

Counsel for the accused numbers 1 through 4 Timothy Thobane has informed the North Gauteng High Court that a witness will testify that a life cover was taken out on deceased Bafana Bafana captain Senzo Meyiwa and his then-girlfriend Kelly Khumalo together, and that she was the beneficiary and signatory of the policy.

This information was disclosed by Thobane on Thursday, September 15, when he was conducting his cross-examination of Tumelo Madlala, a witness for the state who is also Senzo’s close friend.


Tumelo Madlala has been testifying before the court since the 13th of September, Tuesday. He has been providing his account as an eyewitness of what took place the night of October 26, 2014, when Meyiwa was shot at the residence of Kelly Khumalo in Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni. In addition to this, he detailed the events that took place in the days immediately following the occurrence for the court.

Timothy Thobane, the instructed attorney and defense counsel for accused 1 through 4, began his cross-examination by questioning Madlala about their alleged close friendship with Meyiwa. The questioning focused on Meyiwa.

When asked by Thobane if he was aware that the late goalkeeper lived together with Kelly and her sister Zandile in an estate in Mulbarton, Madlala responded that he was not aware of this fact despite the fact that he had previously visited the location.

It had never occurred to me that Zandile shared a home with Kelly and Senzo. When I was there, there were two bedrooms available, and my girlfriend and I shared one of them. My girlfriend and I slept in one room, and Senzo and Kelly slept in the other,” he explained. “My girlfriend and I slept in the room with the television.”

In addition, Thobane questioned Madlala on whether or not he and the deceased goalkeeper had a conversation about politics due to the fact that he claimed they were close. According to Madlala, they did not go into personal details such as policies and insurances during their conversation.

The defense attorney went on to explain to the witness that another witness will testify that Senzo and Kelly jointly took out a life insurance policy, and Kelly was the signatory as well as the beneficiary of the policy.

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